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					                          RAVINDRA PUBLIC SCHOOL
                          HOLIDAYS HOMEWORK 2012-13
                                   CLASS IX

   Q1. Make a activity file and note down the given activities:
   1) Observation of plant cell under microscope.
   2) Demonstration of Endosmosis and Exosmosis in
       a) Raisins b) Egg
   3) Demonstration of Plasmolysis in plant cell.
   4) Study of human cheek cell.
   5) Apical meristem growth in onion.
   6) Study of epidermal cells in rhea leaf showing stomata.

   Q2. Make a project on any one topic on science.
   Q3. Write and learn all the extra questions from 'The fundamental unit of life' and
   improvement of food resources.

   1)   Give ten examples of each solid, liquid and gas.
   2)   Learn and write the properties of solids, liquids and gases.
   3)   Explain any four experiments related to the properties of solids, liquids and gases
   4)   Learn all questions answers of Leeson-1 "Matter in our surroundings" for test.
   5)   Do any five activities, 5 for each-Physics, Chemistry and Biology in any activity file.

        Revise: Distance, Displacement, Uniform and non uniform motion, speed and velocity.
        Equations of motion, Numerical problems on speed and distance covered from NCERT
        and TEXT BOOK by Lakhmir singh.

English (Communicative)
        1) Literature Reader:

       Complete the Textual Exercises of the Lessons and poems covered in the class upto the
Ist week of May.

        2) Main Course book:
              Do Unit-1 and 2 in the book.

        3) Work-Book:
              Do work-sheets 1 to 5 in your book.

        4) Assignment: Imagine you are a robot employed
        a) In a household and your friend is employed by another family. Write a dialogue
            between you and your friend.
        b) Change the above dialogue into indirect speech.
        c) Do any three questions each on the following topics-(Do in the Fair-Notebook)
            1) Notice 2) E-Mail 3) Message 4) Letter to newspaper -Editor
        5) Project:
        a) Prepare a family tree of your family going back to two generations and pick out one
            member from each generation and discuss about him/her with your parents and write
            a short paragraph about him/her, Describe some of his/her interesting habits.
        b) Find some pictures of Charlie Chaplin's silent films and paste them in your scrap
            book. Describe any one of the films in 150 words.

        6) A: Book Review: Gulliver's travel's(by Jonathan Swift)
               Reading(B) Three Men in a boat (Jerome.K. Jerome)

English (Language and Literature)

1) Beehive & Moments:
       Complete the Textual Exercises of the lessons and poems covered in the class up to the
       Ist week of May.

2) Do any three questions each on the following topics:-
      a) Letter to Editor
      b) Articles
      c) Stories
      d) Biographical Sketch

3) Assignment:
       Visit any one of the shopping malls in your neighbor hood and write your own shopping
       experience in about 100 words.

   a) Ask your parents about some of the brave acts of Indian Soldiers. Find their pictures and
       paste them in your scrap book. Describe any one of the brave Soldiers in about 100
   b) Visit any four historical monuments in Delhi. Paste their pictures in your scrapbook and
       describe their state in 100 words.


   1)   Revise Chapter 1,2 and 3 for FA-1 test.
   2)   Do at least 25 sums based on Chapter 1,2 and 3 each.
   3)   Make a chart on any topic of Mathematics.
   4)   Make a geometrical on any topic.
   5)   Do a project work in your Activity note book.

Social Science (HISTORY)

   Chapter-1 The French revolution
   Chapter-2 Nazism the rise Hitler
   Read this chapter thoroughly . Write and learn all the Ques/Ans from these Chapter in
   separate note book. Extra Ques/Ans find and learn from the lesson.

  Chapter-1 Democracy in the contemporary world.
  Chapter-2 What is Democracy?
  Read this chapter thoroughly. Write and learn all the Q/ans from the chapter.


  Chapter-1 India Size and location
  Chapter-2 Physical features of India.
  Read this chapter thoroughly. Write and learn all the Q/ans from the chapter.


  Chapter-1 The story of Village Palampur
  Chapter-2 People as resource..
  Read this chapter thoroughly. Write and learn all the Q/ans from the chapter.

  1) Prepare a DICTIONARY
  Collect all synopsis from your text book (HISTORY, POL SCIENCE, GEOGRAPHY &
  ECONOMICS) The project report will be hand written and credit will be awarded to original
  designing illustration cover page showing project title, student information, school & year.

  3) Prepare a ATLAS
  Make a scrap boom & paste various maps of India(Political) which are further related to the
  chapters of your geography TEXT-BOOK.

  Computer Science
  1. Write short notes on the different services available on the internet, like
      E-commerce, E - governance, E-shopping, E-mail, E-banking, Bluetooth , Digital
      Signature, Infrared Technology, Mebibyte and Zettabyte, Social Media and Social
       Bookmarking etc
  2. Make a scrapbook of any five multi-play devices.
  3. Collect information about any five latest Application software.
     Suppose. You want to wish a Happy Birthday to a Friend who lives in a village.
     Create a Greeting Card for this purpose in his/her Mother Tongue.(Which is
      the Hindi Language.)
     Find out which fonts are used for typing text in Hindi, Sanskrit or text in your mother
     tongue( if other than Hindi). Download any of these files from Internet and
     Prepare a Multi-lingual Greeting card using MS word and print it & paste it your
     Computer file.
  4. Write a formal letter to your school Principal informing him of the inconvenience you
     face due to the two non-functioning fans in your class room and request for their repair or
     replacement at the earliest. Format the letter as per the following specifications:
     Font--Arial                                     Right and left margin—1
     Style--Regular                                  Line spacing--1.5 lines.
  5. Create a Power Point Presentation to convey a message to “SAVE ELECTRICITY”.
  Take printout & paste it in your computer file.

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