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                                                                                           CAMPING                                    C
Adventure Network
                                                                    Related Sites                                              F

  Planning a camping trip? Then you’ll want to take down                                                                              G
  some suggestions for activities from Adventure Net, which        Benz Campground Directory
  also offers camping FAQs, product recommendations, and                                H
  a “fabrics glossary.” Who knew fabrics could be so impor-
  tant?! But to a camper faced with rain, wind, and snow,
                                                                     An extensive campgrounds and camping directory for the
  they can make all the difference in the world.
                                                                     United States, Canada, and Mexico. Links to other perti-
                                                                     nent sites.
                                              Camp-A-Roo                                                         K
  Shop here for hiking, camping, climbing, cycling, paddling,
  fly-fishing, snow skiing, and running gear. Whichever out-
                                                                     Camping and hiking information with specific tips for            M
                                                                     parents wanting to camp with their children.
  door activity interests you, you can find all the gear you
  need at this site. Attractive and well-organized site makes it
                                                                   Camp Channel
  easy to find equipment and supplies.
American Camping Association                                                  9–13
                                                                     Looking for a summer camp for your child? Then tune in
                                                                     to the Camp Channel. Here, you can search through a huge
  Families can find a camp by searching the camp directory,
                                                                     database of summer camps by theme and geographical
                                                                     location. Covers camps in the United States and all over the
  and camp directors can find tips and suggestions for               world. Visit the Camp Store for links to other sites that sell
  improving the quality of a camp here. The site also offers         camping gear. Very attractive site, easy to navigate.            S
  product suggestions and information about joining
  the ACA.
                                                                   Campfire Cooking                                                   T
American Park Network—Camping                            
                                                                          All                                                         V
                                                                     Before you head out on your next camping adventure, stop
  Planning a camping trip to a national park? Check here
                                                                     by this site for some great campfire cooking recipes. This       W
                                                                     site also features instructions on how to build a safe camp-
  first for site availability, park activities, fees, and much
  more. Camping in some national parks requires reserva-
                                                                     fire that’s conducive to cooking.                                X
  tions, and you’ll find contact information here. Some park
  campgrounds are available on a first-come, first-served                                                                             Y
  basis, and this site provides information on how to make
  sure you get a spot.                                                                                                                Z

      Campground Directory                                                 Related sites

C       Find a campground or RV park quickly and easily using
                                                                          Christian Camping International
        the searchable directory or pull-down menus. Special kids
D       area is full of activities to keep kids busy on long trips, and
        includes safety tips and campfire recipes.                          U
E     The Camping Source
                                                                            This nonprofit service provides information on more than
                                                                            1,000 Christian campgrounds, retreats, conference centers,
        U                                                                   and outdoor adventures nationwide. Information about all
G                                                                           these services can be obtained free via CCI’s website.
                                                                            Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or someone who
H       The place on the Internet to find anything that has to do
        with camping: clothes, recipes, tents, backpacks, equipment         thinks roughing it is a nice beachside hotel room, you
        for sale, trailers, RV shows, RV dealers, RV classifieds,           ought to check out this resource.
I       weather, links, and more!
J     Camping-USA                                               

K                                           U

L       Searchable index of campground directories, resources for
        RVers, and other camping information.
                                                                            Besides descriptions of Coleman products you can buy
                                                                            online, you’ll find advice on how to prepare for a camping
M     Camping World Online
                                                                            trip, how to set up camp, where to go, how to cook meals
                                                                            in the great outdoors, and more.
                                                                          Equipped to Survive

        Camping World is a leading supplier of products for RVs in
P       particular and camping in general. Use this site to order a
        free catalog, check out products, get special online bar-           A comprehensive guide to the selection and use of survival
Q       gains, or find the Camping World store closest to you.              gear, from the pages of Equipped to Survive.
        You’ll also find links to some other great camping websites.
R                                                                         Get Knotted
      CampNet America                                           

T       A huge library of links to campgrounds, suppliers, RV
                                                                            Animated knots for scouts, plus the do’s and don’ts of knot
U       information, and camping and travel information. The
        online bookstore links to, where you can
                                                                            tying. Not the glitziest site of the lot, but if you need to tie
                                                                            something, this site can show you 15 ways to do it.
V       order books on various camping topics.

W     Car Camping
Y       PBS has set up this car camping site to teach kids the his-
        tory of car camping. In case you’re wondering, car camping
Z       consists not of sleeping in your car, although that’s a possi-
        bility, but of driving up to your campsite with all your gear.
                                                                                                                      CAMPING          139

GORP: Great Outdoor Recreation Pages                               Minnesota State Parks                                    
  U                                                                                                                                     B
                                                                     If we had to pick only one state to highlight in the camping
  So, what do people actually do when they camp? Learn               section, Minnesota would be the one. Whether on the
                                                                     prairie, in a hardwood forest, or near the Great Lakes,
  about all the great outdoor activities here: fishing, hiking,
  canoeing, bicycling, and more. Learn about little-known
  and uncrowded camping places in national, and some state,
                                                                     Minnesota state parks offer every possible camping experi-
                                                                     ence, from canoeing and portaging the Boundary Waters,
  parks and forests. Ever wonder how those campground
  hosts got their jobs? Click on Jobs in the Outdoors for links
                                                                     to just sitting outside your RV listening to the wolves howl.
                                                                     Find the park you’d like to visit and make your reserva-
                                                                     tions—all at this site.
  to dream jobs. You can purchase books, maps, and outdoor
  gear, and even plan your trips or purchase packaged out-
                                                                   Nature Rangers
  ings through the online store.
Kids Camps
                                                                     U                                                                  H
                                                                          All                                                           I
       All                                                           Whether you’re looking for the latest children’s high-
  If you’re looking for a camp for your child this summer,           performance outdoor clothing and equipment; locations              J
  you’re sure to find one here. Using topics broken down by          of the best spots to camp, hike, or kayak; or you just want
  interest, such as sports, arts, academics, and special needs,      to share ideas and experiences with other outdoor moms,            K
  families can locate day and residential camps nationwide.          dads, and kids, Nature Rangers is the place!
  You can also apply for a loan to send your kid to camp.                                                                               L
  Results of your loan application are known within minutes.       Ocean City, MD’s Frontier Town Campground
  This site is designed more for parents than for kids, but
  kids can look for camps as well.
KOA Homepage                                                             0–8
                                                                                                                                        N                                       Here’s a unique family camping experience. This camp-
                                                                     ground features more than 500 sites, a pizza parlor, and
  U                                                                  access to many area attractions, including golf courses and
                                                                     harness racing.
  If you like plenty of luxury while you’re camping—hot
  showers, recreation rooms, convenience stores—KOA is the         Outdoor Action                                                       Q
  way to go. Check here for a list of the KOA campgrounds
  across North America, an explanation of the different ways
  to camp at a KOA, a list of services available, and, if you’re
  looking for an enjoyable and profitable way to earn your               14–18                                                          S
  living, ways to open a KOA of your very own.                       Princeton University provides this site, which you should
                                                                     check before undertaking any kind of wilderness trip.              T
L.L. Bean Welcome Page                                               Loaded with places to go and things to do, the site is                                               equally jam-packed with safety and health facts. A compre-         U
                                                                     hensive site for outdoors folk to visit.
  U                                                                                                                                     V
                                                                   Summer Camps
  Keeping warm is a primary concern when you’re camping,
  and L.L. Bean is the place to go for warm (and stylish)
  clothes, snowshoes, and more. Order a free catalog, check
  out the online product guide, and use the park search page.            All
  With hundreds of national and state parks, forests, and
  wildlife refuges, it’s a handy tool.
                                                                     Search a national database of kids’ summer camps to find
                                                                     the setting that fits your child’s interests and needs, as well
                                                                     as your pocketbook.

      U.S. Scouting Project                                                Eastern Mountain Sports

B                                                                            U
C       The U.S. Scouting service is a not-for-profit organization           Great place to shop for camping gear and equipment for
        that’s dedicated to supporting and promoting the scouting            hiking, climbing, kayaking, and other outdoor adventure
D       movement. This site acts as a comprehensive directory, or
        portal, to a vast collection of online resources dealing with
                                                                             activities. Click the Adventure Travel link to plan an out-
                                                                             door vacation. Subscribe to the EMS newsletter for the
E       the scouting movement.                                               most up-to-date information.

F     Visit Your National Parks                                            Leave No Trace                              
G                                                                            U
        This is an official National Park Service page. Learn about
H       the national parks, pick one that is right for your camping          The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is a “non-
        needs, find out what the fees are, and make reservations.            profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring
I       The site features a park of the month and a guide to lesser-         responsible outdoor recreation through education,
        known parks, along with lots of useful and up-to-date                research, and partnerships.” This site provides tips on how
J       information.                                                         to interact with nature without leaving your human foot-
                                                                             print behind in the form of litter, noise, erosion, or any-
K                      BACKPACKING
                                                                             thing else that can damage the pristine environment
                                                                             you visit.
L                                                       The Lightweight Backpacker

N caters to all levels of backpackers, from             Find useful information on researching and purchasing
O       those just thinking about it to seasoned veterans. Here you
        can find reviews of the latest gear, search for trail reviews by
                                                                             lightweight backpacking gear here. You can also read con-
                                                                             tributions from visitors dedicated to making backpacking
                                                                             safer and more fun.
P       state, learn basic backpacking techniques, find out what
        you need to pack, and hook up with other backpackers in
        your area.                                                         Susan and Bob’s Place
      Backpacker Magazine
                                                                             Check out the trip descriptions and reports from the
S       U                                                                    United States, Mexico, New Zealand, and other destina-
                                                                             tions. Ask for a copy of the quarterly adventure travel
T       This is the home of Backpacker magazine, where you can               newsletter.
        learn about every aspect of backpacking, including gear
U       you need to pack, interesting destinations, and skills and                                 HIKING
        techniques. You can connect with other backpacking
V       enthusiasts in the Community area, shop online, or even
        subscribe to the magazine online. Site also includes a link        Alpina Sports
W       to AnyPlace Wild TV with John Viehman, who can lead you
        on a series of adventures in the wilderness.

X                                                                            Get information about Alpina Sports’ range of hiking and
                                                                             skiing products here.
                                                                                                                         CAMPING           141

America’s Roof                                                      AZ Central                               
  View a map of the United States or the world to identify            This site provides a ton of information about trails and
  the highest points in the world that you might want to
  hike. In addition to helping you find places to hike, this site
                                                                      outdoor activities in Arizona. Good place to pick up
                                                                      coupons for your trip, too!
  helps you catch up on hiking news and register online for
  upcoming events.                                                  Barefoot Hikers
American Hiking Society
                                                                      Home of the barefoot hikers, where you can kick off your              F
                                                                      shoes and hike the way Mother Nature intended you to.
  News and information from an organization dedicated to                                                                                    G
  promoting hiking and establishing, protecting, and main-          The Camping and Hiking Emporium
  taining foot trails in America.                                                             H
American Long Distance Hiking                                         U                                                                     I
Association West
                                                                      Index of camping and hiking supply websites organized by
                                                                      category (Tents, Sleeping Bags, Apparel, Flashlights, Shoes,
  This site supports hikers by providing information about
                                                                      and Food).                                                            K
  trails, equipment to take, and recipes divided by meal type;
  it also provides tips on how to avoid common hiking prob-
                                                                    CyberBlaze                                                              L
  lems, such as giardia. You’ll even find a listing of the Triple
  Crown members—those who have completed all three of
                                                                      CyberBlaze will blaze a trail to other websites where the
  the 2,000-mile trails.
                                                                      hiking or outdoor enthusiast can find virtual hiking experi-          N
American Volkssports Association                                      ences for some of the most scenic hiking trails around the
                                                                      world.                                                                O
                                                          , Great Outdoor Apparel                                 P
  The American Volkssport Association is a non-profit group
  that encourages people to “walk scenic trails at your own
                                                                      U                                                                     Q
  pace for health, fitness, and fun.” AVA has a network of 350
  walking clubs that collectively organize more than 3,000
  annual walking events in all 50 states. They occasionally           Find all the clothing and accessories you’ll ever need for
  organize biking, skiing, and swimming events, as well.              hiking and other outdoor activities.                                  S
Appalachian National Scenic Trail
                                                                                GORP—Great Outdoor Recreation Page
  U                                                                                                                                         U
                                                                      Find trails, vacations, books, and more at this comprehen-
  This is the National Park’s Service website for the famous          sive site. Online discussions about hiking-related topics,            V
  Appalachian Trail, which is 2,167 miles long and traverses          news, and equipment-selection tips help to keep you
  14 states. The site offers basic information about hiking the       informed about hiking and the great outdoors. Links to                W
  trail and provides addresses you can write to for more              retail merchants where you can buy equipment, books, and
  information. Link to information about Shenandoah and               maps. Pop-up ads can become a little annoying, but except             X
  Great Smoky Mountains National Park hiking as well. You             for that slight drawback, this is an excellent site. On your
  can buy books, posters, decals, and other merchandise               first visit to this site, you’ll quickly realize why it’s the Best
                                                                      of the Best.
  through the online store.

      Hiking and Backpacking                                            Superior Hiking Trail

B       U
                                                                          The Superior Hiking Trail is a long-distance footpath mod-
C       If you’re looking for hiking, camping, or backpacking gear,       eled after the Appalachian Trail that follows the shore of
                                                                          Lake Superior in northeastern Minnesota. It was conceived
        this site can help you track down some great deals. It’s not
D       a store, but most of its links lead to online shops where you
        can purchase backpacks, tents, boots, and other gear. The
                                                                          by a group of visionaries in the mid-1980s who banded
                                                                          together to form the Superior Hiking Trail Association.
E       site also features a directory of places where you can go to
        find hiking trails in various states.                           Trailplace
F     Kings Canyon and Sequoia Wilderness Hikes

                                                                          Find out what an Appalachian Trail “thru-hiker” is and
H       Gives reports, tips, and links to hiking in the Sierra Nevada     learn about the amazing Appalachian Trail at this site.
        mountains. The site’s author offers trip logs (mileage, num-
I       ber of days a trek takes to hike, and personal experiences      Washington Trails Association
        on the trail) and photographs. You can also send an elec-
J       tronic postcard from this site; each postcard has a beautiful
        scenic view from a hiking spot in the mountains.
      The Lightweight Gear Shop                                           This site provides a hiking guide, photos, chat, trip reports,
L                            and more. You can see recent trail reports with up-to-date
                                                                          conditions. You can buy memberships, books, and maps
M                                                                         through the online store.

N       The key to any successful backpacking trip is the packing,
        and the secret is to pack light. At the Lightweight Gear
                                                                        Yosemite Trails Pack Station
O       Shop, you can find products to lighten your load.                                                   A nice site if you want to learn about trips through the
P                                        Yosemite Trails on horseback. A variety of rides are avail-
                                                                          able, and large groups are welcome. Wagon rides and
Q                                                                         horsemanship camps are also offered.
        A complete guide to hiking trails in Maine and New
R       Hampshire, with information and photos of all the moun-          Related Sites
        tains, ticket information, maps, weather reports, calendars,
S       and much more to help you plan a trip to the state.    
T     Newfoundland Backcountry                                 
        Opens with beautiful, full-color photos of the mountains in
V       Newfoundland. You can select from a panel of trails and
        hiking places to get more information.
      Seagull Outfitters: Minnesota Fishing Trips

Y       Explore the Land of 10,000 lakes and experience some of
Z       the best fishing ever in the upper Midwest and Canada by
        having Seagull Outfitters manage your trip. You bring your
        clothes, fishing gear, and a camera, and Seagull Outfitters
        takes care of the rest.

                                                                                             CANADA                             C
Air Canada                                                      Citizenship and Immigration to Canada
                                                                                                                                E                                                                         F
  Home of Canada’s official airline, this site enables you to     After visiting the other sites in this section and reading    G
  plan a trip, book a flight, and find out about any special      about everything that Canada has to offer, you might
  rates that are available.                                       decide to move there… permanently. If you do, make sure       H
                                                                  this site is the next stop on your journey. Here you can
Canada                                                            learn everything you need to know to move to Canada and       I                                              get a job!
                                                                Oh! Canada
  The Government of Canada’s official site, which contains
  information on the country and provides access to govern-
  ment publications.
                                                                  To anyone not living in Canada, it can be a very mysterious
                                              place. This site attempts to expose Canada and Canadians
                                                                  to help outsiders, as well as insiders, understand what
                                                                  Canada and its people and diverse culture are all about.
  U                                                               This site covers just about everything—important docu-        N
                                                                  ments, Canadian symbols, arts, science, history, sports,
  The premier site for Canada and everything Canadian, this       landscape, wildlife, you name it.                             O
  site provides information about all of Canada’s major
  cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto,       Montreal Official Tourist Info                                  P
  Montreal, and Ottawa. Here, you can find the latest local,
  national, and international news; obtain weather reports;                                                                     Q
  check out the latest sports scores; and keep abreast of the
  latest news in business and finance. Whether you live in
                                                                  Visit more than 80 Montreal sites and locations via
                                                                  QuickTime videos on the site and learn more about visit-
  Canada or just plan a visit to this great country, bookmark
  this Best of the Best site and visit it daily!
                                                                  ing and staying in Montreal at this friendly site.            S
Canadian Resource Page                                                                                T
README.html                                                                                                                     U
                                                                  This exhaustive list of how to get to Montreal and what to
  A host of links to everything Canadian, from facts and          do after you’re there contains information on what to see     V
                                                                  and where to eat and sleep. Details are divided by district
  figures to travel and tourism to history and news.
                                                                  and category of activity.                                     W
144   CANADA

      Ontario Science Centre                                

             All                                                        Learn more about this city to the north, including upcom-
C       Get the details regarding more than 800 exhibits at this        ing performances and concerts, restaurant suggestions,
                                                                        shopping and fashion guidance, and news.
        child-oriented museum, as well as directions, pricing, and
D       facility rental information. Explore the robot zoo, take
        nature walks, test your knowledge with online trivia games,   Winnipeg Blue Bombers
E       and check out some of the museum’s other exhibits at this
        site. Online games, travel exhibits, ideas for science pro-

F       jects, and more designed especially for kids.
                                                                        Fans of the Blue Bombers football team can stay current on
      Paramount Canada’s Wonderland                                     trades and new team members at this site, where you can
                                                                        also request tickets.

H       U                                                             Yahoo! Canada
I            All
        Find out how to get to this theme park and where to stay
J       after you’re there. The park offers more than 60 rides and
                                                                        The Canadian version of the Yahoo! search engine,
                                                                        which provides results from Canadian businesses and
        shows on its 330-acre grounds. Twenty acres are devoted to
K       its water park. You can buy a season pass through the

        online store.

