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									                  DEPARTMENT OF REHABILITATION
                        LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY
             2010 Portion of the 2009-10 REGULAR SESSION
                             October 21, 2010


AB 1585 (Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review)
Legislative Reports.
AB 1585 required the Legislative Counsel to delete a number of outdated or
unnecessary reports from the list maintained by that Office, of reports state agencies
are to submit to the Legislature. The bill also made minor changes in the procedure by
which agencies send reports to the Legislature.

Status: 02/26/10--Chaptered by the Secretary of State as Chapter 7, Statutes of 2010

AB 1746 (Emmerson)
Continuing education for architects.
This bill will require the California Architects Board (CAB), until January 1, 2015, to
audit at least 3% of the license renewals received each year from architects, to verify
completion of coursework related to disability access. Commencing January 1, 2013,
the requirement for licensees to routinely submit documentation regarding continuing
education will be eliminated and licensees will instead be required to keep such
records and provide them to the CAB in the event of an audit. A licensee that violates
these provisions would be subject to administrative sanction by the CAB.

Status: 09/24/10—Chaptered by Secretary of State as Chapter 240, Statutes of 2010

AB 1931 (Torrico)
Spinal cord injuries.
AB 1931 eliminates the January 1, 2011, sunset date for the Spinal Cord Research
Program operated by the University of California and specifies that it is, henceforth, to
be funded from non-state sources.

Status: 09/02/10—Chaptered by Secretary of State as Chapter
457, Statutes of 2010

AB 1944 ( Fletcher)
Disabled veteran parking.
This bill requires the DMV to accept either a certification from a physician or from the
US Department of Veterans Affairs as the basis for issuance of a special license plate
or plates to a disabled veteran.

Status: 09/29/10—Chaptered by Secretary of State as Chapter 421, Statutes of 2010
2010 Legislative Summary                     2                                    10/21/10

ACR 162 (Beall)
Disability History Week.
ACR 162 designates the second week of October each year as Disability History
Week, and encourages public and private institutions of higher education, state and
local agencies, nonprofit and community-based organizations, and private businesses
and corporations to observe Disability History Week by providing classroom
instructional time or other activities to afford opportunities for students and the general
public to learn more about the disability community.

Status: 08/09/10—Chaptered by Secretary of State as Resolutions Chapter 75,
Statutes of 2010

SB 880 (Yee)
Public safety: snow sport helmets.
This bill will require a person under 18 years of age to wear a properly fitted and
fastened snow sport helmet while engaged in downhill skiing or while riding upon a
seat or other device that is attached to the snow skis or a snowboard. The bill
establishes fines to be imposed for violations of this prohibition. However, the charge
against a person will be dismissed if it is the first charge against that person for a
violation of this prohibition.

Status: 09/24/10—Chaptered by Secretary of State as Chapter 278, Statutes of 2010

SB 1256 (Hancock)
Ed Roberts Day.
SB 1256 directs the Governor to proclaim January 23 of each year as Ed Roberts Day,
designates that date as having special significance in public schools and educational
institutions, and encourages those entities to conduct suitable commemorative
exercises on that date.

Status: 07/20/10—Chaptered by Secretary of State as Chapter 115, Statutes of 2010


AB 781 (Jefferies)
Bilingual services: discrimination.
AB 781 would have explicitly prohibited a state or local agency from justifying an
action or decision based on the Dymally-Alatorre Bilingual Services Act if the action
was a pretext for discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, or other grounds.
The bill would also have required that all information and reports required by the Act
be treated as public information unless otherwise restricted by law.

Status: 08/31/2010-Failed passage on Senate floor
2010 Legislative Summary                    3                                   10/21/10

AB 1213 (Skinner)Governor’s Committee
This bill would have designated the Superintendent of Public Instruction as a member
of the Governor’s Committee for Employment of Persons with Disabilities.

Status: 09/24/10-Vetoed by Governor

AB 1646 (Hayashi)Athletic injuries.
This bill would have required all high school coaches taking or renewing first aid
certification to receive training that provides a basic understanding of the signs,
symptoms, and appropriate emergency action steps regarding potentially catastrophic
injuries, including, but not limited to, head and neck injuries, concussions, 2nd impact
syndrome, asthma attacks, heatstroke, and cardiac arrest
Status: 06/04/2010-Held on suspense in Assembly AppropriationsAB 1647
Athletic trainers.
This bill would have attempted to reduce athletic injuries by establishing requirements
for certification and appropriate practice by athletic trainers.

