International Marketing�Chapter 16 Questions by G2iv1V


									International Marketing—Chapter 16

Read Chapter 16 and make a brief outline of the major points in the chapter. Prepare
answers to the following questions. Be prepared to share your answers in class if called

   1. What is sales promotion and how does it differ from advertising? Explain why
      sales promotion is used extensively in international marketing campaigns.

   2. What distinguishes public relations (PR) from advertising? In the United States
      and other countries it is getting more difficult to distinguish PR from advertising.
      Why do you think this has occurred? Do you think heavier regulation of PR is
      needed or how can this problem be alleviated?

   3. Make a brief list of four or five major problems facing an international advertiser.

   4. Take each step of the “communication process” (Exhibit 16.4) and give an
      example of how miscommunication can occur at this step due to cultural

   5. How can advertisers overcome the problem of low literacy in their markets?

   6. Discuss the special media problems that confront the international advertiser.

   7. In many countries a wide variety of media must be used to reach a majority of the
      market. Explain.

   8. “Foreign newspapers cannot be considered homogeneous advertising vehicles.”

   9. Discuss the widespread international concern about advertising and its effects on
      people’s values and behaviors. Is this a legitimate concern? How is the problem
      being controlled? How do you see this developing or changing over time?

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