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o Chapter 5: “Hester at Her Needle”
1. Describe Hester’s home.

2. What talent did Hester use to support herself and Pearl?

3. What garments is Hester not allowed to sew? Why?

4. What does Hester do that shows she has a charitable nature?

5. How did the poor, the ladies of Boston, the clergy, and the children treat Hester?

6. Why does Hester stay? Why doesn't she simply remove the letter and go somewhere else?

7. "The scarlet letter had endowed her with a new sense." Explain this, using quotes to show what this means.

o Chapter 6: “Pearl”
1. Why did Hester name her child “Pearl”?

2. What does the Scarlet Letter mean to Pearl?

3. What do the townspeople say about Pearl?

4. Describe Pearl. What does Hawthorne keep comparing her to?

5. How does Hester punish her daughter?

6. Why do children not like Pearl? Do they know the details of Hester?

o Chapter 7: “The Governor’s Hall”
1. At the beginning of the chapter, what do we find out that Hester does for Governor Bellingham?

2. Name 2 reasons Hester visits Governor Bellingham.

3. How are the Scarlet Letter and Pearl alike?

4. What are the two arguments for taking Pearl away?

5. Describe Pearl's behavior in this chapter.

6. Describe what Pearl looks like and what she wears.

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