Status: 09/24/10-Vetoed by Governor

AB 1652 (Jones)Ski resort safety.
AB 1652 would have required a ski resort to adopt a safety plan and policies for safety
padding and signage. Resorts would also have been required to collect data
concerning deaths and injuries at the resort.

Status: 09/24/10-Vetoed by Governor

AB 1737 (Eng)
Data collection.
This bill would have redefined the subcategories to be used by state agencies when
collecting and reporting demographic data concerning Asian and Pacific Islander
population groups. The bill would also have required a state agency, board, or
commission to make the collected data available to the public, in accordance with
state and federal law, except for personally identifiable information.

Status: 06/04/10-Held on suspense in Assembly Appropriations
2010 Legislative Summary                    4                                  10/21/10

AB 1787 (Swanson)
Regulatory format.
AB 1787 would have required each state agency to include with proposed regulatory
changes a narrative description of the additions to, and deletions from, the current law
in a format that can be accurately translated by software used by the visually impaired.

Status: 06/04/10-Held on suspense in Assembly Appropriations

AB 1899 (Eng)
Government transparency.
This bill would have required state agencies, as a matter of law, to continue following
procedures established by recent executive orders related to posting of certain audits
to the state's Reporting Transparency in Government Website. The Department of
General Services, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, and other state agencies
would have been required to post summary data concerning contracts to that website.
In addition, the Governor’s Office would have been legally required to post certain
financial statements and reports to the website.

Status: 09/27/10-Vetoed by Governor

AB 1970 (Fong)
Emergency services.
AB 1970 would have authorized a county Department of Social Services office to
make IHSS provider registries available during an emergency and to inspect
emergency shelters to determine the needs of elderly and disabled persons being
served at that shelter. The bill would have provided that a county could direct a public
authority or other organization responsible for IHSS services to contact IHSS workers
to request their assistance in case of an emergency.

Status: 06/04/10-Held on suspense in Assembly Appropriations

AB 2051 (Tran)
Emergency services.This bill would have authorized the Emergency Management
Agency to prepare, in voluntary cooperation with local governmental and
nongovernmental entities, a specialized plan to mobilize senior citizens and disabled
persons during an emergency or natural disaster.
Status: 08/31/10-Held on suspense in Senate Appropriations
AB 2072 (Mendoza)
Infants with hearing loss: informational pamphlet.
AB 2072 would have required the California Department of Education (CDE) to
develop an informational pamphlet for newborns and infants identified as deaf or hard
of hearing, that discusses visual and auditory communication and language options
and that would help a parent make informed decisions for his or her child. CDE would
have been required to convene an advisory stakeholder panel to develop and revise
the informational pamphlet until January 1, 2017. The bill would also have required
that the informational pamphlet be immediately provided to parents of all newborns
2010 Legislative Summary                     5                                   10/21/10

and infants identified as deaf or hard of hearing by an audiologist or by a local provider
for the Early Start Program upon initial contact with the parents of a newborn or infant
identified as deaf or hard of hearing.

Status: 09/29/10-Vetoed by Governor

AB 2430 (Chesbro)
Agencies serving the blind or visually impaired.AB 2430 would have required that
an organization or agency whose sole purpose is to provide services to the blind or
visually impaired, that receives grants or contracts from DOR, have at least 20% blind
or visually impaired individuals as board members.
Status: 06/04/10-Failed passage in Assembly.SB 998 (Liu)
Medi-Cal long-term care.
This bill would have required that information about care after discharge be provided to
a patient at the earliest possible opportunity before discharge from an acute care
hospital. The bill would also have required each county, subject to availability of
federal funding, to establish a program for assessment of individuals in long-term care
facilities and to assign case managers to such facilities. The bill would have required
long-term care facilities to refer a MediCal recipient who is in residence for more than
21 days to the case manager and would have barred MediCal reimbursement if the
referral were not made.

Status: 06/04/10-Held on suspense in Senate Appropriations

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