                                                                                                  CANCER                             C
                                                                                                                                     D                                                           Breast Cancer Net
                                                                                                                                     E                                                                           F
  ACOR (the Association of Cancer Online Resources) pro-             Daily news service on breast cancer research and treatment.     G
  vides a unique and current collection of online information        Thorough, well-written. From WebFeats Inc.
  and resources on various types of cancer. This site features                                                                       H
  a comprehensive list of cancer types and treatment options,      Cancer Detection and Prevention
  announcements concerning clinical trials, discussion   
  groups and mailing lists, and much more.
American Cancer Society                                              Established by the International Society for Preventive                                                Oncology, this site provides information on the activities of
                                                                     The Cancer Detection and Prevention Journal, including the
  U                                                                  biannual symposia, a searchable database of abstracts pub-      L
                                                                     lished in the journal, and links to other research sources.
  Online support resources include information on a wide
  variety of programs such as the Great American Smokeout,
                                                                     Primarily for health professionals.
  the Breast Cancer Network, and Man-to-Man prostate can-          Cancer Directory                                                  N
  cer information. You can buy books about cancer and    
  coping with it through the online bookstore.
Avon: The Crusade                                                    Alphabetical list of dozens of the top websites focusing on
                                                                     cancer risks, treatments, drugs, and support.                   P
  U                                                                Cancer Facts                                                      Q
  Avon touts itself as the largest corporate supporter of breast                                                                     R
  health programs in America. This site gives information
  about Avon’s Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade, which is
                                                                     This site provides information on various types of cancer
                                                                     and the latest treatments. It features the NexProfiler Tools
  targeted at providing women—particularly low-income,
                                                                     for Cancer to help those with cancer and their family mem-
  minority, and older women—direct access to breast cancer
                                                                     bers and caregivers to find the best treatment plans avail-     T
  education and early-detection screening services, at little or
                                                                     able. Site also features news, profiles, and links to support
  no cost. Find out how much has been raised to date and
  what grants have been awarded as a result.
                                                                     groups.                                                         U
Breast Cancer Action                                               Cancer Group Institute                                            V
  Home of one of the most popular and powerful breast can-
                                                                     Read about the causes and treatments of virtually every
                                                                     type of known cancer here. Excellent collection of arti-
  cer action groups, this site is designed to inform and
  empower breast cancer patients and others concerned
                                                                     cles on the latest breakthroughs in cancer research and
  about breast cancer. Learn about the latest preventions and
  treatments as well as political issues that should concern                                                                         Z
  all citizens.
146   CANCER

        The Mission of the Rory Foundation and the Joyce
C       Foundation is to “increase public awareness of and access          A peer support organization run by teenage cancer patients
        to alternative and conventional choices available for the          in Australia. A shining example of how online support
D       treatment of cancer.” Take advantage of this tremendous            should work. The Sony Foundation of Australia sponsors
                                                                           this site.
        library of cancer information and resources collected and
E       made available by these two foundations. Learn about the
                                                                         Childhood Cancer Center
        latest treatment options, even if they’re not promoted by
F       the mainstream medical community. This is the site to  
        go for the latest information in cancer research and
G       treatments.
                                                                           Review O’Reilly and Associates guides to childhood cancer
                                                                           and check out other resources dealing with childhood can-
H     CancerBACUP                                                          cer and ways to discuss cancer with children. Deal with                                   common issues relating to childhood cancer, find support
I                                                                          groups, and start researching here. This site is designed
        Find specific information on types of cancer and their             more for parents than children.
J       treatment at this site, designed for people facing cancer,
        their family, friends, and health professionals. Learn           Community Breast Health Project
K       whether there are local cancer centers in your area.   

L                                                       Nonprofit project aimed at offering information and sup-
M                                                                          port. In addition to learning more about the organization,
                                                                           visitors can access a variety of breast cancer–specific links
                                                                           as well as general cancer links. The site categorizes links,
N            All
                                                                           making it easy for you to find exactly what you’re look- is a not-for-profit organization dedicated
                                                                           ing for.
O       to dispersing information and providing support services
        for all those that cancer affects, including cancer patients
                                                                         Faces of Hope
P       and their caregivers, relatives, children, and friends. Learn
        where to go for financial assistance, drug assistance pro-

Q       grams, home care and hospice alternatives, and much
        more. Discussion forums help you connect with others               First of its kind site in that it offers private one-on-one
        who are dealing with similar issues and concerns.
R                                                                          Internet mentoring and support to newly diagnosed breast
                                                                           cancer patients through its mentor-matching program.
                                                                           Visitors can read the stories of breast cancer survivors and
                                                                           access a message board offering breast cancer information
T                                                                          resources. Designed to give hope to women with breast
U       Exceptional electronic support for kids with cancer and          National Cancer Institute
        their families through personal websites and mailing lists.
V       Provides a place where kids who have cancer can post their
        own web pages.
W                                                                          The National Cancer Institute (NCI) coordinates the gov-
      CancerNews on the Net                                                ernment’s cancer research program. It is located just out-
X                                           side Washington, D.C., in Bethesda, Maryland. NCI’s
                                                                           website is for cancer patients, the public, and the mass
Y       This site provides patients and their families the latest news
                                                                           media; on it, you will find news and information on many
                                                                           of its programs and resources, general cancer information,
        on cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Features a
Z       new calendar of upcoming events and a newsletter distrib-
                                                                           and news about clinical trials.

        uted via email.
                                                                                                                   CANCER        147

National Coalition for Cancer Research                           Steve Dunn’s Cancer Guide                        
  National Coalition for Cancer Research is a “non-profit          When you or a loved one is first diagnosed as having can-
  organization, comprising 26 national organizations, dedi-
  cated to the eradication of cancer through a vigorous pub-
                                                                   cer, you want answers, but at this point, you don’t even
                                                                   know the questions. Steve Dunn, a veteran cancer survivor
  lic and privately-supported research effort.” This site
  contains information about briefings that the organization
                                                                   does know, and at this site, he shares the questions he had
                                                                   throughout the process and the answers he discovered.
  has presented to Congress, including Childhood Cancer:
  What We Must Do for Our Children. Also provides general
                                                                   When you’re looking for solid cancer care advice from the
                                                                   trenches, turn here.
  information about cancer research.
                                                                 Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation                          F
OncoLink: University of Pennsylvania Cancer
Center Resources
                                                                   U                                                                                                        H
                                                                   A site from the Susan G. Komen Foundation dedicated to
  A comprehensive site for cancer patients and professionals       detailing research, community projects, and news about         I
  that provides information on many types of cancer, treat-        breast cancer prevention and control.
  ments, new drug treatments, clinical trials, the social and                                                                     J
  emotional aspects of coping with the disease, and FAQs.        Testicular Cancer Resource Center
Prostate Cancer and Health Resources
                                                                         Not for kids
       Not for kids
                                                                   A wealth of information about testicular cancer—diagnos-
                                                                   ing, treating, and recovering from it.
  You’ll find a thorough explanation of the functions of the
  prostate, as well as information on how to keep the prostate
  healthy, and alternative treatments for people diagnosed
  with prostate diseases.

C                                                                                                           CANDY
E     Abbott’s Caramels                                                  Candy Critic
        U                                                                  U
H       One of the best caramel candies you will ever have! The
        buttery treats are available with or without nuts, so be sure
                                                                           For a more humorous look at candy, check out this site,
                                                                           where various candy critics discuss their preferences, bust
        to try both.                                                       candy myths, and play around with their favorite candies.
      Altoids                                                            Candy Direct: World’s Largest

K       U                                                                  U
L           9–13                                                           Search for past candy favorites deeply missed or make new
        A fun site for this strong flavored peppermint candy. Enter        discoveries. Thousands of selections available. Great place
M       the Free $50 contest, listen to tunes, or check out results of     for schools or sports concessions stands to order candy in
        the Altoids survey. Some online games for kids.                    bulk. Also features candy bouquets.
N                                                                        Candy’s Apples
P            All
Q       At this site geared squarely at kids and preteens, you can
        learn more than you ever wanted to know about various
                                                                           Gourmet caramel-coated Granny Smith apples with
                                                                           cashews, peanut butter, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, Heath
                                                                           bars, macadamias, pecans, and drizzled with chocolates.
R       Armurol bubblegum products, as well as entertain yourself.
        One of the coolest areas is the “Your Room” section where
        you can build your own room, complete with games, activ-         Candy USA
S       ities, homework helpers, and a personal journal.       

T     Candy Corn
                                                                           Home page of the largest organization of candy producers,
V       If you’re a big fan of candy corn (and who’s not?), this site      this site features candy history, statistics, information about
        features a brief history and some quick candy corn facts.          health and nutrition, candy FAQs, information about
W       For those who don’t like candy corn, try mixing it with
        some peanuts.
                                                                           chocolate, candy trivia, a special kids area, recipes for using
                                                                           candy in your cooking, and more. The kids area is designed
X                                                                          for a younger crowd.

                                                                                                                        CANDY         149

Candy Wrapper Museum
                                                                              Hershey Chocolate North America                          A
                                                                     U                                                                 B
  True candy fans will love this site, where you can travel
  back in time to check out and appreciate the art of candy
  wrappers. This huge collection of digitized candy wrapper               All
  photos is broken down into categories, including Big Eats,
  Celebrities, Classics, Classy, Don’t Eat, and Vices, making it
                                                                     Hershey chocolate might not be the best milk chocolate on
                                                                     the planet, but this website is unmatched for design, ease of
  easy and fun to browse.                                            use, and fun. The opening page presents an automated
                                                                     slide show of Hershey products and sites and displays links       E
Chocoholic                                                           you can click to access various sections of the site, includ-
                                                                     ing Hershey’s Brands and Promotions, Hershey’s Gifts, and
                                                                     Hershey’s Kitchens. Check out Hershey’s Kitchens for
  U                                                                  recipes, baking hints and tips, and product information. If       G
                                                                     you’re looking to have a little fun online, click Discover
  Sign up for the reminder service at this site to have plenty       Hershey and then click the Fun Stuff link for access to           H
  of time to order chocolate for a special occasion, which, to       games, craft ideas, activities, downloads, and other freebies.
  chocolate lovers, is any day ending in y. The site features a                                                                        I
  huge selection of top-quality chocolate, which can be            Hometown Favorites
  ordered at the site or won through one of the contests.                                    J
Fannie May Candies                                                                                                                     K
                                                                     If you’re longing for candies and food from the ’40s, ’50s,
                                                                     or ’60s, chances are good that this online store carries it
  Home of Fannie May Candies, whose motto “Make the best
                                                                     and can ship it to you. Search by brand name or type of
                                                                     food to find your old favorites.
  quality candy possible and always sell it fresh” is still at
  work today. Most Fannie May Candies stores are closed,           Kailua Candy Company                                                N
  but you can still order your favorite treats online and have
  them delivered to your door.
Godiva Chocolatier                                                                                                                     P
                                                                     The Kailua Candy Company has been handcrafting fine
                                                                     chocolate candies in its Kona kitchen since 1977. Use the         Q
                                                                     secure order form to order candies online!
  Offering some of the best chocolate in the world, this site      Name That Candybar
  enables you to order online or to locate the Godiva retailer           S
  nearest you. Even the graphics make your mouth water.
  Definitely a stop for chocoholics with discriminating taste.
Goody Goody Gum Drop                                                 Shows cross-sections of various candybars, prompting you
                                                                     to guess the name of each bar.
  U                                                                                                                                    V
  Welcome to the Wisconsin Dells Candy Stores, where you
  can order fudge, chocolates, and gourmet candies online or
  through an 800 number.
150   CANDY

      Nestle                                                         Sugarcraft

B                                                                      U
C       Home of Nestle chocolates, this site provides a brief          Candy-making supplies including bags, molds, coatings,
        description of Nestle’s candy products, but not much else.     brushes, and much more for sale online.
D       If you’re looking for chocolate fun, Hershey’s website is
        much tastier.                                                The Ultimate Bad Candy Website
E     PEZ Candy

G                                                                      Dedicated to the eradication of bad candy products, such
                                                                       as Circus Peanuts, this site is the funniest of the candy sites.
H            All
        Home of PEZ Candy, this site dispenses a good collection
                                                                       The humor is directed more at adults and older kids who
                                                                       have had memorable experiences of eating bad candy.

I       of information about this famous candy and its dispensers.
        Learn the history of PEZ, shop at the online store, play
        games, or register for the PEZ Collectors newsletter.

                                                                                                CASINOS                                C
Atlantis                                                            Casino Center
                                                                                                                                       E                                                                    F
  U                                                                   U
       Not for kids
  Search this Reno, Nevada, casino’s site to find out about
                                                                           Not for kids
                                                                      If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you need to bookmark this
  upcoming conventions, hotel services, special rates, and
  recent winners.
                                                                      comprehensive site. Brush up on your gaming strategies
                                                                      with the online gaming magazine, find information on
                                                                      hundreds of casinos across the country from an extensive
Bay 101 Club                                                          database, and learn the rules of all the casino games from       J
                                                                      Keno to blackjack. Also, you can check out current stock
                                                                      prices and company news from the industry’s publicly             K
                                                                      owned companies. You can buy merchandise from the
       Not for kids                                                   online gift store or indulge in a magazine subscription.         L
  Learn more about this San José club’s facilities, find out
  about upcoming tournaments, and make plans for your               Casino City                                                        M
  next trip here.                                         
British Casino Association
                                                                           Not for kids
                                                                      This glitzy site makes you feel like you’re on the Strip in
        Not for kids
                                                                      Vegas. Browse the bookstore and order online, search the
                                                                      casino database, try your hand at the Virtual Casino, or go
  The BCA is the casino industry’s trade association in Great
  Britain, representing 90 percent of Britain’s casinos. Read
                                                                      to Wall Street and take a gamble on gaming stocks. And for
                                                                      the diehard enthusiast, the site lists a Who’s Who of casino
  up on the gaming regulations of the industry in this coun-
  try, which are considered to be the most strictly regulated
                                                                     Related Site
  in the world.
             Caesar’s Resorts                                             Casino Int’l                                                       T
        Not for kids                                                                                                                   V
  Caesars Entertainment, Inc. is one of the world’s leading                Not for kids
  gambling and gaming companies in the world, claiming $4.5           Play at this online casino for real money or play offline just   W
  billion in annual net revenue. It has “28 properties in five        for fun. Casino games and slot machines are available.
  countries on four continents, 26,000 hotel rooms, two mil-          Order a free CD or download the required software to start       X
  lion square feet of casino space and 52,000 employees, the          playing.
  Caesars portfolio is unequaled in the industry.” If you like to                                                                      Y
  gamble or simply find the aura of the casino exhilarating,
  you’ll find this to be the web equivalent. It contains links to
  all of the Caesar’s Resorts, plus information on responsible
  gaming. Very glitzy design that’s easy to navigate.

      The Casino Net                                                      Golden Palace

B       U                                                                   U
C            Not for kids                                                        Not for kids
        A comprehensive directory of casinos and casino-related             Links to free online casino games can be found here, as well
D       news. Search the casino database by location, name, or type         as the opportunity to gamble for real money.
        of game. Visit casinos located around the world or in your
E       backyard, and even make reservations online. Also, read up        La Cabana: Aruba Resort and Casino
        on the latest in gaming news. Fill out the guest book and
F       enter yourself in a weekly prize drawing. You can buy
        books and videos on different casino games through the              U
G       online gift store.
                                                                            Gamble or just relax in this beautiful beach resort in Aruba.
H     Casinos                                                               Check out the games available in the casino such as bingo                                          and online poker, the late-night snack menu, the lounge,
I       U                                                                   and area shopping.

                                                                          Mississippi Casinos
J            Not for kids                                       
K       Enjoy virtual reality technology that helps you feel as
        though you’re in a real casino and play alone against the
        computer or at an open table with up to two friends. The            Thirteen casinos populate the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
L       betting is real, though.                                            Discount gaming vacation packages and free stuff are for
                                                                            the taking, and this is the place to cash in. Also, check out
M     Cliff Castle Casino                                                   the area weather, maps, entertainment, and golf opportuni-
                                                                            ties. You’ll also find links to Mississippi’s Memphis-area
N       U
                                                                            casinos and some gambling games you can play for fun or
                                                                            for real.
O                                                                         Park Place Entertainment
        Arizona casino that’s designed to appeal not only to gam-
P       blers but to families as well. The site features information
        about the casino and a Family Fun link where kids can
Q       learn more about what the casino has to offer them.
                                                                            Bally’s Hotels and Casinos of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New
                                                                            Orleans, and Mississippi can all be accessed here. You can
R     Gold Club Casino                                                      find room rates, casino information, entertainment sched-                                         ules, and more for each of these Bally’s resorts.
S       U
                                                                          Peppermill Reno Hotel Casino
T            Not for kids                                       

U       Play for real or for practice here at this online casino, where
        you can play multiplayer games by downloading the casino            Peppermill is one of the top, if not the top, casino hotel and
V       software.                                                           resort in Reno, Nevada. Here, you can check it out online,
                                                                            take a virtual tour, learn about special rates and promo-
      Golden Nugget                                                         tions, find free games and screensavers, check out a map of
W                                           Reno, and much more.

X       U
Y             Not for kids
        Find out all you wanted to know about this Las Vegas land-
Z       mark casino. Make reservations at this hotel online. The
        site also provides links to affiliated establishments.
                                                                                                                     CASINOS         153

Sands Hotel and Casino                                             Trump Casino                                  
                                                                     U                                                                B
       Not for kids
  One of Atlantic City’s best casinos comes to your desktop.         Visit Trump Casino, a mega-yacht just outside Chicago, in        C
  This resort offers the latest games, world-class performers,       northwest Indiana. In addition to travel packages and
  and high-quality dining. Reservations are just a mouse click
  away. If you’re feeling lucky, enter the online sweepstakes to
                                                                     casino information, find out about the Trump Club, a way
                                                                     to redeem instant cash, complimentary meals, Trump
  win a BMW, or check out the company’s financial report
  and job opportunities.
                                                                     products, and more.                                              E
Spirit Mountain Casino
                                                                   Venetian                                                           F
                                                                                               U                                                                G
       Not for kids                                                  The Venetian—a luxurious all-suite resort, hotel, and            H
  This casino, offering the best in casino games and enter-          casino—sits in the heart of Las Vegas. It features 17 restau-
  tainment, is operated by the Confederated Tribes of the            rants, the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, the Canyon               I
  Grand Ronde Community of Oregon and is located well                Ranch SpaClub, Grand Canal Shoppes, and gondola rides.
  away from the bustle of the city. Check out the complimen-         Check out promotions online, book a room, or just enjoy          J
  tary shuttle bus service from Portland and Salem. There’s          the view.
  also an interesting page covering where and how casino                                                                              K
  revenues are being invested in the community.

C                                                                         CHEERLEADING
E     About: Cheerleading                                             Cheerleader Central
G       About’s cheerleading site contains dozens of links to arti-
        cles and resources focused on cheerleading. Learn cheers
H       and chants, jumps, pyramid formations, stunts, and more.
                                                                        This site specializes in selling cheerleader merchandise and
                                                                        licensed NFL cheerleader apparel for women and girls. You
        Information for coaches and fundraising ideas are also          can also join the Cheerleader Central mailing list, where
I       available here.                                                 you can find out when and where professional cheerleading
                                                                        squads will be making appearances.
J     American Cheerleader Magazine                   
K       U                                                   

L            9–13                                              is a comprehensive directory of cheer-
M       Excellent articles about cheerleading, covering both novice     leading links to other cheerleading resources on the Web.
                                                                        Links are organized into categories including College,
        and advanced techniques. Links to other cheerleading and
N       dance resources. Younger cheerleaders should check out the
        sister site, American Cheerleader Junior.
                                                                        Cheerleaders and Coaches, High School and Earlier,
                                                                        Independent, Suppliers, and Events.
O     American Cheerleader Junior Magazine                            EssesCo Athletic and Cheerleading Supply

        U                                                               U
             9–13                                                       An online catalog for cheerleading and sports supplies.
R       Cheerleading site for younger cheerleaders—between the          View full-color pictures illustrating the company’s line of
        ages of 7 and 12. Provides a spirit shop, message boards,       uniforms, shoes, pom-poms, warm-up gear, jackets,
S       articles from the magazine, and other features.                 and more.

