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					     United States History
Instructor: Ms. Disney
Course: Social Studies 11R
Course Title: United States History
E-mail: gdisney@greatneck.k12.ny.us
Webpage: http://gdizsoc.weebly.com/

United States History is a course designed to dig a little deeper into American History. Using primary and
secondary sources, maps, political cartoons, and visual learning aids (such as videos or the Internet), the student
will better understand historical concepts and events. This course covers U.S. History from native peoples to the
present. Your understanding of the past will help you to make sense of the country in which we live today, and to
be an informed citizen in issues past and present.


 UNIT ONE American Beginnings to 1783                        UNIT FIVE Modern America Emerges
     Chapter 1: Three Worlds Meet                                Chapter 17: The Progressive Era
     Chapter 2: The American Colonies Emerge                     Chapter 18: America Claims an Empire
     Chapter 3: The Colonies Come of Age                         Chapter 19: The First World War
     Chapter 4: The War for Independence                     UNIT SIX The 1920’s and the Great Depression
 UNIT TWO A New Nation                                           Chapter 20: Politics of the Roaring Twenties
     Chapter 5: Shaping a New Nation                             Chapter 21: The Roaring Life of the 1920s
               The Living Constitution                           Chapter 22: The Great Depression Begins
     Chapter 6: Launching the New Nation                         Chapter 23: The New Deal
     Chapter 7: Balancing Nationalism and                    UNIT SEVEN World War II and Its Aftermath
                Sectionalism                                     Chapter 24: World War Looms
     Chapter 8: Reforming American Society                       Chapter 25: The United States in WWII
 UNIT THREE An Era of Growth and Disunion                        Chapter 26: Cold War Conflicts
     Chapter 9: Expanding Markets and Moving                     Chapter 27: The Postwar Boom
                West                                        UNIT EIGHT Living With Great Turmoil
     Chapter 10: The Union in Peril                              Chapter 28: The New Frontier and the Great
     Chapter 11: The Civil War                                                Society
     Chapter 12: Reconstruction and Its Effects                  Chapter 29: Civil Rights
 UNIT FOUR Migration and Industrialization                       Chapter 30: The Vietnam War Years
     Chapter 13: Changes on the Western Frontier                  Chapter 31: An Era of Social Change
     Chapter 14: A New Industrial Age                       UNIT NINE Passage to a New Century
     Chapter 15: Immigrants and Urbanization                      Chapter 32: An Age of Limits
     Chapter 16: Life at the Turn of the 20th                     Chapter 33: The Conservative Tide
     Century                                                      Chapter 34: The United States in Today’s

   In addition to these topics, we will also cover major Supreme Court cases, governmental policies,
   conflicts other than those mentioned (such as the Korean War), and many other topics.

   There IS a Regents at the end of this course. We will be working hard in order to be prepared for the
   exam. There will be projects and other activities for you to work on in addition to classroom work and
   some homework.
Requirements and Rules
   1. You must be in class and ready to learn every day. NO CELL PHONES.
   2. You must have your notebook and a pen when you come to class. Your notebook must
      be a loose-leaf binder. You should get a binder that is AT LEAST 2”.
   4. RESPECT EVERYONE!!! This means respect their opinions, their possessions, and
      their persons!

   1. Homework: Homework is extremely important in this class. Homework will be
       collected and marked. It will be graded on a scale of 1-5. Homework must be neat, and
       must be your own! Plagiarized homework will result in a grade of 0 for all parties
       involved. Students may type or hand-write homework; please write legibly.
   2. Tests/quizzes: Test and quizzes will be given on a regular basis, and will usually be
   3. Class Participation: In order for learning to take place, students must take an active role
       in their education. Your class participation grade may be based on several factors,
       including, but not limited to: work ethic, concern for others, insightful contributions to
       discussion, and questions.
   4. Odds and Ends
            If you are absent from class, see me day you return for any missed work. Illegally
               missed tests or quizzes cannot be made up and you will receive a 0 for that
            If you would like extra help or any clarifications, please do not hesitate to drop by
               or set up an appointment to meet with me! I am here to help you!

I have set up a website for my courses. The address is: http://gdizsoc.weebly.com/. One the site,
you can find information about the course you are taking, as well as a calendar. When you visit
the site, click the “calendar” tab. This calendar will show test dates, long-term assignments, and
projects. Please use this feature to keep organized, and consider opening your own calendar on
Google calendars to keep organized!

Welcome back to school! We have high expectations of you, but with the right attitude, hard
work, and dedication we will have an exciting and enlightening year! Remember that your
teachers want you to grow into outstanding members of the community, and are here to help you
each step of the way! I look forward to working with each and every one of you! Good luck!

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