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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                  A Simple Primer For Immigration To The United States
                                                              By Daniel Millions

    In the last several years, the United State's immigration policies have become topics of much
debate. Regardless of your personal opinion on the matter, there are certain truths that we must
consider. U.S. Immigration policies and regulation have become more stringent for those who are
seeking to visit, work or immigrate in the United States. Below, you will find some important yet basic
tips for understanding and hence limiting immigration pitfalls.

There are two ways by which an individual may legally enter the United States; a non immigrant visa,
which is for the purpose of a temporary stay, or an immigrant visa which is used to enter the United
States permanently.

A visa is a permission given by the U.S. Government for a person to enter the United States. Visas are
granted to those who are visiting the U.S. on the grounds of the purpose of the visit. The length of stay
permitted will be dependent on the purpose of the beneficiary's activities in the U.S. Visas will also
restrict the beneficiary's actions while visiting the United States, such as prohibiting employment or

There are several ways to obtain an immigrant visa, these include but are not limited to: family
petitions, employment based visas, and the visa diversity lottery program. There are few exceptions
such as those granted refugee status and the beneficiaries of a derivative asylee status. For those who
qualify and have the financial means to do so an investment opportunity in the United States may lead
to temporary or legal permanent residency.

Under the non immigrant visa track, the applicant receives a visa for a certain amount of time. If the
visa is based for work or school it will be given for the amount of time needed to complete such
objective. The visa has an expiration date that can be extended if circumstances change. The provision
of a visa does not guarantee that the holder will be allowed to enter the United States at a given time.
Certain visas based on employment and education may require an annual renewal and do not extend
till the completion of the objective.

Under the immigrant visa track, the beneficiary will be granted a visa to enter the United States and
that will allow them to stay until they are able to complete the process for Lawful Permanent

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Residence. While most immigrant visas go to family members, there are a significant amount of
immigrant visas that are allowed to those entering through employment and investment visas.

Once an individual has been a legal permanent residence for over five years, they may apply to
naturalize and become a United States Citizen. This process has many requirements which include a
showing of good moral character.

United States immigration policies and regulations are often lengthy and complicated, the application
process is expensive and errors are often irreparable. For this reason it is best to seek the advice and
assistance of an attorney prior to applying for immigration benefits. immigration lawyer naturalization

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                                           American Immigration vs Thai Immigration
                                                                    By Ben Hart

The Thai Immigration Process can be complicated and confusing. At the same time, coming to the
USA from Thailand can be difficult for a Non-US Citizen.

In comparing and contrasting the Immigration systems in both the United States of America and the
Kingdom of Thailand, it becomes immediately apparent that Thailand's immigration system is far less
complex than that of the USA. At the same time, Thailand accords foreigners with easier access to the
country than the USA. Currently, Thailand allows people from many different countries to enter the
Kingdom visa free. Those entering the Kingdom without a visa are granted entry based upon a visa
exemption. Most non-immigrants must depart the Kingdom within thirty days. That being said, if a
person enters the Kingdom of Thailand on a visa exemption at a land border, then the entrant will,
more likely than not, only be accorded a fifteen day exemption.

Those who wish to remain within the borders of the Kingdom of Thailand for a longer duration can
apply to obtain a Thai visa at a consular post outside of the Kingdom of Thailand. Common Thai
Immigration Categories are: Business, Tourist, Education, and "Other" which is used as something of a
catch-all category.

To compare the Thai Immigration system to that of the United States is to compare two very dissimilar
methods of Immigration control. Where the Thai model is relatively permissive, the United States has
been in the process of tightening Immigration regulations. At one time, it was possible to obtain a
United States tourist visa without being subjected to a visa interview. After the tragedy of 9/11
regulations have required that those seeking tourist visas to the USA be interviewed by an American
Consular Officer.

Royal Thai Immigration does not have a visa category for foreign fiances of Thai Citizens. Bi-national
married couples wishing to reside in Thailand are permitted to apply for an "O" visa, if one of them is a
Thai Citizen or resident in Thailand. However, a visa based upon an intention to marry a Thai citizen
will not likely be approved. Conversely, many foreign fiancées of US Citizens travel to the United
States of America each year. Thailand sees many fiancee visas processed through the American
Embassy in Bangkok. US-Thai couples who are successful with obtaining the K1 fiancee visa often
marry in the USA and the Thai citizen adjusts their status to lawful permanent residence. Unlike
Thailand, US permanent residence is somewhat easy to obtain for those married to a US Citizen.

Ben Hart is Managing Director of Integrity Legal (Thailand) Co. Ltd. He is an American Immigration
attorney. To Contact Integrity Legal please call Toll Free 1-877-231-7533 or email Visit them on the internet at Http:// or

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