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									                   Wentworth Institute of Technology
           Comp 476 – Information Systems Project Management
                              Spring 2012

Instructor:                          Lisa MacLean
                                     Dobbs Hall 006-G
                                     (617) 989-4122
                                     Web site:
                                     Office Hours: TBA

Grading:                             Attendance and Class Participation: 10%
                                     Laboratory Assignments: 25%
                                     In-class Exams: 45%
                                     Final Exam: 20%

There will be weekly laboratory assignments, four in-class examinations and a final
examination. No make-ups for exams will be given except in documented cases of illness
or other emergency. Homework and lab assignments will be due on the dates specified in
class. Late assignments will be docked ten points per day after the due date.

I use the Wentworth Grading Scale. See your course catalog for definitions of each grade.

Grade                 Numerical Weight

A                     4.00           96-100

A-                    3.67           92-95

B+                    3.33           88-91

B                     3.00           84-87

B-                    2.67           80-83

C+                    2.33           76-79

C                     2.00           72-75

C-                    1.67           68-71

D+                    1.33           64-67

D                     1.00           60-63

F                     0.00           Less than 60

COMP 476 Information Systems Project Management Course Description             Revised: 8/8/2012
All written work submitted for this class must meet the Standards for English I. Poorly
written work will be returned to you, without a grade, for revision. Students are
encouraged to use the Writing Center facility for help polishing their written work.

Wentworth Institute of Technology prohibits the use of cellular telephones when class is
in session. All cellular telephones and pagers must be turned off prior to class.

MY LAPTOP POLICY: I reserve the right to prohibit laptop use whenever lecture is in

ACADEMIC SUPPORT: The Learning Center (TLC) assists all Wentworth students
with academic challenges in the areas of math, science, technical courses specific to
majors, and writing. The TLC is a supportive and safe learning environment for students
looking to improve or maintain their academic standing. In this student-based learning
environment, students can receive individual help with their studies, meet and work in
study groups, or go on-line to find resources to assist them in meeting their goals for
academic success. It includes tutors in many subjects, online writing assistance and
workshops. Make appointments at or through

ACADEMIC HONESTY STATEMENT: Students at Wentworth are expected to be
honest and forthright in their academic endeavors. Academic dishonesty includes
cheating, inventing false information or citations, plagiarism, tampering with computers,
destroying other people’s studio property, or academic misconduct (Academic Catalog).”
See your catalogue for a full explanation.

STUDENT ACCOUNTABILITY STATEMENT: All work turned in for this class is
expected to be original. Original means: not copied from another person, web site, or
textbook, and not handed in to any other instructor for any other class. Cheating during
exams will not be tolerated. Work, or any portion of a work, failing any of these tests
will receive a grade of 0 and there will be no makeup.

DISABILITY SERVICES STATEMENT: Any student who thinks s/he may require a
disability-related accommodation for this course should contact me privately to discuss
your specific needs. Disability Services coordinates reasonable accommodations for
students with documented disabilities. They are located in Watson Hall 003 (The
Counseling Center) and can be contacted at 617-989-4390 or For
more information on acceptable documentation and the Disability Services process, visit
the Disability Services website at

ATTENDANCE POLICY: In accordance with Wentworth Policy, all students missing
five class sessions will be given a written attendance warning. After seven absences, the
student may be withdrawn at the discretion of the instructor. Students not withdrawn will
find their grades lowered.

COMP 476 Information Systems Project Management Course Description             Revised: 8/8/2012
COLLEGE OF THE FENWAY STUDENTS: If you are enrolled in this course
through COF Cross Registration, notify your course instructor. Please provide her/him
with your email address to be sure that you receive course information in a timely way.
You should also discuss how to access online applications that might be used in the

CLASSROOM DISRUPTIONS: Students disrupting the class in any manner or failing
to follow the instructor’s directions will be asked to leave. Students asked to leave will
not receive credit for that day’s attendance.

