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					                                   THREE LEVEL STUDY GUIDE
                        Scarlet Letter Chapter 17-19 by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Name_________________________________ Date_________

Before reading pages: In the space to the left of each statement, place a check mark
(  ) if you agree or think the statement is true.

During or after reading: Add new check marks or cross through those about which you have
changed your mind. Keep in mind that this is not like the traditional “worksheet.” You may have to
put on your thinking caps and “read between the lines.” You must use the space under each
statement to note the page(s), and paragraph(s) where you are finding information to support your
thinking. Correct any incorrect statements so that this worksheet serves as a study guide.

Literal: Information stated directly in the reading
_____ 1. Hester and Dimmesdale will arrange a private meeting in the forest.

_____ 2. Dimmesdale only finds relief and peace in his life when he helps sinners turn toward God.

_____ 3. Hester will tell Dimmesdale that Chillingsworth is her husband.

_____ 4. Hester and Dimmesdale will have one last passionate kiss in the forest.

_____5. Dimmesdale will come up with a plan to leave the community by sea or through the forest.

Chapter 18
_____12. Hester will take off her Scarlet Letter, and let her long hair down in the woods.

_____13. Pearl will become lost in the forest.

Chapter 19

_____ 14. Hester and Dimmesdale plan to leave the country together.

_____15. Pearl will kiss Dimmesdale on the cheek and show excitement at Hester’s new

Inferential: Reading between the lines, not directly stated
_____ 16. Hester is hurt more by the gazes and looks of the community than by the gazes and looks of
those closest to her.
_____ 17. Dimmesdale is jealous of Hester’s scarlet letter.

_____18. Hester has more courage and inner strength than Dimmesdale.

_____ 19. Dimmesdale is great at interacting with children.

______20. Pearl is very intelligent for a 7 year-old girl.

Application/Opinion: Information that can be applied in other situations/topics
_____ 21. Dimmesdale is justified in saying, “Woman, woman, thou art accountable (responsible) for
this! I cannot forgive thee!”

______22. Arthur Dimmesdale’s greatest character flaw is his lust for Hester.

______23. Dimmesdale and Hester’s relationship will last because they are willing to flee to England

______ 24. Dimmesdale would be a good father to Pearl.

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