To Kill a Mockingbird by KeWjCeJx


									                                   Journal Quiz
                                 Chapters 7 and 8

 Directions: For each chapter, please write a response of at least 100
 words. Be sure to write from the point of view asked in the writing
 prompt and follow the criteria stated in the point of view rubric.

“Can’t anybody tell what I’m gonna do lest they know me, can
they, Scout?”
         ---Jeremy (Jem) Finch

 Chapter Seven: Discovery and Disappointment
  1. Imagine you are the tree in front of the
     Radley’s house. Describe the things you saw and
     conversations you heard, as well as any other
     things that involved you and people around you.

  2. Now you are a piece of paper that Jem has
     written on. What did he write on you and what
     was he going to do with you? Also, describe
     what you heard and what happened to you
     throughout the day.

 Chapter Eight: A Cold Day in Maycomb
                                     1. Now, crawl into the skin of Atticus Finch,
                                         and imagine he keeps a diary. Describe
                                         your day and be sure to include the things
                                         you saw, said, heard, and thought.

                                     2. It can get very cold in Maycomb, so now
                                         you are a blanket. Where did you come
                                         from? What was your day like? What did
                                         you see and hear? What happened to you
                                         by the end of the day?

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