BN301: Fundamentals of Operations Management by GttTJCU


									                        ISQA 511: Problem Set 1
                            Due October 31

Please do the assignments on an Excel spreadsheet (one problem per work
sheet, highlight all assumptions in yellow with comments in an additional cell,
highlight all answers in blue and add the verbal answers in a blue box clearly
labeled. Label all worksheets with Problem 1-6 as shown below in bold.

Please print worksheets with one worksheet per page unless the problem is very
short and can be combined with another or the print is too tiny to read.

Problem 1. In Text Chapter 2: Due Problem 5 (Productivity comparison)

Problem 2 a & b. In Text Chapter 3: Due Problem 6 (Property development
Decision Tree) and Case (Shouldice Hospital: Questions 1-3).

Problem 3 a & b. In Text Chapter 4: Due Problems 1 (Littles Law) & 6 (Break-

Problem 4: In Text Chapter 10: Due Case (Pro Fishing Boats) Questions 1-3.
Please use Powerpoint or mapping software for your value stream map.

Problem 5a & b: In Text Chapter 6: Due Problem 8 (X-bar & R chart for
Resistors) and Problem 15 (C-spec capability).

Problem 6: Using the EQFD Template Provided on the course website, make a
EQFD house for a product or service with at least 5 customer needs and 5
appropriate environmental measures, use the scoring method shown in class.

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