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									                  Chapter 1: Introduction to Educational Research

Philosophy of science links

On-Line Research Books
On-line research methods book written by a medical researcher:
An on-line research methods book on How to Read a Medical Journal Article:
On-Line Materials for Printed Books
Materials for the psychological methods book titled Experimental Design Explained:

Glossary of evaluation terms:
Another glossary of evaluation terms:
Dictionary on epidemiology:

Research Associations
American Educational Research Association:
American Evaluation Association:
American Psychological Association:
American Sociological Association:
American Anthropological Association:
National Council on Measurement in Education:
Society for Research in Child Development:
Philosophy of Science Association:
The American Philosophical Association:

Program evaluation links
Evaluation resources:
American Evaluation Association:
Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation:
On-Line Evaluation Resource Library:
Glossary of evaluation terms:
Free evaluation resources on the web:
The Evaluation Center:
Here is a mixed methods evaluation book:

Traditional scientific method
A physicist's view:
A biologist's view:

Other general research sources
Lots of links for research methods, measurement, and statistics:
More research and statistics:
More evaluation links:
Action research:

Miscellaneous Links

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