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 Write to: Cycle Letters, CTC, Parklands, Railton Road,
                                                                                                THAT WAS THEN
 Guildford, GU2 9JX, or email
                                                                                                ‘It’s only a cyclist’
 SCHOOL-RUN CYCLING                            very interesting. Back in the 1950s, when        As a victim of a ‘I did not see you’
                                               still at school, I delivered groceries on        driver [mentioned in previous issues
                                               a trade bike from a shop in Ashford,             of Cycletouring] I would like to
                                                                                                advance a slightly different idea.
                                               Middlesex. Two of my Saturday morning
                                                                                                   Having stopped at the ‘Give Way’
                                               deliveries were to airlines at London
                                                                                                lines the driver allowed me to travel
                                               Airport (then known as Bath Road).               about 50 yards until I was in his sights,
                                                  I just used to ride across the airfield,      then just ran me down. My theory is
                                               over runways, into hangers etc. Crossing         that having seen me, and realising
                                               a runway was just like crossing a road:          that I presented no danger to him,
                                               check nothing was coming and ride                I was not recorded in his scheme
                                               across. Aircraft then were much less             of things. I’m sure that had I been a
                                               frequent, and of course smaller.                 recognisable pint of nitro-glycerine,
                                                  I sometimes wonder what would                 then I would not have finished up in
                                               happen if a teenager were to try riding a        hospital.
                                               trade bike with a large cardboard box on            I must add that my claim for
 I enjoyed Alix Stredwick’s article            the front across London Airport now.             compensation after the accident was
                                                                                                successfully handled by the Club’s
 ‘School-run cycling’ last month and her                     Phillip Matthews, Brampton
                                                                                                solicitors at no cost to me, a benefit of
 interesting examples of good practice in
                                                                                                membership one hopes one will not
 Scotland. Whilst on holiday near Oban         HORSE SENSE                                      have to use – but who knows?
 in September I was fascinated by a bike-      My wife, a horse rider of many years                            Stan Wills, Waltham Cross
 and-ferry school run I discovered. The        experience, read the legal query from              Letters, Cycletouring, December 1985
 photo shows schoolchildren boarding           David Robb (Cycling Answers, Oct/Nov)
 a local authority-run ferry home, with        with interest. Her points were:                  See for
 their bikes, having donned lifejackets, for   • When a cyclist nears any horse (not just       today’s take on this.
 the 200m crossing from the Isle of Seil       race horses) the horse is often ‘spooked’,
 to Easdale, the smallest, permanently         especially when it is approached from           route. But there are other places where
 inhabited, Inner Hebridean island.            behind.                                         avoiding main roads becomes obsessive,
 Easdale has no vehicles or roads. So          • A ‘quiet cyclist’ passing a horse can         no matter how steep the hill might be.
 much easier for encouraging cycling!          make even the most ‘bomb proof’ horse           Detours can be substantial – Stonehaven
                              David Hurdle     spook.                                          to Aberdeen is nearly twice the distance
                                               • The main reason for this is that a horse      of the A90 route. Surfaces are also very
 I wish to take issue with you over the        is a ‘flight animal’ and its basic instinct     variable.
 choice of photograph used to headline         is to escape from ‘predators’.
 the otherwise excellent article entitled      What can cyclists do to avoid this
 ‘School-run cycling’ (Cycle Oct/Nov           happening?
 2010). I am amazed that: a) parents           • If you see a horse ahead (and before
 would allow their children to cycle           you get too close) call out ‘Hello’, ‘Good
 to school in flagrant breach of basic         morning’ or whatever. Please speak
 safe cycling practice; and, b) that this      normally.
 magazine published such a photo.              • Cyclists should take special care
   Over the past few years we have             especially on bridleways and in forestry
 become accustomed to seeing photos            plantations.
 and film clips of our now prime minister      • It is important to give horses plenty of
 cycling into the Houses of Parliament         room when overtaking.                             I think we need two kinds of network:
 with his cycle helmet dangling from the                                     Terry Ratcliffe   a set of A routes that are optimal
 handlebars, thereby setting a very bad                                                        cycling routes between urban centres
 example. Now this! We all know that                        CYCLE ROUTES                       and B routes that cater for the need for
 carrying anything on the handlebars                         RATED                             scenic byways for recreation alone. We
 can lead to an accident through loss                           I cycled from Robin            need cycle tracks as part of new trunk
 of control. Shame on all concerned!                              Hood’s Bay to Inverness      roads when these are built, like the
                          John Curry                                this summer, mostly        Netherlands.
