Bots by ewghwehws


A bot is a software version of a mechanical
robot, it is guided by algorithmic rules of
behaviour (if this happens, do that, if that
happens, do this)

But instead of clanking around a laboratory
room bumping into walls, software robots
are programs that maneuver through
cyber-space, bouncing off communication
protocols and operating systems.
     Eliza –chatterbot.
• Me: did you know you are the
  mother of all bots?
• Eliza: Does it please you to believe
  I am the mother of all bots?
• Eliza is written is Lisp (an artificial
  intelligence language) She could
  carry out conversations
• Infiltrated chat rooms, avatar sites and
  were often mistaken for humans
• In the early 1970’s, hopes ran rampant
  for these bots, they were even
  programmed to be psychiatrists.
• Some believed they had “real”
      The Turing Test
• Can a robot think?
• The Turing test was designed to
  test whether humans could detect
  whether a bot had independent
  intelligence, to date no bot has
  passed the Turing test.
        The Wumpus
• Hunt the Wumpus was an
  interactive online computer game.
• This made the wumpus one of the
  first gamebots.
• Some bots tend toward perverse and
  unexpected behaviour.
• Some bots were designed specifically to
  be irritating
• Some early bots completely destroyed
  early chat rooms.
• Mailbots are known to spam email
• Counterbots (or cancelbots) were
  designed to counter-attack their efforts.
        Web Crawlers
• Although we cant image the web
  without search robots, the side
  effects can be devastating on
  some sites
• Counter bots were designed to
  counter attack bot activity that can
  bring down an entire site.

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