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					Adam Job
1101 Main Terrace • Pacifica, CA 99999 • (650) 555-8618 • SUMMARY Information Technology professional with more than 25 years of experience. Background in applications analysis, project management, department management, and systems administration. Highly knowledgeable in administration of ERP systems and database management. Strong analytical and organizational skills, with ability to lead multiple projects and multi-task in fastpaced environments. Adept at report development and systems analysis. Skilled in creating custom applications and modifying existing systems to meet needs and improve efficiency. Able to lead and motivate teams. Proficient at providing technical support for sales presentations. Excellent communication skills. TECHNICAL SKILLS Operating Systems: Hardware:

Windows 95-2000/ME/NT, IBM AIX, NCR UNIX, Burroughs B1900 MCP and B80/B800/B90/B900 CMS, CDC 550 IBM RS6000, NCR Tower 32/600 and 32/400, Burroughs B1900, B900, B800, B90, B80, L-Series Mini-computers, PCs, CDC 550, thermal printers, bar code scanners, peripherals Lilly VISUAL Manufacturing and Visual Quality, Harbinger EDI, ProfitKey Rapid Response Manufacturing, Burroughs Production Control System and Commercial Business Management System II


Tools and Languages: Oracle Database, SQL Plus, Crystal Reports, MS Access, MS Office, FilePro Plus, COBOL, PKI Report Writer, Burroughs LINC, DMS II, DCS, CMS COBOL, CMS RPG, PARSEL, LCOBOL, Assembler, L Machine Code, CDC 550 Machine Code Networking: LAN/
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