The Art of Forensic Sciencefinal by DC3njpl


									                                     The Art of Forensic Science: The Basics

 NOTE: Not all chapters will be covered in this course, but almost all of the units in the course can be found in this
 textbook. In some cases, supplemental reading will be required; these supplemental readings, which are noted in
                              the syllabus, will be provided to the student as needed.

                                                 Table of Contents

 Chapter                                                                                           Links

PART 1: Forensic Science and Investigation

 1. Introduction to                                                                  Introduction to Forensic
    Forensic Science                                                                 Science

 2. Crime Scene                                                                      Crime Scene Investigation
 3. The Nature of                                                                    The Nature of Evidence

PART 2: Tools of the Trade

 6. Microscopy                                                                       Microscopy

PART 3: Patterns and Impressions
 7. Fingerprints and                                                                 Fingerprints and Other
    Other Impressions                                                                Impressions

 8. Questioned                                                                             http://www.forensic-
 9. Firearms and             Firearms and Toolmarks

PART 4: Forensic Biology

10. Forensic Pathology       Forensic Pathology

11. Anthropology and         Anthropology and
    Odontology               Odontology

12. Entomology               Entomology

13. Serology and Blood       Serology and Blood Stain
    Stain Patterns           Patterns

14. DNA Typing               DNA Typing

15. Hairs                    Hairs

PART 5: Forensic Chemistry
18.   Fibers, Paints, and    Fibers, Paints, and Other
      Other Polymers         Polymers
19.   Glass and Soil
PART 6: Legal Aspects of Forensic Science

21.   Some Legal Aspects                    Some Legal Aspects of
      of Forensic Science                   Forensic Science

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