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Oakland University
Board of Trustees
Formal Meeting
October 4, 2006

                       FOR THE PERIOD OF
                JULY 1 THROUGH AUGUST 31, 2006

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Virinder K. Moudgil              Gary D. Russi
Vice President for Academic      President
Affairs and Provost
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                                                                                           Current Year
Award Recipient    Sponsor           Title/Description                     Current Year

Hoda               University of     Polymorphic Bio-Inspired              $     38,284   $       38,284
Abdel-Aty-Zohdy    Dayton Research   Intelligent Information
School of          Institute         Processing. In this project,
Engineering and                      researchers will develop, simulate,
Computer Science                     implement, and evaluate novel
                                     biological and bio-inspired
                                     embedded systems. Specific tasks
                                     include (1) develop a novel
                                     hardware system, (2) design, build,
                                     test, and evaluate prototype re-
                                     configurable and reusable analog
                                     integrated circuit components, and
                                     (3) investigate new directions of
                                     system-architecture towards bio-
                                     computing and organic-logic based

Debatosh Debnath Michigan Space      Logic Synthesis for                    $     5,000   $        5,000
School of        Grant Consortium    Reconfigurable Hardware. A field-
Engineering and                      programmable gate array can be
Computer Science                     reconfigured again and again to
                                     implement different digital systems.
                                     Such reconfigurable hardware can
                                     often accelerate a wide variety of
                                     applications because the hardware
                                     can be reconfigured based on the
                                     application. Moreover,
                                     reconfigurable hardware can make
                                     unmanned spacecrafts more
                                     flexible and fault-tolerant, because
                                     the functionality of the on-board
                                     digital systems can be changed, if
                                     necessary, by using radio
                                     communications. The objective of
                                     this research is to develop a
                                     computer-aided design tool that can
                                     efficiently synthesize digital systems
                                     for reconfigurable hardware.
                                                                                              Total Including
                                                                                               Current Year
Award Recipient    Sponsor             Title/Description                       Current Year

Patrick Dessert    United States Army Special Forces Personnel and            $     993,609   $      993,609
School of                             Equipment Survivability Activity.
Engineering and                       The Special Forces Personnel and
Computer Science                      Equipment Survivability Activity (SF-
                                      PESA) is a specialized application
                                      of the Product Development and
                                      Management (PDM) Center
                                      systems engineering methodology
                                      aimed at putting available technical
                                      solutions in the hands of the
                                      Special Forces community quickly
                                      that will protect the lives of the
                                      soldiers and equipment they
                                      depend upon. Because the PDM
                                      Center is primarily an automotive
                                      center, this work will be pointed at
                                      mobility solutions first. However it is
                                      not limited to mobility solutions, as
                                      many technologies can be applied
                                      in non-vehicular settings. Several
                                      technologies have already been
                                      identified for continued application
                                      testing with the proponency for
                                      mobility, and will be quickly
                                      quantified and delivered for testing.

Kenneth Elder      National Science    Elastic and Plastic Deformation         $     47,000   $       94,000
Department of      Foundation          in Binary Alloy Crystallization.
Physics                                The goal of this research is to
                                       develop a computationally efficient
                                       model of microstructure formation
                                       and stability in binary alloy
                                       crystallization phenomena, and to
                                       use this model to study
                                       technologically important
                                       applications such as dendritic
                                       growth, eutectic crystallization, and
                                       liquid phase epitaxial growth. In the
                                       first year, research will focus on
                                       constructing and characterizing the
                                       model, while the second and third
                                       years will focus on applications.
                                                                                          Total Including
                                                                                           Current Year
Award Recipient    Sponsor            Title/Description                   Current Year

Jia Li             General Motors     Ultra-Wideband Sensor Network        $    246,409   $      246,409
School of          Corporation        Prototyping and Road
Engineering and                       Demonstration for Automotive
Computer Science                      Vehicles. The project aim is to
                                      develop a prototype ultra-wideband
                                      sensor network for a 4-channel anti-
                                      lock breaking system. Researchers
                                      will build an indoor 4-channel anti-
                                      lock braking system and transceiver
                                      nodes using the XS110 ultra-
                                      wideband chipset from Freescale.
                                      Interfaces, including hardware and
                                      software, will be designed, built,
                                      and tested through lab and road
                                      testing. The ultra-wideband sensor
                                      network testbed can support future
                                      research, development, and
                                      integration in intra-vehicle sensor
                                      network for various sub-systems.