T     American Cheerleading Federation                                RAMGraphics: Spiritwear
V           9–13
                                                                        Spiritwear offers a wide range of cheerleading apparel that
        This is the home of “America’s Premier Stunt and Pyramid
W       Company,” a service company that trains cheerleading            you can order online. Choose from the cheerleading line of
                                                                        products including special camp packs and cheer acces-
        squads to perform any of up to 125 different stunts and
X       formations, customized for each squad’s skill, experience,
        and numbers. Here you can find information about camps,
                                                                        sories, or have products custom-made for your squad.
                                                                        Inventory reduction items are available through the
                                                                        Closeouts page.
Y       competition rules, and cheer videos. You can also chat
        online with cheerleading enthusiasts like you!
                                                                                                            CHEERLEADING              155

Team Cheer Online
                                                                      U                                                                B
  Whether you want pom-poms, jackets, team bags, or cheer
  shoes, Team Cheer Online offers competitive pricing based
  on volume (the more you buy, the better price you get).
  Browse the online catalog and call (toll free), fax, or mail in
                                                                      Top site for cheerleaders, offering links for coaches, cheer-
                                                                      leaders, parents, and anyone else who is involved or inter-
  your order. The only drawback is that you can’t place your
  order online; otherwise, this site is one of the best.
                                                                      ested in cheerleading. Find out about school traditions,
                                                                      learn tips and techniques, find out about fundraising and        E
                                                                      scholarships, check out camps and clinics, and much more.
U.S. Open: Cheerleading Competition                                   Special area for cheerleading coaches. Fun and games area        F
                                                                      provides a little extra diversion online. Clothing, books,                                        videos, and other items are available at the online store.       G
  Learn about and register for the U.S. Open Cheerleading            Related Sites                                                     H
  and Dance competitions. Questions about rates, regula-   
  tions, registration, and accommodations are all answered                                       I

                                                                   CHILD ABUSE AND
C                                                                 MISSING CHILDREN
E                                                    Child Abuse Prevention Month

G       If you have been falsely accused of abusing a child, visit this     This site is a terrific resource for information on child
        site for help. Dean Tong, internationally known family              abuse, incest, adult support, and so on. Select from the fol-
H       rights and forensic consultant on child abuse, domestic             lowing categories: Abuse and Protection Child Abuse;
        violence, and child custody cases, manages this site, where
I       he provides useful resources for those who have been
                                                                            Abuse/Incest Support; Adult Survivors of Child Sexual
                                                                            Abuse: Major Cases; An Orthodox View on Child Abuse;
        falsely accused.
J                                                                           Characteristics of Families Experiencing Violence; Child
                                                                            Abuse Bookmarks; Child Sexual Abuse; Domestic Violence
                                                                            Linked to Child Abuse; Hidden Bruises; National
                                                                            Committee to Prevent Child Abuse Home Page; Preventing
L            All
                                                                            Child Abuse; Secrecy of Child Sexual Abuse; Signs of Child
                                                                            Abuse; Some Great Child Abuse Survivor Resources; Voices
M       In association with the Polly Klaas Foundation, works toward ensuring that the
                                                                            In Action; What Makes the Disabled Child at Risk for Child
                                                                            Abuse?; and You Can Prevent Child Abuse.
N       Amber Alert system is in place and functioning optimally
        in all the United States. Congress passed a National Amber
O       Alert Plan, but here you can learn what you can do to
        improve the execution of the plan in your state.
P     Bikers Against Child Abuse
                                                                            Dedicated to ending child neglect and abuse, this site is
R           All                                                             focused on increasing awareness of the problems, inform-
                                                                            ing parents of their responsibilities, and keeping children
        Dedicated to creating safer environments for abused chil-
S       dren, Bikers Against Child Abuse hosts this site for member         aware of their rights.
        information and news. Click Links for a great list of sites
T       where you can go for additional information or click              Child Abuse Prevention Network
        Newsletter to view news reports about BACA activism.    
U       Good list of links to cool sites for kids.
                                                                            This site is dedicated to enhancing Internet resources for
V                                                                           the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Offers a list of
                                                                            state-level programs on the prevention of child abuse, an
W                                                                           electronic newsletter that keeps you up to date on site
                                                                            developments, and links to other helpful sites.
                                                                       CHILD ABUSE AND MISSING CHILDREN                           157

Child CyberSEARCH Canada                                         Children’s House in Cyberspace                       
  Canadian site that provides a database of missing children;      This site is an interactive resource center—a meeting place
  a list of Canada’s missing children agencies; and a library
  that contains helpful tips, pamphlets, and special-interest
                                                                   for the exchange of information that serves the well-being
                                                                   of children. Offers workshops and training, information
  articles about missing children, childcare, and parenting.
  Mostly geared toward Canadians, but some information is
                                                                   resources on the well-being of children, information about
                                                                   early childhood, and a spot about children’s rights.
                                                                 Children’s Safety Network Home Page
Child Search: National Missing                                                     F
Children’s Center                                        Contains publications and resources produced by CSN and         G
                                                                   other EDC injury prevention projects; they include text in
  Provides support services for people whose children are          HTML format that can be viewed, downloaded, and                 H
  missing, such as crisis counseling, search assistance, and       printed directly from this site.
  photo distribution assistance. Also provides photo-listings                                                                      I
  of missing children, child ID kits, and safety tips for
  parents.                                                                                          J
            ChildHelp USA                                          The AMBER alert is a system that coordinates the efforts of
                                                                   law enforcement and the media to broadcast and track
                                                                   down children who are suspected of being abducted. This         L
                                                                   site is the web extension of the AMBER system.
                                                                 National Center for Missing and Exploited
  ChildHelp USA is dedicated to meeting the physical, emo-
  tional, educational, and spiritual needs of abused and         Children                                                          N
  neglected children, focusing efforts and resources upon
  treatment, prevention, and research. ChildHelp operates          U
  the ChildHelp National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-4-A-
  CHILD; residential treatment villages and group homes for
                                                                   Site of a private, nonprofit organization working in cooper-
  severely abused children; foster family agencies; advocacy
  centers to reduce the intake-processing trauma for severely      ation with the U.S. Department of Justice dedicated to the      Q
  abused children; community outreach; and education pro-          search for missing children and pursuit of child protection.
  grams. At least 85 cents of every dollar spent goes directly     Offers training for those involved in child protection and      R
  to its programs benefiting children. Now donations can be        recovery, search assistance to those looking for missing
  made online using a Visa or MasterCard. Special area just        children, and publications and resources pertinent to the       S
  for kids.                                                        safety of children. Also provides access to a missing chil-
                                                                   dren database.                                                  T
Child Lures Prevention
                                                                 National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse                             U
                                                                 and Neglect Information
  U                                                                                           V
  Dedicated to increasing the awareness of child exploitation
  and helping parents, schools, and communities prevent it,        A service of the Children’s Bureau, Administration for
  this site provides information about the various Child Lure
  Prevention programs, which you can order online.
                                                                   Children and Families, the Department of Health and
                                                                   Human Services. The National Clearinghouse on Child
                                                                   Abuse and Neglect is a national resource for professionals
                                                                   seeking information on the prevention, identification, and      Y
                                                                   treatment of child abuse and neglect and related child-
                                                                   welfare issues.                                                 Z

      National Data Archive on Child Abuse                               SOC-UM: Safeguarding Our Children-United
A     and Neglect                                                        Mothers Organization

C       Promotes the scholarly exchange of data on child abuse and         Dedicated to safeguarding children both online and off,
        neglect among researchers. This site provides access to            this site is an excellent resource for the prevention of child
D       databases that store child mistreatment research results.          sexual abuse and violence. Provides links for education,
        More for professionals than for parents or children.               prevention, and pedophile information and a collection of
E                                                                          links to state sex-offender registries.
      Pandora’s Box: The Secrecy of Child Sexual
F     Abuse                                                              Stop Child Abuse Now                        
                                                                           Uses personal stories and pleas designed to prevent the
H       Extremely comprehensive and current site offering infor-
        mation about preventing the sexual abuse of children, lists        vicious cycle of child abuse. Also includes links on domes-
                                                                           tic violence, child abuse, help for the battered and abused,
I       of other resources, statistics, news, publications, newslet-
        ters, legal information, guides for getting involved, recovery     help for children, help for abusers, and art as therapy.
        information, and more.
J                                                                        When Love Hurts
      Parents for Megan’s Law                                  

L                                                                          This outstanding resource is a guide for girls but contains
                                                                           information for everyone—particularly the respect check-
        Learn tips for preventing abuse and access limited New
M       York state and national databases of sex offenders to find         list and the information on how abuse affects you.
        out who’s in your area. More information about Megan’s
N       Law is also available to help you understand how to protect      YesICAN (Internation Child Abuse Network)
        your children.                                         
O     The Polly Klaas Foundation
                                                                           You can help prevent child abuse, and YesICAN can help
                                                                           you learn how. YesICAN is dedicated to working worldwide
Q       Named after an abducted and murdered child, this site has          to break the cycle of child abuse. This site delivers on its
        pictures of and information about missing children. It also        promise by providing some excellent information, includ-
R       has relevant information on how to keep your children safe         ing a definition of child abuse and domestic violence, sta-
        and how to educate the public.                                     tistics, instructions on what to do if you suspect a case of
S                                                                          child abuse, and articles on child abuse. The chat areas and
      Prevent Child Abuse America                                          discussion forums form a support network that can place
T                                    you in touch with others who are fighting child abuse in
                                                                           their own homes and around the world.
U       Home of Prevent Child Abuse America, working since 1972
V       toward “building awareness, providing education and
        inspiring hope to everyone involved in the effort to prevent
        the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children.” Here, you
W       can learn more about the organization and its programs.


                                                                                     CHILDCARE                                         C
         Administration for Children
and Families
                                                                     This site is dedicated to helping parents locate quality          G
                                                                     childcare facilities near them. Features articles on how to
  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is in             evaluate a childcare provider, types of care, and five steps to   H
  charge of the Administration for Children and Families,            choosing a provider. Also features a search tool to help
  which is “responsible for federal programs that promote the        locate providers or childcare referral services in or near        I
  economic and social well-being of families, children, indi-        your ZIP code area.
  viduals, and communities.” This site provides information                                                                            J
  on adoption, childcare, child abuse and neglect, disabilities,   Child Care PPIN (Parent Provider Information
  the Head Start program, and more. Easy to navigate and           Network)                                                            K
  packed with information for individuals, families, and
  organizations, this ACF website earns the Best of the Best
  designation in the childcare category.                             U
 Related Site
                                                                     Includes information and articles from Child Care Provider        N
                                                                     Magazine on various health issues as well as a discussion
AFDS, Inc.                                                           forum to share ideas and problems. You can buy children’s         O                                                 books, posters, and reproductions of paintings featured on
                                                                     the site through the online outlet. Kids can click the Fun
                                                                     Stuff link to access a list of more than a dozen links to fun
  The American Federation of Daycare Services, Inc., pro-
  vides liability insurance for in-home daycare providers. You
                                                                     sites on the Web.                                                 Q
  can research insurance plans and get an online price quote
  on this site.
                                                                   Daycare Providers Home Page
Bright Beginnings Family Child Care                                                                                                    S                                              A good directory of sites for anyone interested in daycare.
                                                                     Established by one provider to share techniques, ideas,           T
                                                                     problems, and solutions, this site offers a wealth of infor-
  Originally created by Julie to promote her daycare business,
  this site now offers information that’s useful for any parent
                                                                     mation and resources, including a mailing list, a variety of      U
                                                                     craft and activity ideas, and links to a host of daycare-
  who’s shopping for daycare and for daycare providers. This
  site stands as an excellent model of a website for small busi-
                                                                     related sites—sites for preschool development, preschool          V
                                                                     activities, daycare businesses and daycare software, and
  nesses: attractive and easy to navigate.
                                                                     many, many more.                                                  W
160   CHILDCARE                                       

B       U
                                                                            Freebies and coupons for a wide selection of products for
C       Dedicated to providing daycare centers with connections to          parents and children (mostly babies).
        the products, resources, and information needed to provide
D       quality daycare, this site features articles, product reviews,
        and a robust collection of links to additional resources.
                                                                          Monday Morning Moms
                                                                            Monday Morning Moms provides paperwork and manage-
                                                                            ment support for childcare providers and their employers.
                                                                            This company helps working parents find quality care,
G       Staying in the spirit of the late world-renowned pediatri-          complete the tax paperwork in support of the care
        cian, Dr. Benjamin Spock, this site is dedicated to providing       provider, and monitor provider activities to ensure quality.
H       parents with the expert information they need to raise              This site explains Monday Morning Moms’ services in
        healthy, happy children. Search this site for medical infor-        detail.
I       mation, product alerts, and parenting advice from some of
        the world’s top experts in childcare.                             NAEYC Accredited Centers
      Idea Box: Early Childhood Education
K                                            The National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, a
L            All
                                                                            division of NAEYC, administers a national, voluntary, pro-
                                                                            fessionally sponsored accreditation system for all types of
                                                                            preschools, kindergartens, childcare centers, and school-age
M       The Idea Box site offers early childhood education and
        activity resources. It contains an extensive set of educa-          childcare programs. To date, more than 8,000 programs
                                                                            serving more than 700,000 children have achieved NAEYC
N       tional tools, activities, recipes, and other early childhood
        learning resources. A parenting message board and teacher-          accreditation. NAEYC-accredited programs have demon-
                                                                            strated a commitment to providing high-quality programs
O       to-teacher discussion group area are also provided.
                                                                            for young children and their families. Find the accredited
                                                                            centers closest to you by selecting Accredited Center
      Individual States’ Childcare Licensure
P     Regulations

Q                              National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC)
R       Just what the title suggests. Click your state to access the
        childcare licensure regulations that apply. The site lists each     The National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC) was
S       regulation and provides a full-text document so you can             established to complement, enhance, and promote child-
        read the actual regulation. As indicated, the information is        care linkages and to serve as a mechanism for supporting
T       specific to each state. Use this site to set up your own child-     quality, comprehensive services for children and families.
        care facility or to see what your state does to ensure the          NCCIC is supported by a contract from the U.S. Depart-
U       safety and well-being of your child.                                ment of Health and Human Services; the Administration
                                                                            for Children and Families; the Administration on Children,
V     Kiddie Campus U                                                       Youth, and Families; and the Child Care Bureau.
W                                                                         National Network for Child Care (NNCC)
X       Kiddie Campus U owns and operates daycare centers in the
Y       New York area. In addition to the KCU program and con-
        sulting options, the site serves as a primer for daycare con-
                                                                            This site is packed with quality resources that all have been
                                                                            hand-picked and reviewed by knowledgeable staff mem-
        siderations and includes a number of kiddie links and               bers. You can also sign up at the site to receive a newsletter
Z       resources for the care provider. Preschool kids should click        or be included on a listserv mailing list.
        the Kids Links link to view a list of fun places on the Web.
                                                                                                              CHILDCARE       161

Nation’s Network for Child Care Resources                        National Resource Center for Health and Safety
and Referral                                                     in Child Care (NRC)                                           A                                
  NACCRRA is a “network of more than 850 child care                Home of The National Resource Center located at the         C
  resource and referral centers (CCR&Rs) located in every          University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver,
  state and most communities across the US” with a mission         Colorado, and funded by the Maternal and Child Health       D
  “to help families, child care providers, and communities         Bureau, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  find, provide, and plan for affordable, quality child care.”
  You can find information about programs, public policy,
                                                                   NRC’s primary mission is to promote health and safety in
                                                                   out-of-home childcare settings throughout the nation.
  conferences, and careers. Click the Resource Exchange tab
  for access to the NACCRRA libary of childcare and early         Related Sites
  learning resources.                                   

C                                                                                                             CIGARS
E     Cigar Aficionado                                                      Cigar Nexus
G                                                                                  Not for kids

H              Not for kids
        If you love cigars, you’ll love this site. Features of cigar rat-
                                                                              Read unbiased cigar reviews before you buy your next set
                                                                              of cigars, enjoy cigar-related articles, and enter contests to
                                                                              win free cigars here. You’ll find more information about
I       ings, searchable directory of local retailers, restaurants that
        are cigar-friendly, people highlighted on the covers of Cigar         cigars than you ever thought possible.
        Aficionado magazine, a Cigar Aficionado magazine archive,
J       a list of drinks that go well with a good cigar, and much                      Cigar World
                                                                                    Not for kids
                                                                              The General Cigar Company has created this site to serve
M       U                                                                     its customers, share its enthusiasm for cigars, and foster an
                                                                              online community of cigar afficionados. Here you can read
N            Not for kids                                                     the history of the General Cigar Company, check out the
                                                                              events calendar, locate the best tobacconists near you, read
        Excellent online store that carries a diverse collection of the
O       finest cigars, humidors, and accessories. To sample cigars,           and post messages in the discussions area, check out
                                                                              reviews of various brands, view headline videos, and more.
        consider joining the Cigar of the Month Club. Site also fea-
P       tures some great gift ideas.                                          Take a deep draw of this site, because it’s our choice as Best
                                                                              of the Best in the Cigar category.
                                                                            Framing Artistry: Cigar Label Art

             Not for kids
S       This searchable directory provides links to various
                                                                                   Not for kids
                                                                              Books about collecting and pricing cigar label art, plus a
T       resources on the Web for everything from automobiles and
        hobbies to cooking and fitness. If you want information               private sale of antique cigar labels.
        specifically concerning cigars, click the Cigars link near the
U       top of the page to access a robust collection of links to           Internet Cigar Group
        online cigar stores.                                      
                                                                                    Not for kids
                                                                              The self-proclaimed “largest organization of cybersmokers”
X           Not for kids
                                                                              provides smokers with a place to congregate and share their
                                                                              enthusiasm for smoking in a world that is fast becoming
Y       Locate cigar-friendly restaurants and lounges in your city            smoke-free. The site centers around its message boards but
                                                                              also functions as a directory of cigar websites and other
        and nationwide by searching the online directory, and then
                                                                              Internet resources.
Z       order your favorite brand there.
                                                                                                                     CIGARS       163

Tobacciana and Tobacco Advertising                             Vintage Lighters        
  U                                                              U                                                                 B
       Not for kids                                                   Not for kids                                                 C
  Fabulous collection of cigar- and tobacco-related antiques     Great selection of vintage lighters, including hard-to-find
  that can be purchased online.                                  Zippos. Go to this site even if you don’t need a lighter; it’s    D
                                                                 fun to see the pictures of these unusual lighters!
Top 25 Cigars                                                                                                                      E
  U                                                                                                                                F
       Not for kids
  Top 25 Cigars is an online club for cigar afficionados. It
  provides feature articles, staff reviews and recommenda-
  tions, member reviews and recommendations, news, an
  online store where you can shop for gifts and apparel,
  and more.

