Chapter 10: Life Span Development II by gdDK26


									Chapter 10: Life Span Development II
Web Essays

1: Euthanasia and Developmental Psychology
Euthanasia is a topic under investigation in a number of countries and states. For example, read
the material posted at the above Web site of the International Task Force on Euthanasia and
Assisted Suicide. What does the psychology of aging; grief, loss, and bereavement have to
contribute to this debate?

2: National Institute on Aging
At this site, you can search or browse the press releases of the National Institute of Aging for the
past several years. Have a look at these projects. What can you deduce about the issues that face
the aging in the United States today?

3: Search the Web
Use this site, or your favorite Internet search engine, look for information and resources on
bereavement. You may consider adding the terms grief and loss. What types of psychological
theories seem to be applied in this field? What types of human problems seem to be generally
addressed? What types of services or programs are available in this area?

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