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									Lethal Dose
             Chem Catalyst

•Which substance do you think is
most toxic?

•Alcohol (ethanol, C2H6O3)

•Aspirin (salicylic acid, C7H6O3)

•Arsenic (III) oxide (As2O3)
            Lethal Dose

• Lethal Dose: LD50 is
  the amount of an
  ingested substance that
  kills 50% of a test
  sample of an animal
  (usually lab rats)
    Converting LD50

           • But how do we translate the
             lethal dose for a lab rat to the
             lethal dose for a human??
?          • Using the rat data, scientists
             translate this to a lethal dose
             per kilogram of body weight.
            Let’s Try: Aspirin

1. If the LD50 for aspirin is
   200mg/kg, based on testing
   with lab rats, what is the
   calculated lethal dose for a
   132 lb. (60 kg) adult?
2. Answer: 12,000 mg.

1.If the LD50 for alcohol is
 7,060 mg/kg in rats, what
 is the calculated lethal
 dose for a 60 kg adult?
2.Answer: 423,600 mg
Alcohol Poisoning

           • About 50,000 cases of
             alcohol poisoning are
             reported per year in
             the US.

           • An estimated 4,000 of
             those cases resulted
             in death.

      1.If the LD50 of arsenic
       is 15mg/kg in rag,
       what is the calculated
       lethal dose for our 60
       kg person?
      2.Answer: 900 mg.
Different toxic substances
have different lethal doses

• Aspirin: 12,000 mg

• Alcohol: 423,600 mg

• Arsenic: 900 mg
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