C                                                                                     CIVIL RIGHTS
E                                                                         Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
                 The American Civil Liberties Union
G                                                                           Birmingham is the capital of the civil rights movement in
                                                                            the United States, so it’s fitting that Birmingham have its
H       Lots of information about this powerful organization,
        which champions the rights of individuals. Read about the           own Civil Rights Institute and accompanying website. This
                                                                            site provides general information about the institute and
I       issues that threaten our freedoms and rights and get on an
        alert list that warns you of events that threaten our liberties     specific information about events, activities, and exhibi-
        so you can participate. Learn about the latest legal cases in       tions. This is also a great place to go when you want or
J       areas ranging from racial preferences to the separation of          need to do some research on the civil rights movement.
        church and state. You can buy “liberty” items such as tote
K       bags and T-shirts through the online store. For information       Cato Institute
        on current civil rights issues and cases, no site is better
L       than this!                                                          U
M     American Civil Rights Institute
                                                                            Dedicated to promoting the “traditional American princi-
N                                                                           ples of limited government, individual liberty, free markets
                                                                            and peace,” the Cato Institute seeks to inspire intelligent
O       A nonprofit site dedicated to increasing awareness of racial
        and gender preferences. Includes links to book reviews,
                                                                            citizens to take a more active role in improving the United
                                                                            States government. This site provides information about
                                                                            the Cato Institute and its programs, events, experts, and
P       speeches, news, legislation, and other civil rights sites.
      Amnesty International
Q                                             Civil Rights Division (of the Department
                                                                          of Justice)
        Amnesty International is a worldwide campaigning move-
S       ment that works to promote all the human rights
        enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights              This site provides an overview of the U.S. Department of
T       and other international standards. In particular, Amnesty
        International campaigns to free all prisoners of conscience;
                                                                            Justice’s Civil Rights Division, along with a list of section
                                                                            sites within the division, a reading room, press releases,
U       ensure fair and prompt trials for political prisoners; abolish
        the death penalty, torture, and other cruel treatment of
                                                                            speeches, and more concerning the division’s work on civil
                                                                            rights issues. Updated regularly.
V       prisoners; end political killings and “disappearances”; and
        oppose human rights abuses by opposition groups.
                                                                                                                CIVIL RIGHTS          165                                                    Law Research: The United States Department                                        of Justice                                                          A
  Home to both the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
  and the Leadership Conference Educational Fund, this site
  explains both organizations and provides a wealth of infor-
                                                                     A huge collection of links to every imaginable division of        C
                                                                     the Department of Justice.
  mation and links. The home page features news articles
  plus a navigation bar that provides quick access to
                                                                    Related Sites
  Campaigns, Issues, the Action Center, the Press Room, the
  Research Center, the Calendar, and more. Content covers
  everything from affirmative action to religious freedom,
  voting rights, and hate crimes.                                                                       F
Constitutional Rights Foundation                                                                       G
                                                                   Minority Rights Group International                                 H
  Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) is a nonprofit,
  nonpartisan, community-based organization dedicated to             An international nongovernmental organization that                J
  educating America’s young people about the importance of           promotes the rights of ethnic, linguistic, and religious
  civic participation in a democratic society. This website
  explains the organization’s publications, events, and pro-
                                                                     minorities.                                                       K
  grams. High school sophomores or juniors can learn more
  about the youth intern program here.
                                                                   National Civil Rights Museum                                        L

Greensboro Justice Fund
                                                                                                                                       M                                                      9–13
                                                                     A collection of civil rights artifacts, including Dr. Martin
  Named after the 1979 Greensboro Massacre, the Greens-
                                                                     Luther King Jr.’s speeches and replicas of civil rights monu-
                                                                     ments. No specific areas for children, but kids will find
  boro Justice Fund provides grants to individuals and               some good educational information at this site.
  groups fighting bigotry in the South today. You can find                                                                             P
  out how to apply for a grant here or view a list of current      Office of Civil Rights: U.S. Department
  and past grant recipients.
                                                                   of Education
Historic Audio Archives                                                   R
                                                                          14–18                                                        S
                                                                     Do you know your civil rights? You should, and with this
  Subtitled “Voices of the Civil Rights Era,” this site provides
  RealAudio clips of famous civil rights speeches, including         site, there’s no excuse for any citizen not to know his or her    T
  those by Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X.                   civil rights. This U.S. Department of Education site keeps
                                                                     you informed. Very easy to navigate.                              U
                                                                   United States Commission on Civil Rights                            V
                                                                     The United States Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) is
                                                                     an independent, bipartisan, fact-finding agency of the exec-
                                                                     utive branch. Check out its publications, regional office
                                                                     locations, and information about filing a complaint.

      United States Department of Justice Civil                             Freedom of Expression Links
A     Rights Division                                             

                                                                              A big list of interesting sites that deal with freedom of ideas
C       This bare-bones site provides information on the federal              and expression, including organizations, documents, legal
                                                                              cases, and newsgroups. Focuses mostly on the issue of
        enforcement of civil rights. Here you can find links to a
D       division overview, section sites, Freedom of Information              censorship.
        Act reading room, press releases, frequently asked ques-
E       tions, and more.                                                    Index on Censorship
F                                                                           U
G                                                                                   Not for kids
      American Library Association on Censorship                              The most recent and back issues of this magazine are avail-
H                                         able in their entirety online. Look here for well-written
                                                                              articles on the ramifications of freedom of speech in our
I       The American Library Association is one of the few “estab-            everyday lives.

J       lishment” organizations that acts as a strong opponent of
        censorship. You can read the ALA’s answers to various               National Coalition Against Censorship
        questions concerning intellectual freedom and censorship. 
K       You can scroll down to the bottom of the page for a link
        to a document that explains what you can do to oppose
L       censorship.
                                                                              National Coalition Against Censorship is a group that
                                                                              fights for freedom of speech in the United States. Here, you
M     Center for Democracy and Technology
                                                                              can learn more about the coalition, read articles about
                                                                              cases and issues, and check up on action alerts.
N                                                                           Project Censored
O       The Center for Democracy and Technology works to “pro-
        mote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the

P       digital age.” Visit this site to learn the basic issues revolving
        around free speech and the Internet, including pending leg-
                                                                              A research group that operates out of Sonoma State
                                                                              University reviews hundreds of stories each year that
Q       islation, the child online protection act, spam, and more.
                                                                              appear in independent journals and newsletters but that do
                                                                              not appear or are under-reported in the mainstream press.
       Related Site
                                                                              The group then picks the top 25 stories from the batch and
                                                                              publishes them in a yearbook entitled Censored: The News
S     Electronic Frontier Foundation
                                                                              That Didn’t Make the News. Here you can learn more about
                                                                              Project Censored, find out how to submit articles for
T                                                     review, and find links to the top 25 news stories that didn’t
                                                                              make the news.
U       One of the premier sites dealing with electronically relayed
        free speech and press, it contains extensive material and
V       global links covering this issue and is the origin of the Blue
        Ribbon icon of support for the cause. This site, which was
W       started to promote free speech on the Internet, continues to
        address the most current threats to free speech, including
X       antiterrorism and privacy issues that arose as a result of the
        9-11 tragedy.

                                                                                    CLASSIFIEDS                                           C
A–Z Free Classifieds                                                  BuySellBid
                                                                                                                                          E                                                                        F
                                                                        Place online classified ads for virtually anything that you       G
                                                                        want to sell, from car parts to timeshares in Bermuda. Or
  You can view ads via an index or area code, place an ad
  (free), or review the statistics area, which tells you the num-       search the database to find bargains up for sale or bid.          H
  ber of hits per category per month. Categories range from
  Business Services to Child Care to Dance Instruction.               Classifieds2000                                                     I
AdQuest 3D                                                                                                                                J
                                                                        Formerly Excite Classifieds, Classifieds2000 is a directory of
                                                                        classifieds from millions of publications and online
                                                                        resources. You can search by entering the item you are
                                                                        looking for or clicking on a product category. You can also
  This site provides a searchable index of more than 100,000
  ads in more than 600 publications. One of the most                    sign up for email notification when a new listing that
                                                                        matches your interests is added.
  thorough, up-to-date, and easy-to-navigate classified
  indexes around.
AllAbout Center                                             
  U                                                            enables visitors to browse through more than         P
                                                                        100,000 new classified ads each week organized by cate-
  The free classifieds section of this site includes links to vari-
                                                                        gory, including animals, antiques, computers, travel, and         Q
                                                                        more. You can also submit your own ads free to have them
  ous other free classifieds sections, regional and national, as
  well as ads of its own. This is a good point of entry if you
                                                                        included on the site and in the Recycler paper. Become a
                                                                        member for access to premier services and to give your ads
  are looking for a ton of classified sites.                            better placement.                                                 S
Bargain Trader Online                                                                
  A division of Trader Online, this site features tens of thou-
                                                               is an online classifieds service where you can shop
  sands of classified ads for everything from household trin-
  kets to motor homes and yachts. Browse the many
                                                                        for items or list items you want to sell, just like the classi-   V
                                                                        fieds in your local newspaper. You can browse for items by
  categories, search for specific items, place an ad, or person-
  alize Bargain Trader Online to keep you informed of the
                                                                        category or search for specific items by clicking the Search      W
                                                                        tab and entering one or more keywords to describe the
  type of items you like to keep your eye on.                           item. This site’s basic design and use of tabbed navigation       X
                                                                        makes it easy to find the item you’re looking for.

                                                                       Yahoo! Classifieds
A                Trader Online
B                                                                        U is a collection of more than 20 high-
C       traffic websites receiving millions of visitors each month,      Post a full-page ad on the Internet complete with graphics
        and is a division of Trader Publishing Company, publisher        for less than the $10 you would pay for a newspaper ad.
D       of classifieds and editorial magazines with an emphasis on       Your ad remains online for three weeks (21 days).
        bringing buyers and sellers together efficiently. The publi-
E       cations cover a diverse mix of categories such as automo-
        biles, trucks, heavy equipment, boats, motorcycles, aircraft
F       and general merchandise, jobs, homes, and apartments. collects fresh data from each of Trader’s
G       more than 650 weekly and 14 monthly classifieds publica-
        tions and posts this data to the Internet every day.

                                                                COACHING SPORTS                                                           C
             Coaching Corner                                                                  F
  U                                                                     U
  When you’re called on to coach your kid’s team, whether
  it’s baseball, basketball, football, or soccer, this is the first
                                                                        Drill, plays, and fundamentals for baseball, basketball, foot-
                                                                        ball, softball, tennis, and volleyball… you’ll find it all here
                                                                        in streaming video. Just click the tab for the desired
  place you need to visit for basic coaching techniques, infor-
  mation, tips, and suggestions on how to do it right. The              sport and be prepared to receive the enlightening sports          I
  goal of this service is “to enable youth sport coaches to be          instruction you need to become a competent coach.
  better informed, more organized and more professional in              MyCoachOnline features a free area, but if you want the           J
  their communications and interactions with their players,             good stuff, you need to subscribe.
  parents and association,” and they do a great job of meeting                                                                            K
  this goal.                                                          National Alliance for Youth Sports
                                                                        The National Alliance for Youth Sports is a not-for-profit
  U                                                                     group that promotes positive and safe sports and activities
                                                                        for children. This site features areas for parents, coaches,
  Giving your team a presence on the Web helps you keep in
  touch with both players and parents and gives your team a
                                                                        and administrators and provides a National Standards for
                                                                        Youth Sports guide that can help communities plan and             O
                                                                        structure their youth programs.
  sense of pride. This site is home to more than 1.5 million
  teams. If you’re not interested in building a website for your
  team, you can visit this site to see what it has to offer for
  more than 80 sports. For example, the soccer area contains
  coaching tips, drills, and a whiteboard. Tips are not avail-
  able for every sport listed.
                                                                        U                                                                 R
Football Drills                                                         Although soccer coaching requires some attention to strat-        S
                                                                        egy, skills and techniques are what really matter on the
                                                                        playing field, and this site provides the suggestions and tips    T
                                                                        that coaches at all levels need to help their players hone
                                                                        their skills. If you’re coaching soccer and need some drills,
                                                                        this is the place to go. Plenty of free features are available,
  Football coaches will love this site, where they can find
  football drills for every position from linebacker to quarter-        but for the really good stuff, you need to subscribe for
                                                                        about $35 per year. Site also features some team manage-
  back. Drills are free for registered users (free registration).
  You can also purchase Teamanizer software for additional
  drills and tips.
                                                                        ment tools.

      Sports Coach                                                       WebBall

B                                                                          U
        Sports Coach provides a wealth of information and
C       resources on becoming a more effective coach and condi-
        tioning your athletes. This site provides dozens of links to
                                                                           Coaching baseball has never been easier with WebBall at
D       articles dealing with sports science, coaching, fitness train-
        ing, sports and events, and sports products. If you’re a seri-
                                                                           your side. Site opens with page that displays several tabs for
                                                                           coaching, hitting, pitching, catching, infield, outfield, and
E       ous coach or athlete and are looking for ways to improve
        performance, the Sports Coach can whip you into shape.
                                                                           youth. Drills, conditioning exercises, strategies, and tips are
                                                                           all discussed here. If you’re coaching younger kids, you’ll
F                                                                          find plenty of tips for helping them keep their heads in
                                                                           the game.

                                                                                 COLLECTING                                         C
Beckett Collectibles Online                             
                                                                                                                                    E                                                                  F
  U                                                                 U
  Specializing in sports cards and memorabilia, this site
  claims more than 10 million items for sale through a net-
                                                                    This is the Official website for the National Association of
                                                                    Collectors and the Association of Collecting Clubs. Site
  work of dealers. In addition to making purchases and              features a good directory of collecting sites along with a
  trades, you can also learn more about the value of cards          calendars of upcoming events.                                   I
  and purchase related products, such as binders and books.
                                                                  Collectors Universe                                               J
Collectics                                                                                                                                                        K
  U                                                                 If you collect autographs, coins, currency, sports memora-      L
                                                                    bilia, or stamps, you’ll want to check out Collectors
  Collectics is “one of the Internet’s largest and most diverse     Universe for more information and authentication services.
                                                                    Using the searchable price guide, you can determine what
  online shopping and resource destinations for finer
  antiques and collectibles.” It’s basically an online consign-
  ment shop that also features books, an online museum, a
                                                                    your item is worth, too.
  gourmet food shop, and other offerings. While you’re here,      Curioscape                                                        O
  take the Collectics Quiz to have your name and email  
  address entered into a drawing for a gift certificate.
                                                                                                                                    P                                               Unlike other online auction sites, Curioscape is a directory
                                                                    of more than 13,000 independently owned shops that carry        Q
                                                                    antiques and collectibles. The sites have all been checked by
  U                                                                 the staff to make sure they are reputable and are within the    R
                                                                    right category. You can also advertise your wares at the site
  Have a passion for artwork? Or maybe bridal cake fig-             for a minimal investment.                                       S
  urines? No matter what you enjoy collecting, you’ll have
  fun chatting with fellow collectors and learning more about     Internet Collectibles Awards                                      T
  your hobby at CollectingChannel, which links dealers and
  collectors of a vast array of items.                                                                                              U
                                                                    This site enables visitors to vote on their favorite col-
Collector Online                                                    lectibles sites on the Internet. Although the site seems a      V                                     little out of date, it does provide links to many sites that
                                                                    just might have the collectible you’re looking for. Links are   W
                                                                    organized into categories, including Art, Beanie Babies,
  Collector Online covers collectibles from Art to World’s
  Fair items and everything in between. You can browse for          Dolls, Stamps, and Toys.                                        X
  items by category or price or search for specific items, sell
  items you own, and find contact information for hundreds                                                                          Y
  and hundreds of collector clubs. Click the Community tab
  to access the discussion forums, where you can obtain                                                                             Z
  additional information and support from people with simi-
  lar interests.

      Mr. Baseball
                                                                                 Ty’s Beanie Site
B                                                                       U
        Gain an appreciation for the history of baseball and track
C       down baseball memorabilia all at the same site.
D                    BEANIE BABIES
                                                                        The official home of Beanie Babies, this site is offered in
                                                                        four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Japanese)
E                                                                       and is organized into several sections, including Boppers,
                                                                        Beanie Kids, Beanie Buddies, Attic Treasures, and Baby Ty.
      Beanie Babies Official Club                                       Includes a Funorama where kids can play games, Beanie
F                          Greetings you can email to friends and family, and a
        U                                                               Tyfolio that helps you catalogue your collection. Shop
G                                                                       online at the Ty store. Lots more here, too.

H           All
        Ty Corporation’s official Beanie Babies club features                                   COINS
I       members-only special offers, newsletter, “Pin-Demonian”
        trading, a message board, FAQs, and access to the BBOC
                                                                      American Numismatic Association
J       online store. Even features Color Me Beanie for creating
        your own custom Beanie Baby.                        

K                                                                       U
      Beanie Babies: Wholesale and Retail
        U                                                               The ANA, a nonprofit, educational organization chartered
M                                                                       by Congress, is dedicated to the collection and study of
             All                                                        coins, paper money, tokens, and medals, and was created
N       Barry Stein has been selling Beanie Babies on the Internet      for the benefit of its members and the numismatic com-
        since 1997 and features a huge collection of Beanie Babies      munity. The association provides a comprehensive site with
O       at this site. When he’s not selling Beanie Babies on eBay,      links, articles, online exhibits, educational programs, and
                                                                        much more. Special area for young collectors as well.
        Barry’s selling Beanie Babies here.
P                                                                     Centerville Coin and Jewelry Connection
      Beanie History
R            All
S       This site provides and excellent collection of Beanie news,
        history, and facts. Here you can view Beanie Baby art and
                                                                        Excellent site for buying coin collecting supplies, gifts,
                                                                        starter kits, and jewelry.

T       history, brush up on your knowledge of Beanie tags and
        Beanieology, buy and sell Beanies, learn how to spot coun-    Coin Club
U       terfeit Beanies, and much more. Although this site did not
        receive the Best of the Best in this category, it certainly

V       turned in a performance that makes it a close runner up.
                                                                        Have a question about numismatics? This is the site to go
                                                                        to. You’ll find pricing information, dealer directories, bul-
W                                                                       letin boards, and chat. You can also link to other coin-
                                                                        related sites.
                                                                                                               COLLECTING          173

Coin Collecting FAQ                                              Coin Shows            
  This FAQ addresses many of the most commonly asked               More than 500 worldwide coin shows are listed here. Since
  questions about coin collecting. Find out what your coins
  are worth. What are the risks in collecting coins as invest-
                                                                   1996, users from 95 countries have accessed this site. Find
                                                                   the region you’re interested in (U.S., Canada, or Interna-
  ments? Which are better, rare coins or bullion coins?            tional) and click on the state or country that interests you.    D                                                Coin World                                                         E                              
                                                                   U                                                                F
  This site features a compilation of interesting and current
  news stories about coin collecting, a gallery of U.S. coins,     Here’s the online version of the print publication, provid-      G
  coin collecting FAQs, a message board, book recommenda-          ing a searchable database of thousands of coins for sale.
  tions, and links to other coin collecting sites.                 Catch current news and information about the world of            H
                                                                   numismatics. Get a preview of upcoming state quarter
Coin Gallery                                                       designs being considered. Links to online stores where you       I                                        can shop for coins and coin collecting supplies.
                                                        A Comprehensive Guide to
  Search the many categories of coin information at this site,
  which boasts access to rare coin dealers, books and maga-      Grading Your Coins                                                 K
  zines, major coin shows, and auctions, as well as articles
  and exhibit details.                                                                                                              L
Coin Library
                                                                   Grade your coins with confidence with free advice from
                                                                   experienced numismatist Jim Halperin.
                                                                 CoinLink Numismatic and Rare Coins Index
  The Coin Library is an online resource for information                                           O
  about numismatics, the study and collecting of coins,
  medals, tokens, and paper money. The “Numismatics in the
  News” section holds the text of newspaper articles relating
                                                                   Large rare coin index with links to more than 800 numis-         P
                                                                   matic sites. Piles of links to sites dealing with currency
  to American coinage, from colonial times to the present.
                                                                   exchange, gold prices, ancient coins, statehood quarters,        Q
                                                                   and exonumia (coin-like objects, such as tokens and
           Coin Site                                               medals). Sites are rated, providing links to only the best       R                                            resources.
                                                                 Coin Universe Price Guide
  View images of coins for sale, ask the coin doctor a ques-
  tion that’s been perplexing you, search the database of
  coins for sale, and track down up-to-date information on         Find out how much your coins are worth. This site pro-
  what your coins are worth. Some fun stuff is available, such
  as the coin quizzes, that will appeal to young coin collec-
                                                                   vides a price guide, updated daily by coin experts, for all
                                                                   U.S. coins. Very detailed information presented in a             V
  tors. This site is operated by a couple of nationally            clear way.
  renowned numismatists who have a thorough knowledge                                                                               W
  of the hobby. This site is packed with useful information      Coins at
  and is one of the easiest sites in this group to navigate.
                                                                   A lot of information about German coins, ancient coins,
                                                                   and world coins.                                                 Z

      Forum Ancient Coins                                                                           DOLLS

B       U                                                                  Alexander Doll Company
C       This site not only sells coins, but also provides coin collec-
        tors, history buffs, and students a fun and informative place
D       to explore and learn about ancient history, as well as coin
        collecting. All sales are guaranteed.                                     All
E     Heritage Rare Coin Gallery
                                                                             This manufacturer of Madame Alexander dolls since 1923
                                                                             has established a presence on the Internet with this website.
F                                           Here, you can flip through doll catalogs, check out the new
                                                                             chic collection, purchase new releases of the latest dolls,
G                                                                            visit the doll hospital, and locate other places to purchase
                                                                             these classic dolls.
H       World’s largest numismatic dealer and auctioneer. Go
        online to view the $20 million inventory, but that’s just the      American Girl
        beginning: This site is chock-full of information and neat
I       coin stuff to see and learn about. Participate in online auc-
        tions and maintain a list of coins you want. The site will           U
J       notify you when items on your want list become available.
K     NumisMedia—Numismatic Interactive Network                              American Girls dolls and clothing allow young ladies to                                             select a doll that matches their personalities. Girls can even
L       U                                                                    order clothing if they would like to dress up like their dolls!
                                                                             Young girls and their mothers often plan special trips to the
M                                                                            American Girl stores to bond through shopping.
        Register to bid for NumisMedia online auctions, offering
N       rare coins supplied by the member dealers of NumisMedia.
        Featured coin auctions close every Monday through Friday
O       between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern time (or five min-
        utes after the last bid), and coins in all categories are avail-     U
P       able 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      The United States Mint
                                                                             Barbie isn’t just in toy stores anymore. You can now find
                                                                             her on the Web, where you can even go shopping with her.
R                                                                            This site is beautifully designed and offers tons of fun stuff
             9–13                                                            and freebies. Kids can play games online, keep a calendar,
S       View all U.S. Mint products, see coin production, find fun
                                                                             and even register to tell friends and relatives which Barbie
                                                                             dolls and accessories they want. Kids can even download
        facts about the mint, and lots more. My son loved the sec-
T       tion on the United States Mint 50 States Quarters Program,
                                                                             Barbie wallpaper and screensavers for their computers.
                                                                             Special area for parents as well.
        which described how a series of five quarters with new
U       reverses will be issued each year from 1999 through 2008,
                                                                            Barbie Sites
        celebrating each of the 50 states of the Union (the coins
V       will be issued in the sequence in which the states became
        part of the United States of America). You can see the cur-

W       rent year’s five quarters (front and back), learn about each
        state and when it joined the Union, and also view the
X       10-year Schedule of Quarters. You can also learn about the
        New Nickels program.