                                                                     on NCN Route 1. I           We could also do with signs that
 RIDING OVER                                                           found it a curate’s     distinguish routes that need MTB
 RUNWAYS…                                                                egg. In some          capabilities from those that are suitable
 You recent article on cargo                                               places it takes     for even a road bike.
 bikes (or trade bikes) was                                                 the sensible                               Dr John Heathcote

 20   cycle december/january 2010-11
                                               and the use of the bike as a means of
I am encouraged to see your new                transport.
campaign on cyclist-lorry collisions. But                                   Brian Morris
I was surprised that you fail to mention                                                      MICK ANDrEWS:
high visibility clothing. I have cycled in     Conversion of our club to full charity         5/8/50-17/4/10
traffic and on country roads for over 35       status is a contentious subject with           Passed away suddenly at home,
years, and have never had a ‘sorry mate I      committed members, particularly                leaving a huge gap in cycling in the
didn’t see you’ moment.                        since this year’s AGM at Loughborough.         Ashford area. When Mick and wife
   I’ve always worn a high visibility vest,    Being one of some 600 members who              Julie moved to Ashford in the 1980s,
                                                                                              they became involved in the then
and I find that if car and lorry drivers see   recently signed a petition that will give
                                                                                              Ashford Section of the East Kent DA,
you in good time, they give you plenty         every member the opportunity to vote           building the section up and in 1992
of room. I feel all cyclists should be         on the subject of changing the CTC             masterminding the merger of Ashford
advised to be highly visible – much more       constitution, I was disappointed that the      and Shepway Sections to form South
important than wearing a helmet!               matter was mentioned only in passing           Kent DA. When cycling, Mick loved
                                Andy Mulley    in the October/November edition of our         the hills. Riding on the back of his
                                               magazine and not at all in Cycle Clips.        tandem tricycle down a long, winding
                                                 The fact that there is little or no          hill was an experience not to be
                                               awareness of the pros and cons by active       forgotten. Roger Burchett
                                               members of the club was illustrated
                                                                                              ErIC bruMHEAD:
                                               by our Chairman’s conversation with
                                               29 members at the Eureka cafe as he            Eric collapsed and died while riding
                                               commented on page 6 of our latest              his bike. A lifelong cyclist in East
                                               magazine.                                      Yorkshire, he was involved in all
                                                 Unless at least half our club’s              branches of the sport and a good
                                               membership vote in favour of conversion        clubman, always ready to help anyone
                                               in the forthcoming vote, I fail to see how     with mechanical problems. We first
                                               our Council has the moral right take our       met him, Athena, Theo and Jodie at
                                               membership into the existing charitable        the Carnac Tandem Club Rally and
                                               arm of the CTC.                                have ridden thousands of miles with
                                                                               David Aylett   them since. Eric was a stalwart of
                                                                                              the York Rally, arranging the cycle
                                                                                              jumble on Sunday, and was part of the
                                               It’s disappointing to read the Chair
                                                                                              well-oiled team that gave us the 1995
                                               of Council’s latest instalment in the          Beverley Birthday rides. Simon Larbey
                                               ‘Charity’ campaign; I did a similar
GOING OVER THE mOTION                          survey with the opposite outcome!              PETEr TINDLEY
CTC, The Cyclists’ Touring Club, was           Whatever one’s view, it clearly divides        Died 1st July, aged 76, as the result
founded in 1878 as a membership                many members who of course joined the          of a tragic accident in a time trial.
