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                                     MODULE OUTLINE FORM

                                                                                    Last amended: 19 May 2002

Module Title              AGRICULTURAL MARKETING

Module Code               AEF221    Semester       2       Credit   10     ECTS              Level     I
                                                           Value           Value
Module Leader             Professor C Ritson

Other Staff               K Christensen, J Franks, S J Wilcockson, E J Evans, S Edwards




Availability              Stage II students from Agriculture and related degrees.

Aims                      To provide an understanding of the special characteristics of the marketing of
                          agricultural products in a UK context.
                                         Intended Learning Outcomes
Intended Knowledge        By the end of the module students should:
Outcomes                  i       appreciate why agricultural marketing raises special problems which are
                                  peculiar to that sector;
Intended Skills           ii      be aware of the marketing channels for the main UK agriculture
Outcomes                          commodities
                          iii     understand the role of specific kinds of agricultural markets.

Development of Key Skills*                I/P/A                                            I/P/A
Written Communication                       A          Problem Solving
Interpersonal Communication                            Initiative
Oral Presentation                                      Adaptability                          P
Teamwork                                               Numeracy
Planning and Organising                        P       Computer Literacy
Other (please state)

*   I = Introduced
    P = Practiced
    A = Assessed

Teaching and Learning Methods                         Number/Student Hours

Lectures                                              24





Private Study                                         76 hours


Rationale and Relationship to Learning Outcomes

The specialist nature of much of the material makes it appropriate for this to be a lecture-based module with
contributions from staff with experience of work related to the different commodity sectors.

Outline Syllabus

Introduction to the Module
Marketing principles and special characteristics of the marketing of agricultural products.

The Food Consumer
Factors affecting the behaviour of food consumers; changing patterns of demand for food products in the UK;
consumer attitudes to food safety.

Livestock (redmeat) Marketing
Covering the UK marketing system in production and consumption; auction markets and electronic
marketing; role of the MLC; and impact of current issues (BSE and Foot & Mouth).

Cereals Marketing
Covering the UK cereals marketing system; trends in production, consumption and trade; impact of EU
cereals regime; the use of futures contracts; and the role of the Home Grown Cereals Authority.

Milk Marketing
Covering the changing structure of Milk Markets; the role of co-operatives and the impact of EU Dairy Policy.

Organic Products
The marketing system for organic products and the consumer market for organics.

Sugar Beet and Potatoes
Including contracts, grading and impact of EU Sugar Regime.

Oilseeds and Pigment
Including farm assurance schemes.
Essential Reading References

Ritson, C. “Food Marketing and Agricultural Marketing: The Scope of the Subject of Agro-Food Marketing” in
Padberg, Ritson and Albisu (Eds) “Agro-Food Marketing”, Chapter 2, pp11-29. CAB International, 1997.
See Timetables on Faculty Noticeboards, Ground Floor, Agriculture Building.


Method (s) and Timing of Assessment

Unseen 2 hour written paper in Semester 2.

                   EXAMS                                     OTHER ASSESSED WORK
Number of formal         1                      Format and number of
university exams                                other assessments e.g.
Length of                120 mins               Oral, Aural, Essay,
each paper (minutes)                            Report, Practical etc.
When set (end of         2                      When set (which
which semester)                                 semester)
% of module              100%                   % of module
assessment from                                 assessment from ‘other
formal exams                                    assessed work’
Other information, e.g.                         Other relevant
format of resit if                              information
different from above
Rationale and Relationship to Learning Outcomes
The examination is designed to assess the students’ knowledge of UK agricultural commodity
marketing channels, and their awareness of the special aspects of the marketing of these commodities.

For Administrative Purposes (this section should be completed by the relevant Faculty Assistant
Registrar in consultation with the module leader)
FTE Proportional Split (%)
Signed by (Heads of
HESA Subject Code
Academic Subject Category
Immunisation/Allergy Screening (to be completed only for modules taken by non-clinical students)
Immunisation                                Should be Offered (Yes/No)

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Animal allergy screening


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