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                         To Kill a Mockingbird:                       Study Guide Questions

Chapter 1                                            Chapter 4
1. What is the history of the Finch family?          16. What do Jem and Scout find in the knot-
   Why is this history given?                            hole?

2. What happened to Scout’s mother?                  17. How do they imagine it got there?

3. What does Scout tell us about the                 18. What game do the children decide to play?
                                                     19. What does the game reveal about the way
4. From what point of view is the story told?            they see the Radley family?
   Whose point of view is it?
                                                     20. Why doesn’t Scout enjoy the game as
5. What details are given that establish the             much as the boys?
   setting of the novel for us? List at least 5.
                                                     21. What secret does Scout keep about her
6. What is different about Dill’s family situation       experience in the tire?
   to Jem and Scout?

                                                     Chapter 5
Chapter 2                                            22. What do we know about Miss Maudie from
7. What is Scout’s attitude about school                 her conversation with Scout?
   before she attends the first day?
                                                     23. How does Miss Maudie feel about Boo
8. Why does her attitude change?                         Radley?

9. How does Scout feel about Miss Caroline?          24. What did the children decide to do to get
                                                         Boo to come out?
10. What does Scout tell us about the
    Cunningham family?                               25. Why does their plan fail?

11. How does Scout feel about Miss Caroline at       26. What is Atticus’ reaction to their “game?”
    the end of the Chapter?
                                                     Chapter 6
Chapter 3                                            27. What do Jem and Dill plan to do the night
12. Why does Jem treat Walter differently than           before Dill is to leave?
    Scout does?
                                                     28. What happens while the children attempt to
13. Why is Scout punished during lunch?                  carry out the plan?

14. What do we know about Burris Ewel and            29. How does Dill explain Jem being without
    his family?                                          pants to the grown-ups?

15. What compromise does Scout make with             30. Why does Jem decide to go back for his
    Atticus?                                             pants?

                                                     31. What do the townspeople think happened
                                                         at the Radley place that night?
 Chapter 7                                         Chapter 10
32. Why does Scout think Jem is moody and          51. What instructions does Atticus give about
    silent?                                            shooting?

33. Why is Jem moody and silent?                   52. Why is it a sin to kill a Mockingbird?

34. In what condition did Jem find his pants?      53. How do Jem and Scout view Atticus when
35. Name 4 items the children find in the tree.        the chapter opens?

36. What does Nathan Radley do?                    54. How does their view of him change by the
                                                       end of the chapter and why?

37. Why does he say he does it? What might         55. What, according to Miss Maudie, does
    be the reason he has done this? (Infer)            Atticus do well?

Chapter 8                                          Chapter 11
38. What unusual weather conditions occurred       56. Characterize Mrs. Dubose from Jem’s and
    in Maycomb?                                        Atticus’ point of view.

39. After whom do the children model their         57. Why does Jem strike out at Mrs. Dubose?
                                                   58. What is the nature of Mrs. Dubose’s
40. How do the following characters react to the       illness?
    fire? Aticus, Miss Maudie, Jem and Scout?
                                                   59. What does Jem gain from his experience
41. Where does the blanket around Scout                with Mrs. Dubose?
    come from?

42. What characteristics does Miss Maudie          Chapter 12
    show during the fire?                          60. Why is there a change in the relationship
                                                       between Jem and Scout?

Chapter 9                                          61. Where do the children go, specifically, with
43. Who is Tom Robinson?                               Calpurnia

44. Why does Scout fight with Cecil Jacobs?        62. Who is Zeebo?

45. Give the three reasons why Atticus is          63. What do they learn about Calpurnia?
    “defending a n--?”
                                                   64. What do they learn about the black
46. What do we learn about Francis?                    community?

47. How does Scout feel about Uncle Jack?
                                                   Chapter 13
48. What do Jem and Scout get for Christmas?       65. Why does Aunt Alexandra arrive at the
                                                       Finch house?
49. What do we learn about Dill?
                                                   66. What is Aunt Alexandra like and what does
50. Why would Atticus want Scout to overhear           she expect from the kids?
    his conversation with Uncle Jack?
                                                   67. What does Atticus think about Alexandra’s
                                                       expectations of Scout and Jem?
Chapter 14                                         Chapter 18
68. Who gathers in the Finch front yard? Why?      83. What is Mayella’s life like?