organisation with the aim of ‘promoting        Cyclists’ Touring Club as a membership         After careers in the Navy and British
the use of the cycle and supporting the        organisation. Personally I don’t think my      Aerospace, Peter achieved his aim
                                                                                              of cycling 100,000 miles in 10 years,
users of cycles’. This applies more than       club deserving of tax payers’ money and
                                                                                              many with CTC West Dorset. Time
ever today when traffic congestion,            have no wish to see the committee in a         trialling with CC Weymouth, he won
pollution, global warming and concerns         position that conflicts with members’          the club Vets on Standard every year.
about health all point to the benefits of      interest. The Cyclists’ Touring Club was       He toured on the continent, and
using a cycle. In recent years, the CTC        formed to support cyclist independence         across America, parts of Australia, and
has achieved phenomenal growth in              and it’s my view that charity conflicts        Vietnam. After mountain biking in the
terms of membership, activities and            with this ethos.                               Dorset Dirt, and the Vias Verdes in
groups. Now we need to become a                                             Martin Brain      Spain, he decided that would interfere
charity in full so we can go forward as a                                                     with his time-trial training and his
unified organisation.                          There are more details of the poll on page     piano playing. Malcolm Howell
  Members supported this at 2009 and           8. Cycle has to abide by CTC rules, which      ALbErT E JArMAN: 1930-2010
2010 CTC AGMs. Another ‘yes’ vote to the       means publicising the poll in this issue       For many years Albert kept
charity merger is essential to prevent us      of the magazine. I referred the specific       Hertfordshire CTC functional, bringing
being dragged backwards. The public            points in these letters to members of CTC      the Club through some difficult times.
trusts charities more than any other           Council, who said: ‘Those rules will also      He joined CTC in 1944 and served
organisational structure in the UK.            carry over to the new structure because it     on the Committee for almost 60
This will bring about an even stronger         is the Club that is to become a charity and    consecutive years; as Secretary for 36
CTC voice to lobby national and local          take over all CTC functions. All members       years and President for the following
government for improved safety for all         are encouraged to vote, but as with any        11 years. He also performed a variety
who cycle and to bring about changes           democratic decision it will be determined      of roles on the Lampard Road Club
                                                                                              Committee for 57 years, despite never
to the public’s perception of cyclists         either way by a majority of those voting.’

                                                                                                      december/january 2010-11 cycle   21
                                                                                                                                   Write no
                                                                                                                                   Join in cy W

                                                                                                                                discussions cling
                                                                                                                                with the Ct online
                                                                                                                                 http://foruC forum,

                                               LAST POST                                      disappeared for 2011! (You may be able to
 ObITuArIES                                                                                   find 2010 versions.) If you spot any off-the-
                                                                                              peg women’s touring bikes, do let us know.
  racing. He received a CTC Certificate
  of Merit in 1988. His wit, friendship                                                       BIKES AND EROSION
  and wisdom will be missed. Our                                                              Like Julie Hopley (Letters, Oct/Nov), I
  thoughts go to Anne, his daughters                                                          am a walker as well as a cyclist. I am
  and all the family. Brian Jackson                                                           not anti-MTB and understand that CTC
  ALbErT MAurICE PurSEr:                                                                      has to embrace changing styles, but the
  1918-2010                                                                                   Editor’s defence of ‘no research’ showing
  Maurice packed a lot into his life,                                                         MTBs cause erosion is a bit lame. This
  once working as a butler in not only                                                        year I have been walking in Yorkshire,
  one but two stately homes, as well                                                          Derbyshire, Dorset and the Quantocks.
