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WCT Fall Schedule 2012-2013 Final


									                 Classes Ages 3-4 years                            Piano Lab Friday 4:15-5:00                                          Principles of Ballet Monday 6:15-7:15
Creative Movement Saturday 9:30-10:15                              Ballet/Tap Friday 5:00-6:00                                         Acting (Karen Dacons-Brock) Tuesday 5:15-6:15
                    Classes 5- 7 years                             Hip Hop with Domo Saturday 10:15-11:00                              Hip Hop Tuesday 7:15-8:15
Ballet Monday 4:15- 5:15 Boys are encouraged to                    Ballet II Saturdays 11:00-12:00                                     Tap with Ginna Wednesday, 5:30-6:30
participate!                                                                          Classes 9-11 years                               Vocal Virtuosos Wednesday 5:30-6:15
Music Exploration Tuesday 4:15-5:00                               Ballet IV Monday & Friday 6:15-7:15                                 “Page to Stage” Writing & Performing Poetry
Boys & Girl’s Hip Hop Wednesday 4:30-5:30                          Principles of Ballet Monday 6:15-7:15                               Thursday 4:30-5:30
Kids Capoeira Thursday 4:30-5:30                                   Acting for Stage Tuesday 4:15-5:15                                  Acting Class (Karen Dacons-Brock) Thursday 5:30-
Ballet/Tap II Friday 5:00-6:00                                     Ballet III Tuesday 5:15-6:15                                        6:30
Tap/Pre-Ballet Saturday 10:15-11:00                                Hip Hop Tuesday 6:15-7:15                                           Jazz w/ SHAQ! Thursday 6:30-7:30
                     Classes 6-9 years                             Vocal Virtuosos Wednesday 5:00-6:15                                 Perfecting Ballet Friday 6:00-7:15
Piano Lab Monday 4:30-5:00                                         Contemporary Dance Thursday 4:30-5:30                               Contemporary Dance Friday 6:00-7:15
Ballet/Jazz Monday 5:00-6:00                                       Piano Lab Thursday 5:30-6:00                                        Teen Jazz Dance Friday 7:15-8:15
Ballet II Monday 5:15-6:15                                         Int./Adv. Jazz w/ SHAQ! Thursday 5:30-6:30                          Ballet II Saturday 12:00-1:00
Music Exploration Tuesday 4:15-5:00                               Perfecting Ballet: Friday 6:00-7:15                                 Contemporary Dance Saturday 12:00-1:00
Boys & Girl’s Hip Hop Wednesday 4:30-5:30                          Hip Hop Saturday 11:00-12:00                                        Stretch & Conditioning Saturday 1:00-1:30
Hip Hop Wednesday 5:30-6:30                                        Ballet III Saturday 12:00-1:00                                      Hip Hop with Domo 1:30-2:30
Kids Capoeira Thursday 4:30-5:30                                   Piano Lab Saturday 1:00-1:45                                        Guitar lessons TBA Please inquire in the office.
Piano Lab Thursday 5:30-6:00                                                           Classes 12 & Up
Children’s Theatre Friday 4:15-5:15                                Ballet IV Monday & Friday 6:15-7:15

                                                                                 After School Arts Program
                                                                              *Hours of operation 3:00-6:00PM
ASAP offers a small environment for tutoring, piano lab, dance, & acting classes in a safe & nurturing environment. Children are given an opportunity to relax, make new friends, and discover
                                                                         the arts in multiple disciplines of their choice.
                                                              *Bus drop-off to WCT from DPS School upon (early) requests
                                                                                 *Tutors from local universities

                                                                                  *WCT Fall Session Fees

                              12 classes: $190 (class card)                 25 classes: $325 (class card)
                           Unlimited Individual: $550                       Unlimited Family: $800

              * Please note: Cards expire on 12-1 2012. Parents may choose to add more classes to their class card throughout the session. The per-class fee savings occur when students
                                                                  purchase an initial 25-class card* Unlimited classes are the best deal!
                                                                                      Payment are plans available

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