John Liu           National Science   Collaborative Research: NeTS-         $    57,095   $       87,440
School of          Foundation         NR: Ultrabroadband Optical
Engineering and                       Wireless Communication
Computer Science                      Network. The objective of this
                                      project is to study novel and cost-
                                      effective networking techniques to
                                      achieve survivability and link
                                      physical layer techniques to
                                      improve the quality of an optical
                                      wireless communications systems
                                      link. Oakland University
                                      researchers will work on this project
                                      in collaboration with researchers at
                                      State University of New York at
                                                                                          Total Including
                                                                                           Current Year
Award Recipient    Sponsor          Title/Description                      Current Year

Zissimos           General Motors   Mining of Mass Data from             $        9,000   $        9,000
Mourelatos         Corporation      Historical Vehicle Programs. This
School of                           is in support of the current R&D
Engineering and                     project entitled "Mass Management
Computer Science                    under Uncertainty" (MMU). The goal
                                    of MMU is (1) to track and manage
                                    mass throughout the vehicle
                                    development process, (2) to provide
                                    decision-makers a realistic
                                    understanding of uncertainties in
                                    mass estimates, and (3) to reduce
                                    mass, and mass contingencies, for
                                    enhancing the ability to efficiently
                                    meet the program targets.
                                    Information on mass status and
                                    "reasons-for-change" are critical to
                                    the development and validation of
                                    methods and algorithms that
                                    manage overall vehicle mass under
                                    variation and uncertainty throughout
                                    the evolution of the vehicle
                                    development process.

Zissimos           University of    Vehicle Component Reliability-         $     50,000   $       50,000
Mourelatos         Michigan         Based Methodologies and
School of                           Multilevel System Robust
Engineering and                     Optimal Design. In phase 2 of this
Computer Science                    project, we will continue developing
                                    a methodology for reliable and
                                    robust decomposition-based
                                    optimal design of vehicles in the
                                    presence of stachastic and
                                    epistemic uncertainties, with
                                    emphasis on vehicles and
                                    powertrains. The methods
                                    developed in phase 1 will be
                                    combined with numerical
                                    techniques for uncertainty
                                    propagation within multilevel
                                    hierarchies and coordination
                                    strategies to maximize vehicle
                                    performance that is robust with
                                    respect to external and internal
                                    design uncertainties.
                                                                                               Total Including
                                                                                                Current Year
Award Recipient     Sponsor             Title/Description                       Current Year

Ravi               United States        The Globalization Challenges        $         92,809   $       92,809
Parameswaran       Department of        Project. The School of Business at
School of Business Education            Oakland University, in partnership
Administration                          with Automation Alley and the
                                        Booker T. Washington Business
                                        Association, is launching the
                                        "Globalization Challenges" Project.
                                        This project seeks to promote
                                        greater awareness of the
                                        globalizing economy and its impact
                                        on United States businesses. The
                                        innovative improvements in
                                        internationalizing business
                                        education planned under this
                                        project will provide a global
                                        perspective to our business
                                        students and enhance the
                                        capabilities of United States
                                        businesses to remain competitive in
                                        the global environment.