  as living for ten years in Pakistan          In September I passed the Royal Mail           In all those places, I have seen the same
  where he cycled the Himalayas on             sorting facility at Shrewsbury and saw         problem: bikers seeking the least rocky,
  his trusty bicycle, teaching English to      this bicycle funeral pyre. I have read the     most comfortable passage. This almost
  pay his way out and writing articles         CTC campaign articles with interest and        inevitably means pushing to the very
  for English newspapers. He also spent        I am a firm believer that there is a future    edge of the path or finding a passage
  two years cycling in Italy on the home       for cycling in the Royal Mail.                 parallel to the path. This is widening
  front. Maurice wrote over 600 articles          I would like Royal Mail to tell me:         routes in delicate upland eco-systems.
  entitled ‘In the Saddle’ for the Lichfield
                                               • What are the bikes doing in a dumped           Bikers are usually friendly and I
  Mercury, often illustrated by his own
  sketches. Maurice tirelessly promoted
                                                 heap?                                        don’t begrudge anyone (except 4×4ers)
  CTC and cycle touring, causing               • Are they all beyond economic repair?         enjoying our uplands, but this is a
  many to take up cycling due to the           • Are they going to be recycled?               problem, and is happening on footpaths
  enthusiasm and interest he portrayed         • Have replacement bikes been delivered        as well as bridlepaths. If CTC is to
  on paper. Fred Dolman                          to Shrewsbury?                               promote off-road biking it needs to give a
                                                  The move away from cycling                  clear and consistent message about this!
  JOSEPH MILFOrD                               is another mistake by Royal Mail                                           John Larcombe
  bLAKELOCK: 22/3/16-1/6/10                    management – just like the move away
  Milford was a lifelong member of
                                               from mail by rail, now being replaced by
  CTC and an ardent tourist. With his
                                               hundreds of lorry movements instead.
  family he camped and hostelled all
  over Great Britain, in all seasons. If you      Keep up the good work.
  showed him a photograph he would                                               Mike Dodd
  know the area. Milford and his wife
  Phyllis cycled until they were in their      BIKES FOR WOmEN
  80s. He served on the Birmingham and         I am 5ft tall and for many years rode a bike
  Midland DA committee, organised the          too big for me. I managed and had child
  annual Remembrance Service on the            seats front and rear, and later a trailer
  Green at Meriden, and the Christmas          as the children got bigger. Then luckily,
  carol service in the church. Milford         about 10 years ago, somebody was selling
  did not agree with the new form of           a small Specialized Rockhopper through
  CTC. He liked our Club as it was. He         the local bike shop. I bought it and it felt
  was a true tourist. Harry Child
                                               immediately better.
  JANET WILSON: 1934-2010                         More recently I bought a secondhand
  Died unexpectedly on 17th October,           racer (advertised for a child or very small
  a great shock to her family. Over            adult) and realised that what I really
  the years she rode with the Crosby           wanted was a touring bike with drop
  Cycling Club, Aintree Phoenix CC, and        handlebars. It became apparent that such
  the Mersey Ladies, for whom she was          a thing does not exist, but a very helpful
  treasurer. Moving to Cheshire with           shop assistant came up with a Specialized
  husband Peter, they rode with the East
                                               Sequoia – a beautiful light bike to which I
  Lancs Road Club. Settling in Bath in
  1982, they joined Bath CC and CTC.
                                               had a rack and mudguards fitted.
  Janet then enjoyed racing successes                             Clare Isherwood, Devon      Letters are edited for space (if above 150
  with the VTTA, becoming four times                                                          words), clarity and, if necessary, legality.
  Ladies Best All Rounder and taking           The Specialized Sequoia is a sportif bike      Note that if you have specific complaint
  the National 24 age record in 1993.          that would handle light touring, given lower   or query about CTC policy, you should
  She was Secretary of the VTTA (West)         gears perhaps, but it’s no longer listed.      address it to your CTC Councillor or
  for 14 years. Her humour, charming           I’d have suggested the Trek Pilot 2.0 WSD      relevant national office staff member.
  smile and genuine friendliness will be       that appeared in Cycle to anyone looking       Letters and emails for the Feb-Mar issue
  missed. Ted King MBE                         for something similar, but that’s also         must be received by 24th December.

22   cycle december/january 2010-11

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