                                                                                                               COLLECTING           175

Blythe Dolls                                                     Madeline Dolls                             
                                                                   U                                                                 B
  This wide-eyed doll from Japan has developed a strong
  international following. This innovative site features an
  interactive forum that introduces you to the Blythe doll
                                                                   Madeline doll fans will find everything Madeline that they        C
                                                                   could want.
  and its following.                                                                                                                 D
                                                                 MarieDollFriends!                                                                      E
  U                                                                This site is for all Marie Osmond doll collectors. It contains
                                                                   a new message board, a free online auction, a chat room,
  Great site for finding all sorts of collectibles, including      and more.                                                         G
  dolls. Special categories for angel figurines, Ashton Tate
  dolls, Barbies, Madame Alexander dolls, porcelain dolls,                                                        H
  and more.                                            
Corolle Dolls                                                                                                 J
                                                                   A good source for dolls, dollhouses, miniature furniture,
  U                                                                building components, landscaping accessories, porcelain           K
                                                                   doll china, and other miniature accessories. One-stop shop
  Home of dolls by Corolle of France. The babies are fabu-
  lous. The heads, hands, and feet are vinyl, and the bodies
                                                                   for building, decorating, and furnishing miniature doll-
  are soft and weighted so that you think you’re holding a
  little baby. They are sized for little mommies and come in     Raggedy Ann and Andy Museum
  adorable outfits. The best part about this site is the dis-
  counted prices! Corolle dolls can be hard to find in stores,
  so why not get them via the Internet at discounted prices?
                                                                   This is the official website of the Johnny Gruelle Raggedy        O
Dollsville                                                         Ann & Andy Museum in Arcola, Illinois. Here, you can                                         obtain information about the museum, learn the history of         P
                                                                   Raggedy Ann and Andy, read up on Johnny Gruelle, and
  U                                                                even check out what’s offered at the museum’s gift shop.          Q
  Dolls and bears both are featured on this colorful website.    The United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc.                           R
  Current dolls and retired collectibles are available here.
                                                                                                                                     S Shopping Home Page
                                                                   UFDC is a nonprofit corporation aimed at creating, stimu-
                                                                   lating, and maintaining a national interest in all matters
  U                                                                pertaining to doll collecting, and promoting and assisting
                                                                   in the preservation of historical documents pertaining
                                                                   to dolls.
  For those who love collector dolls, enjoy iQVC’s corner of
  doll heaven. Here, you can browse through handcrafted
  dolls of fine porcelain, cloth, vinyl, and more. You’ll find                                             W
  dolls by some of the world’s most respected doll artists—
  Goebel, Madame Alexander, Lloyd Middleton, Precious
  Moments, and more. With so many choices, iQVC is a trea-
  sure trove for novices and experienced collectors alike.              All
  When you reach the QVC home page, click Toys, Crafts &  is an online community and portal for            Y
  Leisure, Collectibles, Dolls.                                    the doll industry, providing thousands of members with
                                                                   current information, discussion forums, a Doll Finder, the        Z
                                                                   free Doll Life Newsletter, and links to dozens of excellent
                                                                   doll sites. Its Guide to Dolls is packed with information
                                                                   that both novice and expert will find incredibly valuable.

A      HOT WHEELS AND MATCHBOX                                                                POSTERS
           CARS AND TRUCKS
B     Hot Wheels
D            All
                                                                         Billing itself as the “World’s Largest Poster and Print Store,”
E       This official home of Hot Wheels cars and trucks enables
        visitors to browse through a huge collection of cars and
                                                                does feature a hefty collection of posters. If
                                                                         you’re looking for a poster or print of your favorite movie,
        trucks, tracks, helicopters, airplanes, games, and acces-
F       sories. Links to for shopping. An innovative
                                                                         movie star, musician, fine art painting or drawing, or a
                                                                         photo, go to and track it down… or just
        navigation system allows you to browse by toy or by age
G       group. Links to other cool Hot Wheels sites as well.
                                                                         tour the gallery. It really is an amazing collection!

      Hotwheels Collectibles                                 
I                                                                        U
J       This official site for novice and seasoned Hot Wheels col-
        lectors features several tabbed sections, including News,
                                                                is one of the best places on the Web to shop for
                                                                         posters and prints. The vast collection spans more than
K       Showroom, Collecting, Message Board, and Shop. If you’re
        collecting a particular series and want to make sure you
                                                                         10,000 categories, including Abstract, Motivational, Sports,
                                                                         Cultural, and Movies. You can browse by subject, artist, col-
L       have all the Hotwheel makes and models in that series,
        click Showroom and then Collection Checklist. The
                                                                         lections, and best sellers, locate original art and pho-
                                                                         tographs, and even have your poster or print mounted and
        Message Boards provide online areas where you can con-
M       nect with other collectors and possibly work out some
                                                                         framed for delivery. Great place to purchase gifts and gift
                                                                         certificates and to furnish your own home or apartment
N                                                                        with beautiful artwork at reasonable prices.
                                                                       Chisholm-Larsson Vintage Posters
P            All
Q       This official home of Matchbox cars and trucks enables vis-
                                                                         Search this collection of more than 27,000 vintage posters,
        itors to browse through a huge collection of cars, trucks,
                                                                         and purchase them online. This site is more for collectors
R       and other Matchbox toys. Links to Toys “R” Us and Wal-
        Mart for shopping. Links to other cool Matchbox sites, as
                                                                         who know what they’re looking for. You can browse new
                                                                         acquisitions by category.
S       well. Separate sites are accessible from the home page—a
        site for kids and a site for collectors.
T     Matchbox Shop                                          

U                                U
V                                                                        This site features an incredible collection of vintage posters
                                                                         that is both searchable and browsable. Browse by size, price,
W       Shop for and purchase Matchbox cars and trucks online.
                                                                         artist, or category, including Liquor, Food & Beverages,
                                                                         Entertainment, Travel, Transportation, War & Military,
        Separate shopping site for kids and collectors.
X                                                                        Sports, and Original Art. Crystal clear digital images show
                                                                         you just what each of these beautiful posters looks like.
      Matchbox Models of Yesteryear FAQs

        Excellent introduction to the art of collecting Matchbox
        cars and trucks, this site provides answers to the most com-
        monly asked questions.
                                                                                                                  COLLECTING          177

Posters, Inc. Historical Posters                                    AskPhil                                
  U                                                                                                                                    B
                                                                      Sponsored by The Collectors Club of Chicago, AskPhil
  This site specializes in historical posters, prints, and post-      (short for AskPhilatelic) provides an excellent resource for
                                                                      stamp collectors. Here, you can learn stamp collecting from
  cards—especially items with a patriotic, military, and/or
  political theme. If you’re looking for posters or other
  graphics from World War I, World War II, the Korean War,
                                                                      the experts. Offers a tremendous collection of resources for
                                                                      novice stamp collectors, a Q&A list, and the AskPhil
  the Civil War, and the ’60s, this is the place to go.               Academy, where you can take online courses.
Rick’s Movie Graphics and Posters                                   British Library Philatelic Collections                             F                                

  U                                                                                                                                    G
                                                                      Details on United Kingdom’s National Philatelic
  Have you ever gone to a movie and wondered if you could             Collections are featured here, including the Crown Agents        H
  get one of those cool posters they have hanging at the the-         Collection, Board of Inland Revenue, and Foreign Office
  ater? Well, wonder no more. At Rick’s Movie Graphics and            Collection.                                                      I
  Posters, you can order the poster you want and have it
  delivered to your door. This site has a vast collection of        British North America Philatelic Society Stamp                     J
  posters and other graphics for new and old movies alike           Collecting for Kids
  and for thousands of popular celebrities.                                                 K
                        STAMPS                                              9–13
                                                                      This stamp collecting site for kids is great for all ages of
                                                                      stamp collectors. Covers teens, preteens, and parents, and
           American Philatelic Society
                                                                      provides instructions on how to get started, what to collect,
                                                                      and how to judge the condition of a stamp. Also features a
  U                                                                   list of multiple-choice questions and an area where you can
                                                                      submit a question via email.
       9–13                                                         Joseph Luft’s Philatelic Resources on the Web                      P
  This well-designed site features the American Philatelic
  Society’s journal, a dealer locator, a searchable library cata-
  log, a printable membership application, extensive infor-
  mation on the basics of stamp collecting, and details on its        Extensive inventory of links to stamp collecting resources:      R
  expert service. If you’re interested in stamp collecting,           supplies, shows, dealers, image collections, software, auc-
  whether you are a novice or an expert, bookmark this site           tions, and individual collectors. Frequently updated.            S
  and visit it often. This site is packed with the most useful
  information you’ll find on the subject of stamp collecting,
  making it a sure winner of the Best of the Best designation.
                                                                    Linn’s Stamp News                                                  T
  Special area where kids can learn the basics of stamp
Antarctic Philately
                                                                      The largest weekly publication of its kind in the world. Its
                                                                      online edition features answers to frequently asked ques-        V
                                                                      tions on philately, news updates, a reference area, and
                                                                      a classified ads section. Some good information for              W
  This site is dedicated to the stamps, postal history, and                                                                            X
  heroic explorers of the great white continent and its             Open Source Directory of Philatelic Sites
  surrounding islands.                                                          Y
                                                                      The Open Source directory has a category devoted to
                                                                      stamp collecting. You can find hundreds of listings for
                                                                      philatelic sites.
178   COLLECTING                                                       Stamp Shows

        Visit the online mall to shop for stamps for your collection         Locate stamp shows anywhere in the world from this direc-
C       or jump into online chat to talk about stamp collecting. A
        good place to start networking and learning about stamp
                                                                             tory. Stamp shows are grouped by country and state. Also
                                                                             the home of the Stamp Yellow Pages Directory, where you
D       collecting. Also features an online bulletin board, cheap
        classified ads, an email network, and a comprehensive
                                                                             can find hundreds of links to postal authorities, stamp
                                                                             stores, kids sites, restoration services, publications, and
E       directory of additional resources.                                   much more.

G       U
                                                                             When you’re looking for the latest news and information
H       This site for serious stamp collectors provides a wealth of          about the world of stamp collecting, turn to
        information plus an excellent search tool for tracking down          The opening page is packed with headline news, and you
I       and ordering rare stamps.                                            can use the navigation bar off to the left to access free desk-
                                                                             top wallpaper, information for clubs, FBI stamp alerts, and
J     S.C. Virtes Stamps                                           ’s Basic Resource Center. A very solid site for
                                                                             stamp collectors, especially the seasoned veteran.
K                                                                          U.S. Mints
L       Catering to novice and advanced collectors, this site
        includes classifieds, a beginners’ corner, and an extensive

M       list of stamp inscriptions. Click the link to shop the Scott
        Virtes Stamps at eBay.                                               Private page listing U.S. stamps for sale. Sorted into early
                                                                             twentieth century, 1929 to the present, and airmail stamps.
N     Stamp Collectors Organizations
                                                                           United States Postal Service

P       From the Stamp Yellow Pages, a list of the world’s stamp             U
        collecting organizations from the Aerogramme Society to
Q       the Welsh Philatelic Society.                                        Buy stamps online and have them delivered to your door.
                                                                             Collector’s Corner keeps you informed with its Release
R     Stamp                                                       Schedule, Stamp Collecting FAQ, and Philatelic glossary.
S       U                                                                  Virtual Stamp Club
T       Find stamps and supplies, buy entire stamp collections,
                                                                             News, message boards, and chat rooms to keep stamp col-
U       check out the calendar of events, browse the classifieds, and
        much more. In addition to searching for particular stamps            lectors in touch with one another and informed about the
        of interest, you can register a “want list,” to alert other col-     latest stamps being issued worldwide. Some excellent, very
V       lectors to your needs. You can also download stamp collect-          current articles.
        ing software and review news about upcoming events.
W       Affiliate programs are also available.


                         COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES                                                                                     C
ACT                                                                  American Association for Higher Education
                                                                                                                                       E                                                                                       F
                                                                       The AAHE is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on       G
                                                                       “building human capital for higher education.” Visit this
  Learn more about the ACT, buy products to help you pre-              site to learn more about the organization and its members       H
                                                                       and to access information and resources on issues that deal
  pare for it, and register for upcoming tests online. In addi-
  tion to providing information for students, the site also            with democracy and diversity in colleges and universities.      I
  provides information for educators and parents on helping
  students prepare.                                                  The American College                                              J
All About College                                                                                                                      K                                         The American College is an independent, accredited, non-
                                                                       profit educational institution that provides graduate and
       14–18                                                           professional education in the field of financial services and
                                                                       insurance. It administers the CLU and ChFC designations
  Search the college database to find links to just about every        and offers self-study course materials for individuals
  university in the United States, Canada, and several other           preparing to take those exams. Find out more about the          N
  countries. While there, you’ll also be able to find admission        American College and the materials it offers at this site.
  office addresses, so you can request an application. You’ll
  find financial aid information and details about study
                                                                     Art, Culinary, and Music Colleges
  abroad, too.
American Colleges and Universities                                                                                                     Q                               14–18
                                                                       A list of specialized art, music, and cooking colleges.         R
  This site is a fast and easy way to get more information
                                                                     Braintrack                                                        S
  about a specific U.S. college. Type in the first letter or click
  on the state in which the college is located, and you’ll be                                                                          T
  given a complete listing of colleges starting with the same
  letter or in the state you clicked. Then you can click on the
                                                                       Looking internationally for a college? This site provides
  college’s name and be linked to the college’s website.
  Recommended for checking out colleges in a particular
                                                                       links to more than 7,100 colleges in 192 countries.
 Related Site                                                                                                      X

      Campus Tours                                                        College

B                                                                           U
C       Campus Tours is a unique college directory that links to                14–18
        college and university websites where you can take virtual          Want to meet and chat with fellow college students from
D       tours of their campuses and obtain additional information.
        Campus Tours does not actually create the virtual tours for
                                                                            across the country or in the next dorm? College club is an
                                                                            online chat room and place to express your opinions. You
E       each college; that’s up to the college. So some tours feature
        Webcams and others don’t, some have maps and other
                                                                            can also send online greeting cards, read articles pertinent
                                                                            to college life, find a compatible roommate, and check out
F       don’t, and many of the links at Campus Tours lead to pages
        the college has decided to move, so navigation can be a
                                                                            some student deals on everything from spring break
                                                                            apparel to a new car. (This site is designed to help busi-
G       little rough. The idea is pretty clever, though, and the site
        does provide access to some cool campus tours.
                                                                            nesses keep in touch with the student market.)

H                                                                         College Links
      Chronicle of Higher Education                             

J       The Chronicle of Higher Education is “the number one                You’ll find a large number of links to college home pages,
        source of news, information, and jobs for college and uni-          making your college-selection process a tad easier.
K       versity faculty members and administrators.” Here you can
        access the lastest news and information from colleges
                                                                          College View College Search
L       across the United States. This site opens with the headline
        news of the day, but also enables you to browse previous

M       articles on college athletics, faculty, information technol-
        ogy, government and politics, and other subjects. This site              14–18
N       also features opinion pieces, discussion forums, and a well-
        desinged job-search tool.
                                                                            Check out hundreds of colleges using College View’s vir-
                                                                            tual tours or just search for a college using its database. You
O     College Answer
                                                                            can also collect financial aid information and enter a
                                                                            contest to win a $1,000 scholarship. You’ll find plenty of
P                                         college-related articles and an “Ask the Experts” section for
                                                                            those questions you need answers to. Check out the shop-
Q            14–18                                                          ping links!
        College Answer, formerly Wiredscholar, is a full-featured
R       college selection and financial aid site for students, parents,
                                                                          Community Colleges
        and guidance counselors. A tabbed navigation system leads
S       you step-by-step through the college selection financing
        process: preparing, selecting, applying, paying, deciding,               14–18
T       and financing.
                                                                            This site features a fairly thorough index of community
                                                                            colleges listed by state.
U     College Board                                        FreSch!
W       Students planning to apply to college and teachers who                  14–18
        want to help them do well on the SAT should visit this site
X       to learn more about the test, take practice tests, find out
                                                                            Free scholarship search service with a searchable database
                                                                            of available scholarships, tips on applying, and information
        about upcoming dates and locations, and register for
Y       the test.
                                                                            about student loans.

                                                                                           COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES                   181                                                       Princeton Review Rankings                                 
      All                                                                   14–18
  Having trouble developing good note-taking skills and                This complete ranking of colleges provides feedback on           C
  study habits? This site provides dozens of links to some of          various colleges’ overall educational program. You enter the
  the best study techniques and tips on the Web. Also pro-
  vides links to sites where you can learn how to reduce stress
                                                                       college name and receive a ranking report.                       D
  and test anxiety and improve your memory.                          Ulinks                                                             E
Mapping Your Future                                                                                                                     F
                                                                       Considering colleges only in a particular state or area? This
  Having trouble narrowing down your choice of potential
                                                                       directory will make your search much easier.
  colleges? Mapping Your Future might be able to help, with          Universities Worldwide
  its 10 Steps to Selecting a College. You can also receive
  counseling on financial aid packages and what you can
  afford here. Great place for parents and students to start                                                                            J
  planning for the college years.                                          14–18
                                                                       A huge searchable index to colleges and universities world-      K
mtvU                                                                   wide providing links to more than 7,000 universities in                                                   over 175 countries throughout the world. Click the desired       L
                                                                       country, enter a keyword (such as music, art, or chemistry),

                                                                       and start the search.                                            M
  Former home of the College Television Network, this site is
  dedicated to covering lifestyle-oriented programming and
                                                                     Women’s Colleges                                                   N
  experiences that tap into the fabric of the college audience,
  the trends, the culture, and the issues relevant to their lives.
  mtvU is the largest television network just for college stu-
  dents; it broadcasts to more than 720 colleges across the            A complete listing of women’s colleges can be found here
  country, with a combined enrollment of 5.5 million.                  for easy reference.
Music Schools
                                                                                Xap                                                     R
                                                                       U                                                                S
  Take a look at this database of more than 900 music                  Xap is a full-featured college-selection and financial aid
  schools and colleges if you’re considering an education              center that assists high school student and their parents and
  in music.                                                            counselors weave their way through the college selection         U
                                                                       and financial assistance process, and even through career The College Channel                                     planning. Xap gets its edge by partnering directly with          V                                              associations and institutions of higher learning to develop
  U                                                                    regional, university-approved mentor websites. Mentor sites      W
                                                                       use the Internet to guide students through the comparison,
                                                                       selection, admission, and financial aid stages of preparing      X
                                                                       for college. The site is attractive, easy to navigate, packed
  A resource of online course offerings from colleges and
  universities nationwide. Find out what courses and degrees
                                                                       with useful tools, and well deserving of our Best of the Best
  are available online, or search by institution. Then request
  scholarship information online, too. Educators can find out
  more about distance learning, how to develop an online
  curriculum, and how to market such offerings to students.

