Chapter 25 Mendelian Genetics Essay Test by S44y04


									                        Chapter 25 Mendelian Genetics Essay Test

Directions: This is the essay test for Chapter 25. The topic of Genetics is a difficult one,
so I advise you to take your time and write this essay to help you understand the topic.
Are you looking for a bonus point in this direction set? Sorry, not this time 

Paragraph One- Fundamentals of Genetics
Explain what genetics is the study of
What does each letter represent
        Homozygous dominant/recessive- Explain and write the symbol for each
        Which gene will be expressed
Punnet Square- What are they used for
        Explain the three points made about Punnet Squares
        Do the back sheet that has Punnet Squares
Paragraph Two- Gregor Mendel
When did he die
What did W.S. Sutton suggest
What did Mendel do first
What type of plants did he study genetics with
Mendel came up with three Laws (A concept that is ALWAYS true)
        Explain all three

Paragraph Three- Extra Concepts of Genetics
Incomplete Dominance
Multiple Allelles
               Draw the chart that gives the Genotypes and Blood Type for the ABO
               Blood Group Sytem
               What type(s) are dominant
               What blood type is the Universal Donor
               What type is the Universal Receiver

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