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					                                                    Bench Press Rubric
Student:_________________________        Evaluator:_____________________               Date:_______________ Score:_____/28
Component               Beginning-1                   Approaching-2                 Meeting-3              Exceeding-4
Body Contact with       Less than three points of     Three points of contact       Four points of contact Five points of contact
Bench                   contact

Eccentric Movement        Eccentric movement is out     Lack of control during      Eccentric movement         Eccentric movement
                          of control, dangerous;        eccentric movement—         smooth and under           smooth and under
                          completed in 1-2 seconds      too fast; about 3 seconds   control; about 4 seconds   control; about 5 seconds

                          Eccentric movement comes      Eccentric movement          Eccentric movement         Eccentric movement
                          between 2-4 inches of chest   comes between 2-4           comes between 1 and 2      comes to within 1 inch of
                                                        inches of chest             inches of chest            chest

Breathing                 No breathing pattern          Breathing pattern           Breathing pattern is       Inhale during eccentric,
                          established                   established                 established                exhale during concentric

Control of Weight         Bar drops to chest; lack of   Arms not fully extended     Bar finishes at top of     Bar finishes at top of
                          control                       or bar finishes above       clavicle with Power Arc    clavicle with fluid Power
                                                        sternum with an                                        Arc
                                                        inconsistent arc

Extension/Concentric      Minimal contraction           Minimal contraction         Arms not fully extended    Full concentric extension
Movement                                                with an attempt at full                                at end of repetition

Racking of Weight         Racking below highest         Bar not racked safely or    Bar safely racked at end   Bar safely racked at end
                          standard with necessary       correctly. Spotter needed   of set with some help      of set
                          help from spotter             to take control

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