                   FINANCIAL AID                                 
                 AND SCHOLARSHIPS
      Absolutely Scholarships
                                                                             Compare student loans online to find the best deal for you.
                                                                             After completing the online application, you will be pro-
D                                                                            vided with 12 loan programs that meet your criteria. After
                                                                             you’ve selected one, you can complete the loan application
E       For about 15 dollars per year, you gain access to Absolutely         online, too.
        Scholarships’ national database of scholarships that pay out
F       approximately 14 billion dollars a year to more than 2 mil-                 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal
        lion recipients. By supplying some basic information about         Student Aid)
G       yourself, Absolutely Scholarships can automatically screen
        out scholarships for which you do not qualify, so you can

H       focus on realistic scholarship opportunities. This also
        enables you to do submit all your scholarship applications                14–18
I       from a central location.                                             Almost every college you apply to requires that anyone
                                                                             seeking any form of financial aid first complete and submit
J     Access Group                                                           a FAFSA. The federal government and most colleges use                                             the data you supply to estimate your family’s annual contri-
                                                                             bution toward your higher education. Even if you think
K                                                                            you don’t need to complete the FAFSA, fill it out anyway,
             14–18                                                           just in case. If the deadline passes, you’re out of luck.
L       A no-nonsense site that offers educational loan financing.           Because this site provides the easiest way possible to com-
        Search the school database to confirm that your college is           plete one of the most essential steps required in the finan-
M       eligible and then complete the application online.                   cial aid process, it receives our Best of the Best award in the
                                                                             category of financial aid and scholarshops.
N     Citibank                                           FastAID Free Scholarship Search

P            14–18
        Information for high school students on selecting a college              14–18
Q       and estimating financial aid need, for college students on
        repaying their student loans, and for parents on how much
                                                                             The authors of The Scholarship Book have set up a free
                                                                             database of scholarships, which you can search to find
R       their child might qualify for. A student loan application can
        be completed online here, too. Special offers are also listed
                                                                             scholarships for which you qualify.

S       for current college students.                                      fastWEB! (Financial Aid Search Through
                                                                           the Web)
      College Is Possible

U                                                                                 14–18
V       You’ll find basic facts about college prices and student aid
                                                                             At this site you’ll gain access to fastWEB’s database of more
                                                                             than 600,000 scholarships worth more than $1 billion. By
        at this site, which is full of statistics regarding what typical     registering, you get regular updates on scholarships of
W       students receive in the way of financial aid at state and pri-       interest. Come back regularly for information on hot new
        vate schools. Students can learn some general guidelines             awards and updates on current scholarships. In the More
X       regarding what to expect in the way of assistance by visiting        About Local and Federal Aid section, you can learn about
        this site.                                                           other loan, work-study, and grant programs.
                                                                                      COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES                      183

FinAid!                                                           The Princeton Review                                   
       14–18                                                            14–18
  A huge site with information about applying to college and        One-stop information and resource center for helping stu-         C
  financing it. You can locate scholarships; calculate what         dents research institutes of higher education, prepare for
  you’ll need to attend; learn about other ways to finance
  your studies, such as military service; and download finan-
                                                                    entrance, explore financing options, and apply for admis-
                                                                    sion and financial aid. Also provides services for colleges
  cial aid application forms.                                       and universities to help in recruiting top students and
                                                                    services for businesses to locate qualified college graduates.
Financial Aid Links                                                 High school counselors of college-bound students will
                                                                    want to check out this site as well.

                                                                  Scholarship Page                                                    G
  Excellent introduction to financial aid describes what it is
  and various types of financial aid. The site also offers a
  scholarship directory and an ask-the-expert service.                  14–18                                                         I
                                                                    Search or browse this scholarship database to find potential
Financial Aid Resource Center                                       scholarships you qualify for. Not the most up to date.            J
                                                                  Scholarships                                                        K
       14–18                                                                                                                          L
  At this site, you can learn about basic forms of financial
  aid, loans and lenders, and general sources of financial aid.         14–18                                                         M
  You’ll also find free financial aid databases to search for       Here, you’ll find links for information on scholarships,
  potential scholarships and grants for college.                    financial aid, funding resources, and grants.                     N
Financing Education                                               SRN Express                                                         O                
       14–18                                                            14–18
  Learn all about negotiating tactics, scholarship myths,           Search the SRN database of more than 8,000 programs
  trends in financial aid, and much more at this comprehen-         representing 150,000 scholarship awards. A free private
  sive site.                                                        scholarship resource worth checking out.                          R
FreSch!                                                           Student Financial Assistance                                        S                   
      14–18                                                              14–18                                                        U
  FreSch! has a database of more than 5,000 organizations           SFA is one of the largest sources of student aid in America,
  and foundations that offer scholarships, representing             providing more than $40 billion a year in grants, loans, and      V
  approximately 500,000 awards. Start by reading tips for           work-study assistance. Here, you’ll find help for every stage
  qualifying for scholarships and then search the free scholar-
  ship database to locate scholarships you might want to
                                                                    of the financial aid process, whether you’re in school or out
                                                                    of school. If you or your child is planning on attending
  apply for. You’ll also find information about contests
  through which you can earn even more money for school.
                                                                    college, this should be one of your first stops.                  X

      TGWorks                                                          Yahoo! Education: Financial Aid: College
A                                            Aid Offices
C       This site offers more than just a loan application, although         14–18
        loan calculators and information about repayment are             Offers links to the college aid office for each university in
D       available. In addition, you can search the database of
        colleges and find out more about available financial aid
                                                                         the United States. You’ll get information on all the financial
                                                                         aid opportunities at each university.
E       packages.
                                                                        Related Sites
F     United Negro College Fund                                                                    
H       Download program and scholarship information to learn 
        more about money available through the United Negro
I       College Fund. You’ll find information about qualifying for
        a scholarship, as well as background facts about the organi-              GRADUATE SCHOOLS
J       zation itself.

K     Welcome to the Harry Truman Scholarship                          U.S. News and World Report Best Graduate
      Foundation                                                       Schools Rankings
                                                                         U.S. News online ranks graduate programs annually to help
N       The Truman Scholarship is a highly competitive, merit-           you evaluate academic quality.
        based award offered to U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals who
O       want to go to graduate school in preparation for a career in
        public service. The scholarship offers recognition of out-
P       standing potential as a leader in public service and mem-
        bership in a community of persons devoted to helping

Q       others and to improving the environment.                         On this website, you will find comprehensive advice on the
                                                                         writing tasks associated with applying to graduate and pro-
R     Wyoming Student Loan Corporation                                   fessional schools, as well as general information on the                                               admissions process. You can read articles on the writing
S                                                                        tasks specific to your specialty or review sample essays. Also
                                                                         find out which books will really help you through the
T       Learn about the general sources of financial aid—from the
                                                                         admissions derby. To keep abreast of admissions news, the
                                                                         latest tips, and developments at, sign up for
        government, to the colleges themselves, to private organiza-     the free monthly newsletter, Odds ‘N Ends.
U       tions with scholarship programs.
                                                                       Advice for Undergraduates Considering
V                                                                      Graduate School

X                                                                        A nice overview of the process of evaluating whether
                                                                         attending grad school is a smart move for undergraduates
Y                                                                        to make. Takes into account interests, ambitions, and
                                                                         career goals.
                                                                                          COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES                     185

All About Grad School                                                             
  Provides a comprehensive geographic directory of graduate           Looking for a grad school in physics or a related field?
  schools in the United States. Click one of four categories
  (Business Schools, Engineering Schools, Law Schools, or
                                                                      Then look to Click a geographical
                                                                      location, pick a major, and specify the degree type
  Medical Schools), and you’ll be linked to an alphabetic list
  of states. Click on your state, and you’ll find an alphabetic
                                                                      (Masters, PhD, theoretical, practical, and so on), and click
                                                                      the Find It button to pull up a list of prospective schools.
  list of graduate schools with links to all of them (and email
  addresses, too).                                                  Graduate Guide
Council of Graduate Schools
                                                                      Searchable directory of graduate schools and schools that          G
                                                                      offer distance-learning opportunities.
  The “Resources for Students” section provides information                                                                              H
  on selecting a graduate school, financing graduate educa-         GradView
  tion, and the timetable for applying.                                                                I
                                                                      A site devoted to helping students get into and successfully
                                                                      completing a graduate school program, with help for tak-
                                                                      ing graduate entrance exams, studying, and securing finan-
  Provides individualized counseling for educational place-
  ment from preschool through graduate school, for reentry
                                                                      cial aid. Comprehensive and easy to navigate.
  and adult learners, and for the American and international        GRE Online
  student. Network actively with admissions professionals 
  from schools in the USA and around the world to keep
  abreast of what is current and appropriate for each                                                                                    N
  applicant.                                                          Learn about registering and taking the GRE in your area,
                                                                      and take practice tests to boost your confidence and point         O
ETS Net                                                               out your weak spots.                                                                                                                      P
  U                                                                            Kaplan Online
  Educational Testing Service Network provides information            U                                                                  R
  about college and graduate school admissions and place-
  ment tests, with links to AP, GRE, GMAT, SAT, The Praxis
  Series, and TOEFL sites, as well as other educational
                                                                      As far as testing goes, this site holds the top online spot for
                                                                      information and service. Good site if you are in admissions
  resources. ETS Net provides sample test questions, test
  preparation, and test registration. This site also contains
                                                                      counseling, student services, advising, or if you’re trying to
                                                                      find some good information on graduate school testing for
  information on ETS research initiatives, teacher certifica-
  tion, college planning, financial aid, and links to college and
                                                                      yourself. You can shop for and order test preparation books
                                                                      and software from this site.
  university sites.
  With more than 50,000 free program listings, this site
                                                                      One-stop resource center for law school students. Features         X
                                                                      everything from law school rankings to bar exam informa-
  claims it is “The most comprehensive online source of
  graduate school information.” Click the Search function,
                                                                      tion, plus links to a law book library and law fiction.            Y
  select a program category, and see a list of not only U.S.
  programs, but international programs, too.

      MBA Exchange                                                        Pre-Law: How to Get into Law School

        Consultation service for MBA applicants. Monitors and               A guide to preparing for entrance into law school.
C       evaluates the top MBA programs and provides applicants
        with the assistance they need to compete for entrance.            U.S. News Online: Graduate School

                                                                            The magazine that brings you those famous yearly rankings
        U                                                                   of U.S. colleges and universities also offers a broad and
F                                                                           helpful primer on higher education and careers.
        Peterson’s site features the capability to search specific pro-
G       grams and also offers links to the Access Group, as well as
        test preparation tips. The online store contains hundreds of
H       Peterson’s titles.


                                                        COMICS, CARTOONS,                                                             A
                                                          AND ANIMATION                                                               C
Animation Art                                                   Batman Superman Adventures
                                                                                                                                      E                                                        F
                                                                      All                                                             G
  Billed as “The Best Animation Art Gallery on the Web,”
                                                                  Warner Brothers Kids brings you this site, which provides
                                                                  information about the new Batman Adventures and
                                                                  Superman Adventures cartoons. Here, you can learn more
  Animation Art features an enormous collection of still
  shots and animations. Search by artist, animated series, or     about the heroes and villains who do battle on the shows,           I
  company (Marvel, Disney, and so on). Or just flip through       check out the multimedia libraries, and play some games
  the many tabbed pages: Cartoon Network, Disney, Talking         online. Fans of all ages will love this site.                       J
  Art, Fine Art & Photography, Vintage Animation, and so
  on. You can purchase images and learn about licensing         Big Cartoon Database                                                  K
Animation Library
                                                                      All                                                             M
                                                                  Cartoon fans will love this site, which features in-depth

  Collection of more than 13,000 animated clips you can
                                                                  coverage of the most popular, high-quality cartoons and
                                                                  animated films. Here you can find a searchable database of
  download for use on your web pages, organized by
  category to make them easy to find.
                                                                  cartoon information and browse cartoons by animation
                                                                  studio. Each entry provides information about the cartoon,
Animation World Network
                                                                  episode guides, and crew lists.
                                                                                                                                      P                                             Calvin and Hobbes                                                     Q
  Anyone interested in animation should check out this site!      U                                                                   R
  It includes links to Animation World Magazine; a career
  connection; and an animation village, gallery, and vault.            All                                                            S
  Links to all kinds of animation-related products.               If you like the comic strip, you’ll be in heaven when you hit
                                                                  this site. Initially, you’re greeted by today’s strip, but a cal-   T
Archie                                                            endar below the strip lets you flip through an entire gallery                                      of Calvin and Hobbes episodes. Peruse the book list and             U
                                                                  then examine the latest Calvin and Hobbes picture books.
                                                                  This site also includes icons and desktop patterns, a popu-         V
                                                                  larity poll, a random picture generator, links to news-
  Archie and the gang from Riverdale High School are fea-
  tured prominently at this Archie Comics site. You’ll find
                                                                  groups, and interviews with the creator, Bill Watterson.            W
                                                                  Although this site is unofficial, it is incredibly thorough.
  Jughead, Betty, and Veronica here in the “Today’s Comic,”
  section with Archie. And you’ll also find games, the latest
  comics, puzzles, and contests.

      Cartoon Brew                                                        Cartoonster

B                                                                           U
C       Cartoon Brew is actually a blog where you can view news                 All
        and articles about a wide range of topics dealing with car-         Eventually, anyone who loves cartoons begins to wonder,
D       toons and animation. The main page features today’s news,
        but you can also access the Brew archives and check out
                                                                            “How do they do that?” At Cartoonster, you can find out
                                                                            not only how cartoons work but how to start creating your
E       Brew favorites—other blogs and websites that appeal to the
        Brew crew.
                                                                            own cartoons. This site, created by a teenager for fellow
                                                                            teenagers and kids, features free tutorials on how to create
F     The Cartoon Factory
                                                                            animated cartoons.

G                                     Chuck Jones Website
H                                                                           U
I       Search for your favorite cartoon at this fun site. This             Check out the official site of the late Chuck Jones, the
        resource guides you through the Net directly to the charac-         famous Warner Brothers/Loony Tunes animator and anima-
J       ters and cartoons you want to view. You can even order              tion director. At this site, you can read about Mr. Jones and
        brief animations online.                                            his many famous cartoon characters. This is an exception-
K                                                                           ally well-constructed site, both visually and content-wise.
L                                            Comic Book Movies
M                                                                           U
        Editors looking for illustrators and cartoonists will find this
N       site a big help. And illustrators looking to showcase their
        work can do so by joining the site. Search based on topic or        For those who follow movies based on comic books, this
O       style to find a cartoon that meets your needs.                      site is a must-visit. Here, you find the latest information
                                                                            and gossip about comic book movies, including who’s
P      Related Site
                                                                            slated to play your favorite heroes, heroines, and villains;
                                                                            how successful or unsuccessful a particular movie is; where
Q     Cartoon
                                                                            you can find trailers; and more.

R                                      Comic Book Resources
            All                                                                 9–13
T       The official website of Krypto the Superdog, Teen Titans, the       Nice site that includes special sections with hundreds of
        Totally Spies, Atomic Betty, and other favorites. Here, you         links regarding Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, miscellaneous,
U       can find loads of games to play online, visit your favorite         independent, and self-published comics.
        cartoon character, and check on program times. Includes
V       an online store where you can shop for books, videos,   
        apparel, toys, games, collectibles, and other items.    
X                                                                           United Media’s Comics. com is the “Home of Comics on
                                                                            the Web.” If you’re looking for newspaper comics, including
Y                                                                           For Better or for Worse and Frank and Earnest, you’ll find
                                                                            many of them right here.
                                                                          COMICS, CARTOONS, AND ANIMATION                          189

Computer Graphics World                                           The Dreaming                         
  Home of Computer Graphics World magazine, a good                  Provides a fan page dedicated to the comic writing of Neil
  source for industry news and product information. Don’t
  miss the Graphics Gallery (under Special Features).
                                                                    Gaiman and fantasy titles such as The Sandman. Includes
                                                                    graphics, articles, interviews, and much more.
Dark Horse Comics Home Page                                       EX: The Online World of Anime and Manga
                                                                                                                                    D                                                                                  E
       9–13                                                             All                                                         F
  Provides news, information, artwork, and upcoming release         Provides an online magazine dedicated to Japanese anime
  information for Dark Horse Comics, publisher of Star              and manga. Includes back issue and subscription informa-        G
  Wars, Aliens, and many more titles. Includes many different       tion. EX features many different articles, pictures, and
  articles about Dark Horse titles and artists.                     much more dealing with anime.                                   H
DC Comics                                                         iCOMICS                                                           I                                 
       9–13                                                             9–13                                                        K
  Download the latest cover images from DC comic books,             Keep up on the latest comics at this site, where you can
  watch QuickTime movies of some of your favorite charac-
  ters, follow links to other sites where you can buy comic
                                                                    read the review of the day or peruse the archive of reviews.    L
  merchandise, and join a chat to discuss your love of comic
                                                                  Iguana’s Comic Book Café                                          M

Diamond Comic Distributor, Inc.                                     U                                                               N
                                                                    This café is a gaming and comic book mail-order service.
                                                                    Also specializes in toys, Beanie Babies, and manga videos.
      All                                                                                                                           P
  This comic distributor’s online page has comic news, pre-       The Incredibles
  views, and a catalog. Find out many interesting facts at this
  fun page!
Digital Webbing                                                     If you’re wondering where The Incredibles went after their                                      successful movie and the Academy Awards, they’re hanging        S
                                                                    out online at this site. Here, you can view additional ani-

  Great source for finding comic book–related websites and
                                                                    mations, movie trailers, and other short clips; meet the
                                                                    heros and villians up close; check out the gallery; play
  information. Includes an extensive database of comic book
  websites, news, interviews, previews, and talent search area.
                                                                    online games; and much more. If you’re a fan, bookmark
                                                                    this site for quick return trips.
                                                                                                                                    U                                                        International Animated Film Society
                                                                                                                                    V                                                                      W
                                                                    ASIFA is a “membership organization devoted to the              X
  A great website for families to explore together! Has links       encouragement and dissemination of film animation as an
  to some of Disney’s best known cartoons, along with activ-        art and communication form.” It has more than 1,700             Y
  ities for kids and families. Also has a Disney shop online.       members in more than 50 countries, providing links to var-
                                                                    ious chapters and events around the world. Here you can         Z
                                                                    find announcements for screenings, festivals, and other
                                                                    events, as well as information about the organization.

      International Museum of Cartoon Art                              Shark Tale

             All                                                              All
C       Internet home of the International Museum of Cartoon             If you’re a fan of the animated film Shark Tale, you can visit
        Art represents the work of artists from more than 50 coun-       Lenny and the rest of the gang at this site. Tour the Gallery,
D       tries and has a huge collection of original drawings, books,
        videos, interviews, and other items related to comic book
                                                                         find out more about the making of the film, play games,
                                                                         watch video clips, download freebies, or just…
E       illustrations and animations. Here, you can check out some
        select items and learn more about your favorite cartoonist.

F     Karmatoons
                                                                                   The Simpsons
G                                         U
H           14–18                                                        Explore Springfield using the virtual map and view the lat-
        Anyone interested in considering a career in animation will      est antics of Homer and Bart. Meet the voice actors, guest
I       want to take Doug Compton’s “Drawing for Classical               stars, and show’s creator. Get character bios, view episode
        Animation” mini-course at his website. Read about his            descriptions, and share your enthusiasm for the show with
J       career and see samples of his work here, too.                    other fans. Excellent site!