Darlene             Health Resources    Advanced Education Nurse                $     34,826   $       34,826
Schott-Baer         and Services        Traineeships Program. This grant
School of Nursing   Administration      will provide funds to award
                                        scholarships to Oakland University
                                        students enrolled in the Advanced
                                        Education Nursing Traineeship

Lorenzo Smith       China First Heavy   Numerical Analysis of Bell Crank        $     10,000   $       10,000
School of           Industries          Forging Process. Numerical
Engineering and                         modeling technology will be
Computer Science                        developed for the forging of large
                                        bell-crank sub-assemblies. Using
                                        the commercial program finite
                                        element techniques to model the
                                        mechanics associated with the
                                        manufacturing of bell cranks will be
                                        explored, considering stress, strain,
                                        and displacement distributions.
                                        Recommendations regarding best
                                        modeling practices will be
                                                                                              Total Including
                                                                                               Current Year
Award Recipient     Sponsor               Title/Description                    Current Year

Ronald Sudol        National Writing    Meadow Brook Writing Project.           $    45,000   $       45,000
College of Arts and Project Corporation The purpose of this project is to
Sciences                                conduct a summer institute and
                                        other year-round activities to
                                        improve the ability of area K-12
                                        teachers to teach writing to their

Keith Williams      National Institutes   Naltrexone Sensitivity During         $    87,107   $       87,107
Department of       of Health             Responding for Ethanol. The
Psychology                                purpose of this project is to
                                          characterize the behavioral and
                                          environmental factors that
                                          contribute to Naltrexone
                                          supersensitivity as it relates to
                                          ethanol consumption. These
                                          studies should suggest behavioral
                                          and environmental factors that may
                                          enhance or attenuate Naltrexone's
                                          use in treating human alcoholism.

Karen Zaglaniczny Health Resources        Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship.         $    9,769   $        9,769
School of Nursing and Services            The purpose of this project is to
                  Administration          provide graduate students with
                                          support to meet the cost of
                                          traineeships that will pay all or part
                                          of the costs of tuition, books, and
                                          fees of the Oakland University
                                          Beaumont Graduate Nurse
                                          Anesthetist program. The program
                                          is a 28-month accreditation
                                          program of study that is the only
                                          Masters of Science of Nursing in
                                          Michigan. It provides a rigorous
                                          curriculum, extensive clinical case
                                          experiences, participation in
                                          scholarly research, and involvement
                                          in community services activities.
                                                                                            Total Including
                                                                                             Current Year
Award Recipient   Sponsor               Title/Description                   Current Year

Xiangqun Zeng     National Institutes   Engineering Self-Assembling Fvs $         318,417   $      318,417
Department of     of Health             for Piezoimmunosensors. The
Chemistry                               objective of this project is to
                                        develop a highly sensitive and
                                        specific PZ biosensor by use of
                                        recombinant single-chain antibody
                                        variable fragments (Fv). The
                                        antigen-binding event would be
                                        detected by the QCM, which is able
                                        to detect the presence of a single
                                        specific toxin or virus particle.

Xiangqun Zeng     Michigan              QCM Sensor Technology. The            $    15,000   $       15,000
Department of     Universities          goal of this project is to develop a
Chemistry         Commercialization     new quartz crystal microbalance
                  Initiative            (QCM) instrumentation for
                                        piezoelectric based sensor
                                        application. The QCM device will
                                        provide a revolutionary non-
                                        invasive approach to human
                                        diagnosis and health management.
                                        The device will be small, robust,
                                        highly stable, easy to use, and
                                        affordable. The project objectives
                                        also include the performance of an
                                        evaluation of the market potential of
                                        the device.
                                                                                         Total Including
                                                                                          Current Year
Award Recipient    Sponsor          Title/Description                     Current Year

Qian Zou           General Motors   Test System Development for           $     29,500   $       29,500
School of          Corporation      Piston Wrist Pin Against Pin
Engineering and                     Bore. The objective of this project
Computer Science                    is to develop a data acquisition
                                    system and a lubrication system for
                                    the piston wrist pin/pin bore bench
                                    test machine. Different types of
                                    sensors and load cells will be
                                    selected and installed on the
                                    machine to obtain information on
                                    the load, speed, oil temperature,
                                    friction force, etc. A lubrication
                                    supply system will be designed to
                                    provide the proper amount of oil to
                                    the pin/pin bore interface. The
                                    machine will then be used to study
                                    the tribological performance of
                                    piston pin/pin bore system,
                                    especially its wear and scuffing

                                                   Total                  $ 2,088,825    $    2,166,170

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