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									               OCR GRADUATED ASSESSMENT – STAGE 3
Objectives (abbreviated – see                     Stage      Approx. Old Graduated              Other Resources                     Notes
specification for full wording)                   Criteria   Timing Assessment Book 3
Squares and roots
 Use the terms square, positive square root        N3.1     4 lessons   Old Book 5 Chapter 5
 Recall squares up to 12, use index notation                            Worksheets will be
   for squares                                                           required here
 Use a calculator to find squares and square
 Multiply & Divide numbers with up to 1dp by       N3.2     2 lessons   Chapter 1                                                  Do plenty of mental
   an integer between 1 and 10 (no calc)                                                                                            arithmetic work
 Multiply and divide any number with up to         N3.3     2 lessons   Chapter 1
   2dp by powers of 10 (no calc)

Fractions & Percentages
 Calculate a fraction of a given quantity          N3.4     2 lessons   Chapter 6                                                  Use Percentage bubbles
 Calculate a simple percentage (10%, 20%,          N3.5     4 lessons   Chapter 11
   30%, 5%, 15%) of a quantity (no calc)
 Start and finish times and time intervals (no     N3.6     2 lessons   Book 2 Chapter 8       SMP Worksheet ‘Travelling Around’   Use bus and train
   calc)                                                                 Worksheets will be                                         timetables
                                                                         required here

 Perform calculations involving the use of         N3.7     2 lessons   Chapter 14
   brackets and the hierarchy of operations

                                      Mathematics Department – KS4 Medium Term Plans
Equations                                                                                                                   Use of flow diagrams
 Solve simple equations involving only one      A3.1   4 lessons   Chapter 16                                              permitted but encourage
   operation                                                                                                                algebraic solution for
                                                                                                                            candidates intending to
                                                                                                                            sit module 5
 Use formulae expressed in words or             A3.2   4 lessons   Chapter 4                                               Use of practical
   symbols; substitute positive numbers into a                                                                              examples is encouraged

Graphs                                                                                                                      Use of practical
 Construct and interpret simple graphs,         A3.3   2 lessons   Chapter 8                                               examples is encouraged
   including conversion graphs                                                                                              Ie; current exchange
                                                                                                                            rate, gallons to litres etc.
Units & Estimation
 Estimate a range of everyday measures          S3.1   4 lessons   Chapter 5
 Use l and ml and convert from one unit to      S3.2   4 lessons   Chapter 2
    another; interpret scales on a range of
    measuring instruments

Drawing & Construction
 Use 2D representations of 3D shapes inc        S3.3   4 lessons   Chapter 12
   views and isometric drawings
 Construct and interpret scale drawings         S3.4   2 lessons   Chapter 15
   using simple scale factors

 Use positive scale factors for enlargements    S3.5   2 lessons   New Material                                            Enlarge names, numbers
   on a grid                                                        Worksheets will be                                      and pictures on 1cm
                                                                    required here                                           squared paper.

 Understand and use measures of probability     D3.1   2 lessons   Chapter 7            My Maths – Play Your Cards Right   Practical activities are
   from equally likely outcomes                                                                                             encouraged here

                                     Mathematics Department – KS4 Medium Term Plans
 Calculate the mean and the range of           D3.2   2 lessons   Chapter 10                                              Practical examples
   discrete data                                                                                                           should be used here

Frequency Diagrams
 Draw and interpret simple frequency tables,   D3.3   2 lessons   Chapter 13               Use Smarties – always a good   Practical examples
   charts and bar charts for discrete data                                                  lesson!                        should be used here

Revision for module 3 exam
 Revise all topics                             All!   7 lessons   Revision Exercises A1,                                  Revise non-calculator
                                                                   B1, C1 and D1                                           skills!

                                                                                                                           Past Module 3 exam

                                    Mathematics Department – KS4 Medium Term Plans

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