K     Marvel Comics                                                    Small Press Comics Chat                                 
L       U
M                                                                        Provides information, articles, reviews, and a discussion
                                                                         room about small press and independent comics. Includes
N       The home of Spiderman, the Hulk, Captain America, and            links to artist and other related small press comic sites. Also
                                                                         includes information about how to publish your own
        other famous heroes, this site is marvelous! Here, you can
O       learn about your favorite Marvel comic books, preview
        upcoming issues, shop online, and register to win free

                                                                       South Park
P       comic books. Some excellent free downloads and brilliant
        graphics. Bravo, Marvel!                             
Q     MTNCartoons
R                                               Not for kids
                                                                         Home of Comedy Central’s South Park cartoon. View a
S       See the work of cartoonist Marc Tyler Nobleman at his site,      trailer of the latest South Park movie, submit your vote in
        where you can also purchase rights to feature his work.          this week’s poll, or buy South Park memorabilia online.
T                                                                        This site is packed with free games and downloads, a BBS, a
      Official Peanuts Website                                           FAQ, behind-the-scenes footage, and a host of other good-
U                                              ies. Kids like this animated cartoon, but it’s not really suit-
                                                                         able for kids. I’m not sure it’s even suitable for adults.
V       U
                                                                       Spiderman: The Amazing Spiderman Page
W           All                                              
        Kids can play the Peanuts trivia game and color in the
X       coloring book, while adults might want to read more about
        Peanuts’ creator, the late Charles Schulz. There is also a           All

Y       comic archive to find past strips. Shopping link to
                                                                         Provides an unofficial fan page dedicated to Marvel
                                                                         Comics’ Spiderman. Includes artwork, news, and an inter-
                                                                         view with Marvel Comics’ guru Stan Lee.
                                                                        Related Site
                                                                          COMICS, CARTOONS, AND ANIMATION                         191

Sponge Bob Square Pants                                           WebComics   
  U                                                                                                                                B
                                                                    Huge collection of links to comics on the Web. Features
       All                                                          include WebComic of the Day, WebComic of the Week,
                                                                    Top 30 Toons, and a discussion area.
  Follow the antics of Sponge Bob Square Pants and his fel-
  low silly sea creatures online at Nickelodeon’s official
                                                                  Wolverine’s REALM
  Sponge Bob website. Here, you can solve a crossword puz-
  zle, play a boating game, feed the anchovies, download a                                  E
  screensaver, view a talking cast picture, and more. Excellent
  site for young kids, but older fans will like it too.
                                                                        All                                                        F
                                                                    Provides an unofficial fan page for Marvel Comics’ charac-
Super Marketing: Ads from the Comic Books
                                                                    ter Wolverine. Includes facts, origin information, artwork,    G
                                                                    fan pictures, and much more.
  This site is dedicated to the classic ads that appeared in       Related Site
  golden and silver age comics. Ads for such things as the                                   I
  Hypno-coin, six tapes for $1.49, and much more are quite
  humorous.                                                                                                                        J

C                                                                                    COMPUTERS
E                                                       MSN Tech
        U                                                                U
H       Chumbo is a great place to shop for hardware, software,
        electronics gizmos and gadgets, DVDs, and video games. It
                                                                         MSN’s tech site is packed with excellent information and
                                                                         resources for PC/Windows users of all levels of experience.
        provides product ratings and features some excellent bar-        Includes product reviews, downloads, how-to instructions,
I       gains.                                                           news, trends, virus and security information, and much
J     CNET                                   

L       Get hardware and software reviews here before you buy,           U
        compare prices from various suppliers, and catch up on
M       tech news. You can also download freeware, learn more
        about website building, and lots more at this popular site.
                                                                         If you’re growing nostalgic about your old Commodore
                                                                         computer, visit to reminisce about the
N      Related Site
                                                                         good old days when you actually understood (somewhat)
                                                                         about how your computer worked. This site features tabbed
O                                          navigation to provide quick access to several areas, includ-
                                                                         ing news, museum, history, magazine, forums, collectors,
P                                                        and fun. Online shopping is provided through cafepress.                                            com, where you can find Old-Computers apparel and gifts.
Q       U                                                    
R       Get advice on which computer products to buy and then

        buy them online from CompUSA. You can also download              U
S       software here.
                                                                         Search for products by brand name or type and then search
T     egghead                                                            the bargain basement for overstocks, or bid on what you                                             want at outpost auctions. Besides computing equipment
U       U
                                                                         and electronics, you can also shop for books, cameras, and
                                                                         seasonal gifts.
        At, check out a wide            PC Connection
W       selection of Egghead products. Browse by category and
        check out some great deals. Egghead has always been a
X       great place to find bargains on cutting-edge electronics and
        software. Now it has Amazon’s service to ensure that you
Y       receive great deals and service, as well.                        Scout hot deals and bargains before placing your order
                                                                         online at PC Connection, where your order will be shipped
                                                                         overnight. A nice perk of shopping here.
                                                                                                               COMPUTERS            193

Smart Computing                                                   Apache Digital Corporation                          
  U                                                                 U                                                                B
  Home page of Smart Computing magazine, one of the most            Provides information on ALPHA-based, NeXTSTEP,                   C
  popular computer magazines for beginning-level PC users,          Linux/BSD Unix, Windows NT, SPARC-based, and other
  features articles, techniques, and tricks for using and opti-
  mizing PCs. Subscribers can log on for additional features.
                                                                    custom-design systems sold by Apache. Also provides
                                                                    online custom design form, company background, policies,
                                                                    and additional detailed product information.                     E                                              Apple Computer Home Page                                           F

  Read industry news, download useful software, scan prod-          U                                                                G
  uct reviews, and go shopping for hardware and software at
  affiliate sites.                                                  Apple now provides an online storefront where you can            H
                                                                    purchase customized hardware configurations of your
ZDNet Shopper                                                       favorite Macintosh models. Provides information on               I                                       Apple’s latest products and also supplies software updates.
  U                                                                 Check out this site for the latest on Apple technology.          J
                                                                  Compaq Access                                                      K
  Browse dozens of hardware and software categories for the
  items you need, read product reviews and recommenda-
  tions, and learn how to shop for various computer                 U                                                                L
  products.                                                                                                                          M
                                                                    Access Compaq’s Web services for corporate information,
                                                                    worldwide service center directories, technical support, and
                                                                    press releases on Compaq’s newest web servers and pricing.
   HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE                                            Don’t forget to check out the online store, where you can        O
                                                                    buy Compaq computers and accessories.
Acer America on the Web                                                                                                              P                                           
  U                                                                                                    Q
  Home page for Acer North America. Acer manufactures
  personal computer clones. The Acer America site provides
  online shopping, FAQs, and information about the Acer
                                                                    This site provides secure online shopping for Dell personal
                                                                    computer products. You can custom configure a system
                                                                    and buy it online. The site also lets you search for informa-
  Group, including employment opportunities.
                                                                    tion by type of user, as well as provides the standard corpo-    T
AMD                                                                 rate information. And, if you own a Dell computer, this site
                                                                    features excellent online technical support that can help        U
                                                                    you solve most of the problems you might encounter with
                                                                    it. Excellent site design and comprehensive information          V
  Are you wondering whether an AMD-powered PC can                   make this an easy Best of the Best selection.
  hold its own against an Intel-powered PC? Then turn to                                                                             W
  this site to see what AMD has to say about it. Here you can
  find product information, support, downloads, press                                                                                X
  releases, and investor information.

      Gateway                                                             Motorola

B       U
                                                                            Manufacturer of PowerPC chips and other integrated cir-
C       Gateway’s site is designed for easy navigation. The opening         cuits, as well as computers and peripherals. The Motorola
                                                                            home page provides information about the corporation, its
        screen displays three basic options: At Home, At Work, and
D       Support. If you’re looking for a computer for your home or
        home-based business, click the At Home link and start
                                                                            products, divisions, and activities. Great starting point for
                                                                            obtaining technical support for Motorola products.
E       shopping. Business users should click the At Work link to
        shop for computers and other products designed for busi-          Sony Style
F       ness applications. You can configure and purchase a
        computer online from this site. The site also provides access
G       to technical support and corporate information.

      Hewlett-Packard                                                       Sony has always been stylin’ with its desktop and laptop
H                                                    PCs. If you’re looking for a PC that not only performs well
                                                                            but looks good, too, turn to this site for a look at the com-
I                                                                           plete line of Sony PCs and accessories. A cool site that
        The leader in desktop hardware and network servers pro-             makes it almost too easy to buy a new PC.
J       vides a multilingual website that is much more interna-
        tional than most other computer manufacturers. Jump               Sun
K       from this site to learn about HP’s Latin American division,
        its newest systems in other countries, and technical infor-

L       mation on HP printers.
                                                                            At Sun Microsystems, “The network is the computer.” Visit
M     IBM Corporation                                                       this site to find out why and to obtain product informa-
                                                                            tion, technical support, downloads, and documentation.
N       U                                                                 Toshiba
O       Here, you can reach all of IBM’s myriad divisions from the

        home page. You can also read about IBM systems solutions
P       via articles. Take online training courses, attend real-time        Toshiba is one of the top manufacturers of quality laptop
        seminars, or chat with people with similar interests. An            PCs. Here you can find out about the latest products on the
Q       extensive search engine is also provided for navigating this        market, obtain technical support and documentation, and
                                                                            download updated software drivers.
        very large corporate site. Take advantage of IBM’s Buy
R       Today, Ship Today purchase program.
S     Intel
T                                                                         Apple Insider
U       This site provides all the information you ever wanted to
        know about Intel’s integrated circuits, and especially its lat-
V       est processor. The site showcases software running on Intel-
        based hardware and hardware implementations, and it
                                                                            AppleInsider covers all the latest news and rumors swirling
                                                                            around Apple and its products. You can find headline news
        offers business opportunities as well as the standard techni-       and forums, participate in polls, submit a story, and even
W       cal support and news briefs.                                        chat with other interested Mac users.

X     MPC                                                                 Apple Links

Z       Less popular than Gateway and Dell, this online computer
        store (formerly Micron PC) has been providing quality
                                                                            News, reviews, buyers’ guides, and Mac information all in
                                                                            one place. Many links to retail sites.
        products and service to its customers for just as long. Shop
        online or obtain technical support and downloads for a
        Micron or MPC PC you already own.
                                                                                                               COMPUTERS            195

Everything Mac                                                    Mac Design Online                            
                                                                    U                                                                B
  In addition to finding the Top 100 Mac links, you’ll find
  articles and other Mac-related resources to help you get the
  most out of your computer. Get help from other users in
                                                                    Involved in the graphics industry? Mac Design is devoted         C
                                                                    to covering Macintosh graphics, multimedia, and web
  the online forums.                                                issues specifically for Macs.                                    D
iPod Hacks                                                                                                     E                               
                                                                    U                                                                F
  You’ve mastered your iPod… or so you think. Can you
  hack it? Can you make it do things that even its engineers        Game reviews, previews, interviews, editorials, and down-
  hadn’t imagined? Well, this site can let you in on a few
  secrets for customizing your iPod to personalize it and
                                                                    loads for Macintosh games. Join an online discussion of
                                                                    your favorite Mac games and find deals and freebies.             H
  enhance its performance.
                                                                  Mac Home                                                           I
iPod Lounge
  You have an iPod, but are you getting the most you can out
                                                                    Looking for a Mac product review? You’ll find more than
  of it? Hang out in the iPod lounge to find out. Here you
  can find an iPod 101 tutorial and other useful articles,          1,000 from the pages of MacHome magazine here, as well as        L
  product reviews, help, tips and tricks, discussion forums,        downloadable software, updates, and tips. Subscribe to the
  free downloads, and more.                                         magazine online.                                                 M
 Related Sites                                                    Macintosh News Network                                             N                                                                                                                     O                                            Excellent source for Macintosh news, reviews, discussion,
                                                                    tips, troubleshooting, links, and reviews. Tracks and reports    P
Mac Addict                                                          on the latest developments in the industry. Great resource                                            for Mac IT professionals.                                        Q
                                                                  Mac Update                                                         R
  Sign up for the Mac Addict newsletter, jump into some dis-
  cussions to share and gather Mac information, and stay                                                                             S
  tuned for up-to-date news and rumors.
                                                                    Download Macintosh software and games here. Links to
                                                                    additional Mac-related resources.
           Macworld                                          Macs Only!
  U                                                                                                 V
  Macintosh industry news, product reviews, newsletters, and        You’ll find an impressive list of hands-on product reviews,      W
  forums. Search for the best deals on Mac hardware and             all the Mac news you’ll probably need, editorial commen-
  software with Macworld’s Pricefinder. If you’re a Mac
  enthusiast, this is the place to learn what’s going on in the
                                                                    tary, and Mac links.                                             X
  world of Apple Macintosh. Macworld also serves up a fair
  share of information on the Apple iPod. This site features a
  menu bar that makes it easy to navigate to the various sec-
  tions: News, Product Info, Mac Help, Magazine, and
  Forums. Simplified navigation coupled with a vast collec-
  tion of informative articles and useful resources makes this
  a no-brainer pick as Best of the Best Mac sites.

      MacTech                                                          Laptop Buyer’s Guide

        Geared more toward Mac programmers, MacTech provides             Shopping for a new laptop or notebook computer? Read
C       product reviews and news, web and multimedia program-
        ming information, networking guidance, and articles about
                                                                         this guide first to find out what you need to consider.

D       Macintosh technical development. If you’re a Mac geek,
        you’ll definitely want to check out this hi-tech site.
                                                                       Microsoft Product Support Services
E     TidBITS
                                                                         If you have a PC that runs any version of Windows and any
                                                                         other Microsoft product, such as Microsoft Office, book-
                                                                         mark this site. Here, you’ll find a searchable knowledgebase
G       TidBITS is an email publication devoted to helping Mac           where you can find answers to most of your technical sup-
        users make better use of their computers. Sign up for a free     port questions. Simply click the Search the Knowledgebase
H       subscription.                                                    link, select the product that’s giving you trouble, type a few
                                                                         key words that describe the problem, and click Go.
I     Ultimate Mac                                       PC Guide

K       Named to several “Best of …” reports because of the com-
        prehensive approach to Macintosh information, this site          Everything you always wanted to know about PCs, from
L       bills itself as “The BIGGEST, UGLIEST, and MOST USE-
        FUL Macintosh Page on the Web.” Well, it’s still ugly, but
                                                                         how a PC works to troubleshooting common problems.
                                                                         Provides a useful PC buyer’s guide and information on
        it’s too outdated to be of much use. Still, it contains some     how to care for and optimize your system. Plain presenta-
M       useful links.                                                    tion, but excellent content and easy to navigate.

N                                                                      PCs for Everyone
O                                                                        U
P                                             PCs for Everyone designs and builds custom PCs and sells
Q                                                                        PC cases and components for users to build their own PCs.
                                                                         Instructions and technical support are provided online, and
        This site shines the spotlight on the most annoying com-
R       puter and software features you might encounter, including       you can order products online or over the phone.
        Microsoft Office’s Clippit. This site lists the top Windows
S       annoyances and provides instructions on how to avoid
        them. Additional information is available for tweaking the
                                                                       PC Tech Guide
T       Windows Registry, customizing the desktop, improving
        performance, and much more.
                                                                         Learn more about how PC hardware functions here, where
U     GoToMyPC                                                           a PC enthusiast works to share his knowledge.

                                                                       PC World
        Online service that enables you to connect to and use your
X       desktop computer from any Internet-connected computer
                                                                         Get PC help, downloads, news about the most popular
                                                                         software, as well as reviews of the best PCs, accessories, and
        in the world via a secure connection. If you frequently find
Y       yourself on the road without access to the programs and
        documents you need to survive, connect to this site to sign
Z       up for a free trial.
                                                                                                             COMPUTERS            197

Windows                                                         Amzi! Prolog+ Logic Server                     
  Windows product downloads, tips, and support are all            Produces Amzi! Prolog+ Logic Server, a software add-on
  available here.                                                 you embed in C++ and other programming languages to
                                                                  create logic-based intelligent agents and intelligent compo-
           WinPlanet                                              nents, which are used in software that relies on artificial
                                                                  intelligence. Amzi!’s products assist programmers who
                                                                  need to create software that configures, schedules, diag-
                                                                  noses, advises, recognizes, lays out, plans, understands, or
                                                                  teaches. Downloadable demos and tutorials are provided to
  Premium site for all topics related to Microsoft Windows
  and Windows applications. Take an online tutorial to learn      show how this Prolog-based programming language works.           F
  a new skill, pick up some tips and tricks, and learn how to
  customize Windows with some tech-savvy tweaks. Excellent      Applescript                                                        G
  collection of downloadable shareware and updated drivers.
  When you want to learn more about your computer’s oper-
  ating system, this is the place to go.
                                                                  Macintosh users who want to create customized programs           I
Winsite                                                           to automate and schedule time-consuming tasks can do so
                                                                  using Applescript. This site, hosted by Apple, introduces
                                                                  you to Applescript and teaches you the basics. It includes a
  Download usable files, share tips, and browse the hottest
                                                                  partial list of existing applications, an Applescript Studio
                                                                  where you can obtain the required tools, a page for devel-
  PC sites via this site.                                         opers, and links to an extensive collection of additional
 Related Sites                                      ASP 101                                                            M
                                                                  Whether you’ve just started learning Active Server Pages         O
Woody’s Watch                                                     programming or consider yourself a pro, you can find                                       something that’s new and informative at this site. Includes      P
                                                                  lessons and tutorials, sample code, news, resources, and
  U                                                               links to other ASP-related sites.                                Q
  Woody Leonhard, Microsoft Office expert, features Office
  advice, troubleshooting, and tips via his newsletter, which
                                                                ASP Alliance                                                       R
  you can subscribe to at this site. Newsletter features no-
  nonsense, unbiased advice from the world’s leading experts
  on Microsoft Office products.                                   Founded in 1997, the ASP Alliance has grown to include
                                                                  more than one hundred contributors and more than 1,000           T
                                                                  articles related to ASP programming. The site supports
  PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES                                           forums and has spawned several related sites. Visit to           U
                                                                  obtain free tutorials, articles, resources, and code snippets
Active State
                                                                  or to connect with other ASP enthusiasts.                        V                                      ASP Free                                                           W
  Produces Perl scripting software for web developers. The
  site provides software purchases and support to Perl
                                                                  This site, presented in any of six languages, is packed with
                                                                  articles, news, and development updates relating to ASP
  programmers.                                                    programming. Includes ASP code and examples.