69. Contrast this group of men to the group        84. Who are her friends? Why is it important to
    who gather at the jail.                            the case?

70. Why does Jem follow Atticus to town?           85. Does Mayella’s testimony suggest that she
                                                       is telling the truth or lying? Explain.
71. Why does the group at the jail break-up
    after Scout’s talk?                            86. What startling revelation is made about

Chapter 15
72. Who gathers in the Finch front yard? Why?      Chapter 19
                                                   87. What did Tom’s testimony reveal about
73. Contrast this group of men to the group            Mayella?
    who gather at the jail.
                                                   88. Who did Scout compare Mayella to? In
74. Why does Jem follow Atticus to town?               what respect?
75. Why does the group at the jail break-up        89. How does Mr. Gilmer treat Tom? How is
    after Scout’s talk?                                this ironic?

                                                   90. What racial situation is illustrated in this
Chapter 16                                             scene?
76. Why does Scout cry after returning home
    from the jail?                                 91. Who becomes ill in the courtroom? Why?

77. How does Jem treat Scout? What does this
    show about Jem?
                                                   Chapter 20
78. What is the town’s attitude about the trial?   92. What does Dolphus Raymond tell Scout
    Is the attitude of the black population the        and Dill?
    same? Why or why not?
                                                   93. Explain Atticus’ statement, “This case is as
79. What does Scout learn about her father             simple as black and white.”
    taking the case? Why is she confused
    about the town’s reaction to her father        94. What final plea does Atticus make to the
    defending Tom?                                     jury?

Chapter 17                                         Chapter 21
80. Who is the first witness Atticus questions?    95. What was the verdict?
    What important information does Atticus
    establish through his testimony?               96. Should the verdict be a surprise? Why or
81. Characterize the Ewell family and Bob              why not?
    Ewell. What characterization devices does
    Harper Lee use?
                                                   Chapter 22
82. What does Atticus attempt to establish
                                                   97. What is Jem’s reaction to the verdict?
    through Bob Ewell’s testimony? What is
    Bob Ewell compared to in the description?
98. How did the black community show their        Chapter 27
    gratitude toward Atticus? What were they      111. What three incidents concerning Bob
    grateful for?                                    Ewell occur?

99. What event happens at the end of the          112. What do these incidents, along with
    chapter to stir fear in the children?            what Atticus says, tell us about Bob Ewell?

                                                  113.   Who are Misses Tutti and Frutti Barber?
Chapter 23
100. Why did Bob Ewell threaten Atticus?          114. What purpose do they serve in the
                                                     development of the plot?
101. Cite at least four examples of Jem’s
   continuing maturity.                           115.   What is Scout’s costume?

                                                  116. Who will accompany Scout and Jem to
                                                     the Halloween pageant?
Chapter 24
102. What does the missionary circle
   discuss? Who listens to the conversation?
   (pg. 228)                                      Chapter 28
                                                  117. Describe the setting on Halloween night.
103. What is ironic about the conversation at
   the meeting?                                   118. What happens to Scout during the
                                                     pageant? Why is this important to the plot?
104. What happened to Tom Robinson?
   How did it happen?                             119.   Describe the attack. (What happens?)

105. What does Aunt Alexandra accuse the          120. What happens to Jem as a result of the
   town of doing? What does this reveal about        attack?
                                                  121.   Who is found dead? How did he die?
106.   Who now respects Alexandra? Why?

                                                  Chapter 29
Chapter 25                                        122. Who saved Jem and Scout?
107. How does Tom Robinson relate to the
   symbol of the mockingbird?                     123. Does this action seem believable
                                                     considering Boo’s characterization?
108. What does Bob Ewell mean when he                Explain.
   says, “it made one down and about two
   more to go.”
                                                  Chapter 30
                                                  124. How did Heck Tate WANT to explain
Chapter 26                                           Bob Ewell’s death? Why?
109. What points does Scout make about
   school and education in general? This          125. What did Scout mean by, “Well, it’d be
   information is presented in a satirical way.      sort of like shootin’ a mockingbird, wouldn’t
   Explain.                                          it.”

110.   Why does Jem get angry at Scout?
                                                  Chapter 31
                                                  126. How does Scout show her sensitivity
                                                     and compassion for Boo Radley?

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