DROP/ADD: The drop/add period for day students ends on Friday of the first week of
classes. Dropping and/or adding courses is done online. Courses dropped in this period
are removed from the student’s record. Courses to be added that require written
permission, e.g. closed courses, must be done using a Drop/Add form that is available in
the Student Service Center. Non-attendance does not constitute dropping a course. If a
student has registered for a course and subsequently withdraws or receives a failing grade
in its prerequisite, then the student must drop that course. In some cases, the student will
be dropped from that course by the Registrar. However, it is the student’s responsibility
to make sure that he or she meets the course prerequisites and to drop a course if the
student has not successfully completed the prerequisite. The student must see his or her
academic advisor or academic department head for schedule revision and to discuss the
impact of the failed or withdrawn course on the student’s degree status.

PROJECTS AND TEAMS: This course requires students to work in teams to simulate
project management concepts. Students will be assigned case studies and work in teams
of no more than three to solve the problem in the case study. Teams must submit their
solutions one week after the case has been assigned.

To minimize the instances of misrepresenting one’s work, I require all students to sign
each assignment on the cover sheet. Signatures are attesting that group members are in
agreement that all have worked equally on the assignment. Students who sign will not
have recourse to reopen their own or other team member’s grades after the instructor
receives the assignment.

Project assignment templates are available on the instructor’s web site. Microsoft Project
comes with the text. It is also available for download through Wentworth’s Microsoft
Academic Alliance. Please see me if you need an account.

A. Course Information
COMP 476 Information Systems Project Management

Semester Hours:                3 Hours Recitation / 2 Hours Lab / 4 Total Credits
Programs Used in:              BCNS
Pre/Co-requisites:             COMP325 Systems Analysis & Business Apps
                               COMP355 Data Base Management Systems
                               MGMT390 Financial Accounting

COMP 476 Information Systems Project Management Course Description                  Revised: 8/8/2012
COMP 476 Information Systems Project Management
Prerequisite For:
Lab Facilities Needed:
Course Coordinator:

B. Catalog Description:
This course provides students with a detailed understanding in the implementation of the
Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the methodologies to manage information
systems projects.

C. Textbook/Reference/Other Material

Required: Ghattas, R.G., & McKee, Sandra, Practical Project Management, Prentice-Hall.

Reading assignments are listed in the course schedule. It will benefit you greatly to complete the
assigned reading before attending the lecture. Students will find the lectures heavily
supplemented with other material and textbook reading alone will be inadequate.

The instructor reserves the right to make changes to this syllabus as necessary.

D. Topics - Course Schedule
Module      Lecture Topic                                            Reading
1           Course Goals
2           Introduction to Project Management & Life Cycle          Chapter 1
3           The Need for Project Management                          Chapter 2
4           Project Leadership, Motivation, Delegation               Chapter 3
5           Choosing the Project Team                                Chapter 5
6           Defining Scope, Responsibility, and Activity Sequences   Chapter 7
7           Developing Schedules for IT Projects                     Chapter 8
8           Managing Risk                                            Chapter11
9           Project Control Techniques                               Chapters 9 & 12
10          IT Project Implementation Methods

E. Course Goals and Learning Objectives

Students will become familiar with the processes of managing projects with a focus on
Information Systems projects.

Students will gain experience in using Microsoft Project.

COMP 476 Information Systems Project Management Course Description                 Revised: 8/8/2012
F. Assessment Plan - Correlating selected outcomes to topics and
assessment measures.
         Outcome                              Topics Measures


d                                     C              Students must work in teams. Students
                                                     will report to instructor in the case of a
                                                     team member not fully participating in
                                                     the process.

                                                     80% of students will finish with a
                                                     grade of 80 or better.
f        An ability to communicate U                 90% of students will speak in class
         effectively with a wide range               knowledgably on topics discussed and
         of audiences.                               be able to defend their views and
                                                     critique others.
i        An ability to use current     C             90% of students will present
         techniques, skills, and tools               professional case management
         necessary for computing                     assessments using Microsoft Project.

For an information technology program
H. Estimate Curriculum Category Content (Semester hours)
Area              Core       Advanced   Area                        Core         Advanced
Human             10                    Programming                 10           10
Information       5                     Networking                  0
Web systems       20                    Information                 10
and                                     assurance and
technologies                            security
System            5                     System                      15
administration                          integration and
and                                     architecture

COMP 476 Information Systems Project Management Course Description                 Revised: 8/8/2012

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