CHAPTER 11 TEST REVIEW
1. Who invented the cotton gin? And what impact did it have?
2. Who invented the steamboat? And what impact did it have?
3. Who invented the telegraph? And what impact did it have?
4. Who invented the steel plow? And what impact did it have?
5. Who brought the spinning wheel to the U.S. and how did he do it?
6. Who invented interchangeable parts and what are they?
7. What impact did the cotton gin have on slavery in the south and North?
8. What was the Industrial Revolution?
9. What effect did the Lowell mills have on young women?
10. Who invented interchangeable parts and how did it impact the industrial revolution?
11. Who was Nat Turner?
12. What happened as a result of the Nat Turner rebellion?
13. What was the significance of the Erie Canal?
14. What is sectionalism?
15. What is nationalism?
16. What was the Monroe Doctrine?
17. Who wrote the Monroe Doctrine?
18. What was the result of the Monroe Doctrine?
19. What was the Missouri Compromise? Know all the parts
20. What are the characteristics of the free enterprise system?
21. What was the Era of Good Feeling?
22. What were spirituals and what purpose did they serve in the life of African
    Americans in the south?
23. What is the American System?
24. What is the Factory System?
25. What things did the Factory system impact in everyday lives of those in the North?
26. What were the 4 effect of the invention of the Cotton Gin?
27. Who were the first 5 presidents of the U.S.?
28. What was the first industry to undergo industrialization?
29. How did the building of roads and canals lead to growth and National unity?
30. What happened on the following dates? 1607, 1776, 1787, 1803

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