      ASP Resource Index                                                CGI Resource Index

        Well-stocked inventory of ASP sites and resources orga-           Dedicated to the CGI programmer, this site contains thou-
C       nized into categories, including Applications, ASP Web
        Hosting, ASP.NET Directories, and Tutorials & Code Snips.
                                                                          sands of links to CGI scripts, documentation, books, pro-
                                                                          grammers, and even jobs.
D     BD Software                                                       COBOL

F       Delivers expert, hands-on training seminars in C++, Java,         An organization of hardware manufacturers and COBOL
        C, and Unix-related topics onsite. Seminars focus on              software developers that provides information about
G       critical, practical programming language issues.                  COBOL developments. Read book reviews, visit COBOL
                                                                          University, work through an online tutorial, and obtain the
H     Borland C++                                                         latest COBOL news and developments.
I                                                                       Code Guru
J       Borland C++ 5 is one of the top-selling C++ programs on
        the market. This website includes press releases about
K       Borland C++, the latest patches for various versions of
        C++, technical support information, and bug informa-
                                                                          Get the latest information and tips for .NET, C++, Java,
                                                                          Visual Basic, JavaScript, and XML as well as access to dis-
L       tion. It also includes a link to other sites devoted to
        Borland C++.
                                                                          cussion forums and other programmers who can answer
                                                                          your questions. Links to Fatbrain where you can purchase
                                                                          book titles.
                                                               Jobs for Technical Professionals

O       CNET maintains this resource dedicated to helping users
        build better websites. Topics include web authoring and           Put your programming skills to work and earn a pretty
P       scripting, graphics, and design. User can download tools
        and participate in user forums.
                                                                          good living. This site provides a long and up-to-date list
                                                                          of openings for programmers and other technical pro-
Q     C/C++: Learn C/C++ Today

R                           EarthWeb
S       Provides a brief introduction to C and C++ and features           U
        links to several online tutorials with a brief description of
T       each tutorial.                                                    Comprehensive collection of the latest information and
                                                                          resources for IT professionals, programmers, webmasters,
U      Related Site                                                       and others interested in computer technology.
V                                                                       eXtreme Programming
      CGI Extremes                                            

X       This site provides an accurate and up-to-date database of
                                                                          Learn the basics of Extreme Programming (XP)—the
                                                                          “deliberate and disciplined approach to software develop-
Y       more than 2,100 CGI scripts for web programmers.
        Descriptions, ratings, and user feedback are provided for
                                                                          ment.” Learn when to use this approach, how to get started,
                                                                          and where to find out more information about it.
Z       each script to help programmers make an informed choice.
                                                                         Related Site
                                                                                                             COMPUTERS            199

Free Compilers and Interpreters                                  HTML Help                   
  Enter the name of the free (public-domain) compiler, com-        Great tools and guidelines available for programmers and
  piler generator, interpreter, or assembler you need, and the
  search engine will find it. You can also search by category.
                                                                   designers here, as well as FAQs and informative articles.       C
The Haskell Home Page
                                                                 JavaScripts                                                       D
                                                                   In addition to typical FAQs and free newsletters, users can
  General-purpose, purely functional programming lan-              access and download more than 5,000 JavaScripts at              F
  guage. A functional language, as opposed to an imperative        this site.
  language such as C, simplifies programming by focusing on                                                                        G
  the evaluation of expressions rather than on executing spe-
  cific commands. The Haskell 98 Report and the Haskell                                              H
  98Library Report define the language and can be accessed
  on the website or downloaded. A tutorial is also available.
                                                                   Maintained by Sun Microsystems, this site is the official
                                                                                                                                   I                                                     home of Java. Here, you will find the latest news and infor-
                                                                   mation about Java, downloads, tutorials, code samples,
                                                                   support, and much more. If you program in Java, you will
                                                                   definitely want to bookmark this site.
  With links to thousands of web programming resources in
  more than 1,000 categories, is one of the       Linux Advisor                                                     L
  best places for webmasters and programmers to find what
  they need to enhance their sites. evaluates
  resources and presents a collection of the best resources on
  the Web.                                                         Linux Advisor is the online version of Linux Advisor maga-      N
                                                                   zine, which provides news, information, technical advice,
HTML Goodies                                                       business solutions, and other resources concerning the          O                                   Linux operating system. If you develop programs for
                                                                   Linux, Linux Advisor can provide the support and infor-
                                                                   mation you need.
  Programmers will find the tutorials and primers a great
  start to learning more about various programming tools,        Linux Assembly
  including HTML, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, and CGI. Visitors
  can also ask questions of experts and search the site for
  more information.
                                                                   This site provides information for programming under            S
HTML Center                                                        UNIX-like operating systems, including Linux, BSD, and                                          BeOS. The navigation bar provides quick access to several       T
                                                                   sections including news, projects, docs, tutorials, and
                                                                   asmutils.                                                       U
  Learn about HTML, Java, JavaScript, Flash, and more.
  Online tutorials teach the basics, product reviews evaluate    Linux Planet                                                      V
  the best HTML authoring software, help forums answer 
  your questions. Shop online via                                                                                      W
HTML Guru                                                          Huge collection of information and resources about the
                                                                   Linux operating system. Here, you will find discussion
                                                                   groups, distributors, opinions, reports, reviews, and tuto-
                                                                   rials. If you’re planning on ditching Windows and using         Y
  An unusual site that demonstrates what is possible with          Linux instead or if you are programming for Linux, check
  dynamic HTML programming through reference material              out this site before you proceed.                               Z
  and tutorials.

      MSDN Online                                            

        Resources, downloads, magazines, and more are available at       O’Reilly and Associates Perl site is the premier site for
C       this comprehensive site. Microsoft Developers Network
        (MSDN) is a resource site for programmers and developers.
                                                                         learning about Perl. Provides links for documentation,
                                                                         training, downloads, books, FAQs and other resources
D       Links to additional information about .NET technology.           focusing on Perl.

E     PC AI: The Dylan Programming Language                            Programmers’ Heaven        
        Dylan is an object-oriented programming language cur-            Online resource for beginner to expert programmers.
G       rently being developed by Apple. This site offers links to       Download source code and files for various programming
        sites with information about Dylan, Dylan vendors, Dylan         languages or order them on CD-ROM. You’ll also find more
H       FAQs, and Dylan newsgroups.                                      than 26,000 links to programming-related sites. Subscribe to
                                                                         the mailing list to receive email updates.
I     Pennington/XTRAN                              Quadralay’s C++ Archive

K       Pennington Systems Incorporated developed XTRAN, an
        expert system that provides translation, analysis, re-           Quadralay is a developer of software products that produce
L       engineering, standardization, and code generation.
        XTRAN’s rules language is like C in syntax but is similar
                                                                         and distribute documents in standard electronic formats.
                                                                         This site includes a number of links that point to C++ pro-
        to Lisp in semantics.                                            gramming information. You can find links to guides for
M                                                                        understanding Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFCs), get a
       Related Sites                                                     list of C++ library archives, and access career resource
N                                       links. The Learn C++ section includes a number of links to           books, tutorials, and classes that will help you understand
O                                                                        C++ better.
      Perl: CPAN Comprehensive Perl Archive
P     Network
                                                                        Related Sites

R       Comprehensive collection of links to the best Perl resources   VBWire
        on the Web. Locate Perl source code, modules, and scripts;
S       research documentation; and find answers to the most
        common questions.
T                                                                        VBWire features the latest news and about Visual Basic,
                                                                         plus developer forums where you can exchange informa-
      Perl Resources and Reviews: Diving for Perl
                                                                         tion with other Visual Basic developers.

V                                                                      Visual Basic: Microsoft Visual Basic
        Interested in learning Perl? Then start with this introduc-
W       tion to Perl put together by one of its most enthusiastic
        advocates. Lots of links to the best Perl resources on
        the Web.                                                         When you’re looking for information on Microsoft Visual
X                                                                        Basic, go to the source itself: Microsoft. This site features an
                                                                         introduction to Microsoft Visual Basic along with devel-
Y                                                                        oper forums, tools, articles, and support.

                                                                                                             COMPUTERS            201

Webmonkey                                                             SOFTWARE—DOWNLOADS
                                                                5 Star                                                             B
  A great list of how-to libraries for topics ranging from
  e-commerce to authoring, design, multimedia, program-
  ming, and more. Excellent resource for web developers.
                                                                  Check the laundry list of types of shareware available for
                                                                  download, or read the expert recommendations before
        SOFTWARE—ANTIVIRUS                                        making your selection.
AVG AntiVirus                                                   BlackICE Update Center                                             F                               

  U                                                               U                                                                G
  This is the home of one of the better anti-virus utilities      Protect your computer and files from potential hack attacks      H
                                                                  by downloading Black Ice Defender, a personal firewall.
  around, and it’s free! Here, you can check out its features
  and decide whether you want to stick with the old stan-         Tech support and customer service are also available on          I
  dards (McAfee AntiVirus or Norton AntiVirus) or try             this site.
  something that some tests have proven to be even more                                                                            J
  effective… and certainly more affordable.                     DemoNet
Dr. Solomon                                          Commercial software index. Browse through detailed infor-
  U                                                               mation for more than 47,000 titles, and download free
                                                                  demos of products.
  Learn more about Dr. Solomon’s Virex product and then
  order it online.
                                                                                                                                   O                                             Download software for virtually any application—virus            P
  U                                                               protection, productivity, multimedia, and more.
  Get new virus alerts at McAfee, as well as help buying,
  installing, and running its VirusScan software, as well as
  instruction in eliminating existing viruses on your system.
  Also features a searchable database of viruses, to help you     freshmeat maintains the Web’s largest index of open-source
  determine if a virus warning is a hoax and to learn more
  about a particular virus and how to eliminate it from your
                                                                  Unix and cross-platform software and Palm OS software.
                                                                  Each entry contains a description of the software, a link for    T
  computer.                                                       finding out more about it and download it, and a brief his-
                                                                  tory of the product’s development. If you’re looking for         U
Symantec                                                          Linux software, this should be your first stop.                                                                                                              V
  U                                                             Happy Puppy
  Buy Norton AntiVirus here, learn about protecting your
  system from viruses and other threats, and download virus       This gaming site provides shareware games and reviews for
  definition updates (if you own the program).                    a wide variety of games for Mac and PC. Subscribe to the
                                                                  newsletter to keep abreast of the latest news and reviews.

      Mac Surfer                                                         Tucows

B                                                                          U
        Weekly directory of free and demo Mac software available
C       on the Web. Features links to other Mac-related resources.         One of the largest, most popular shareware/freeware sites,
                                                                           Tucows features more than 40,000 software titles for the
D     Jumbo!                                                               Macintosh operating system, Windows, Linux, OS/2, and
                                                                           others. Ranks, describes, and reviews each program in its
E                                                                          collection. Here, you can find Internet programs, computer
                                                                           utilities, games, themes, multimedia players, and more.
        Huge collection of freeware and shareware for download
F       organized by categories, including Internet, MP3 Players,        SnapFiles
        Utilities, Wallpaper, Business, Drivers, and more. Excellent
G       descriptions and reviews of each available program.    

H     Qwerks                                                               Formerly, this site features one of the                                               “world’s largest Internet related software collection.” It also
I       U                                                                  features a good collection of software that is not related to
                                                                           the Internet. SnapFiles is unique in that it reviews and rates
J       This site helps smaller software manufacturers get their
                                                                           all shareware that is submitted before making it available to
                                                                           users. This site is nicely designed, easy to use, and provides
K       products into the hands of users like you. The site exposes
        you to a wide variety of software. To get started, you can go
                                                                           excellent descriptions of the available software.

L       to See What’s Hot, New Products, or Do A Search. Read a
        description, order it online, and download it immediately.         SOFTWARE—MISCELLANEOUS
M                                                    2020

O       A great site for locating networking and Internet security
                                                                           Your Internet source for accounting software ranging in
        shareware and downloading it, as well as finding out about
P       new software additions. Search the database by type of soft-
                                                                           price from $99–$250,000. Products are grouped into low-
                                                                           end, mid-range, and high-end. Online shopping is available
        ware or by the most popular.
        U                                                                  U
T       This “Encyclopedia of free software downloads” offers a
        wide selection of freeware and shareware for Windows PCs,
                                                                           Product feature information for Adobe software products,
                                                                           including PageMaker, Acrobat, and Photoshop. Great place
U       Macs, and mobile devices. Navigation buttons provide quick
        access to the desired categories, including Windows, games,
                                                                           to find shareware versions of Adobe products, order prod-
                                                                           ucts online, and obtain technical support.
        drivers, Mac, mobile, and news. After selecting a general cat-
V       egory, you can click the drop-down list for the Sections in
        This Category to pick a more selective grouping. You can         Family Tree Maker Online
W       select the desired viewing mode, as well—Normal,       
        Freeware, or Shareware—to screen out any versions you              U
X       don’t want to consider. Automated updating enables this site
        to remain current up to the minute.
Y                                                                          An online genealogy library, genealogy lessons, columns
                                                                           featuring researching techniques, and tips on how to trace
                                                                           immigrant origins. Buy genealogy software and family
Z                                                                          archive CDs online.
                                                                                                              COMPUTERS            203

Help-Site Computer Manuals                                                  TROUBLESHOOTING
                                                                 5 Star Support                                                     B
  Links to 365 online manuals pertaining to DOS, Windows,
  the Internet, networking, Unix, and programming.                                                                                  C
International Data Group                                           At this site, volunteer technical support personnel help
                                                                   users resolve computer and software issues for free. Get free
  U                                                                technical support, meet the techs, visit the solution center,
                                                                   or sign up for the free newsletter. You can also donate your
  Publisher of magazines such as ComputerWorld/InfoWorld,
                                                                   time or money to keep the service running.
  PC World, Network World, MacWorld, Channel World, and          ActiveWindows
  Specialty. Find links to each of these publications. Many
  feature software previews, reviews, and recommendations.
Laurie McCanna’s Photoshop, Corel, Painter,                        ActiveWindows is packed with up-to-date news regarding
and Paintshop Pro Tips                                             most aspects of the computer industry, including                 I
                                                                   Macintosh and PC hardware, MacOS and Windows, DVD                             technology, and DirectX. Includes interviews, downloads,
                                                                   reviews, tech tips, and more.
  This site features tips and tutorials for Photoshop, Corel,
                                                                 Answers That Work
  Painter, and Paintshop Pro users. A multitude of examples
  for the applications that are offered.                                                   L
New Breed Software                                                 Answers That Work is an online helpdesk that can assist          M                                    you in solving both hardware and software issues.
                                                                   Registered users can submit a query. Unregistered users          N
                                                                   must browse through the task list directory to find a topic
  New Breed creates open source software for a variety of
  platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix,            that matches their specific problems. This site also provides    O
  BeOS, and PDAs and video game systems. Products range            a nifty utility called TUT: The Ultimate Troubleshooter.
  from games to applications to programming libraries.             TUT focuses on identifying background operations sus-            P
                                                                   pected of causing about 65% of the most common com-
Web Copier                                                         puter problems.                                                  Q
                                                                 Apple Technical Support                                            R
  Web Copier is a powerful offline browser that records web-
  sites and stores them on your hard drive until you are ready
                                                                   U                                                                S
  to view them. Save time by storing records locally before
  referencing them.                                                Apple Computer’s technical support site features free
                                                                   downloads and patches and answers to common questions.
ZDNet                                                              Check out products and services, search the knowledge-           U
                                                                   base, download files, check out the discussion groups, or
                                                                   find online user manuals.                                        V
  Demos and downloads site for ZD Internet magazine, pro-        AskDrTech                                                          W
  viding Internet applets, demos, product reviews, and free
  software for all platforms. Updated weekly.                                                                                       X
                                                                   For about eight bucks a day, you can get expert technical
                                                                   support over the phone for all of your computer questions
                                                                   and problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At this site,
                                                                   you can learn more about the service and sign up. Both
                                                                   Mac and PC tech support is available.

      Help2go                                                             PC Pitstop

B                                                                           U
        Get free computer advice in the form of helpful articles at
C       this site, which also offers to answer your first live question
        free if the articles don’t do it—through Expertcity.
                                                                            Have an automated technician check your PC for problems
                                                                            and help you optimize your system. PC Pitstop checks to
D     MacFixIt
                                                                            see whether your computer is vulnerable to attacks from
                                                                            viruses or hackers, determines if the hard drive has enough
E                                               space and is fast enough, checks the memory, reports on
                                                                            the speed of your Internet connection, and much more.
F       Mac owners who have encountered a problem they can’t
                                                                            Very cool tool for tuning up a PC.
        solve should head to MacFixIt, where they can participate
G       in forums, read archived articles that might answer ques-
        tions, look at a troubleshooting report, or download share-
H       ware and freeware designed to correct bugs.
                                                                            Provides tips for using several software applications,
I                PCMechanic                                                 including Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Word, Outlook,                                                and Windows. Site enables users to submit questions to
J                                                                           online “gurus” to have those questions answered.

K       If you like to tinker with your own PC rather than calling
        in a technician every time something goes wrong, check
                                                                          Tech Support Guy
L       out PCMechanic. Here you can find tutorials on everything
        from upgrading and repairing PCs to building your own
        PC from scratch. PCMechanic provides four complemen-
M       tary forms of assistance—the website itself, offline publica-
                                                                            Online forum where users with computer or software
                                                                            problems can post questions to have them answered by
        tions and CD content, online discussion forums, and a               more experienced users, or the pros themselves.
N       newsletter. Tabs provide easy navigation to sections that
        deal with specific PC components and additional sections          VirtualDr
O       on how a PC works, PC optimization and troubleshooting,
        and more. An excellent site for the PC weekend mechanic.
                                                                            Dedicated to providing computer users the tools and infor-
Q                                                                           mation they need to maintain their computers and trou-
                                                                            bleshoot problems. Tutorials on how to keep your
R                                                                           computer running correctly and forums where you might
                                                                            be able to find the answer to your problem.

                                                               CONSUMER ISSUES                                                    C
Better Business Bureau                                             ConsumerLine
                                                                                                                                  E                                                                  F
  The Better Business Bureau allows visitors to access a data-       The Office of Consumer and Business Education of the         G
  base of business and consumer alerts. Visitors can also file a     Bureau of Consumer Protection operates this online ser-
  complaint with the BBB, find an office, and learn about            vice. Find published articles on various consumer issues     H
  membership and various BBB programs. You can also                  (in English or Spanish), read about current consumer
  check the BBB’s database to determine whether a particular         problems, report a consumer complaint, or check out edu-     I
  online store is a safe place to shop.                              cational campaigns.
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute Home Page                          ConsumerWebWatch                                                                    K
  The helmet advocacy program for the Washington Area                ConsumerWebWatch, from Consumer Reports, keeps an eye
  Bicyclist Association. You’ll find a consumer pamphlet, a
  toolkit for organizing bicycle helmet programs, plus the
                                                                     on the Web to ensure that companies are providing accurate
                                                                     information and making legitimate claims about their prod-
  latest issue of The Helmet Update, a newsletter devoted to         ucts, services, and prices. By keeping consumers informed
  discussing helmet news.                                            and telling them what to watch for, ConsumerWebWatch         N
                                                                     makes sure the entire consumer base remains populated with
The Consumer Law Page                                                savvy users and shoppers.                                    O
                                                                   Corporate Watch                                                P
  Provides information related to consumer law. Offers arti-                                                                      Q
  cles on topics such as insurance fraud and product liability;
  brochures on topics such as automobiles, funerals, and
  banking; and useful links to other resources related to con-
                                                                     Website designed for investigating corporate activity. Get
                                                                     the hottest consumer news, learn about the organization’s
  sumer law.                                                         latest campaigns, and learn the research techniques needed
                                                                     to dig up dirt on your favorite company.
 Related Site                                              The Dental Consumer Advisor
Consumer World
                                                                                               U                                        Useful and practical information on dental issues. You’ll    V
                                                                     find dental terminology, information on insurance, and
  Find 2,000 Internet consumer resources from reporting              information on finding a dentist. Write about your own       W
  fraud to looking for the best airfare. Search the database for     dental experiences or ask the advisor questions. Extensive
  your specific consumer issue. Read the latest consumer             list of links related to dentistry.                          X

      FDA Consumer Magazine                                             National Consumer Protection Week

        Publication of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration;                 9–13
C       includes reports of unsafe or worthless products. Electronic
        copies are available through the website, or you can sub-
                                                                          Find out when National Consumer Protection Week will be
                                                                          celebrated this year and pick up tips on securing your per-
D       scribe to the magazine by sending in the online form.
        Archives can be searched at this site as well.
                                                                          sonal information and safety. Site also includes links for
                                                                          young people.
E     Federal Citizen Information Center                                National Consumers League

G           All                                                           Founded in 1899, this advocacy group represents con-
        Access 200 federal publications regarding consumer issues.        sumers on workplace and marketplace issues. Find out the
H       A catalog offers information on a wide range of areas, such       latest on consumer scams. Learn how to become an NCL
        as cars, healthcare, food, travel, and children. You can also     member and when and where the NCL’s next event is
I       order the entire catalog of publications.                         scheduled.

J                FirstGov for Consumers                                 The National Fraud Information Center

L       FirstGov for Consumers functions as an all-inclusive kiosk        Originally formed in 1992 to battle telemarketing fraud, the
                                                                          NFIC now has a toll-free hotline for reporting telemarket-
        for online federal information resources. Links are orga-
M       nized by easily recognizable categories, including Food,
        Health, Public Safety, Your Money, Transportation,
                                                                          ing fraud, asking for advice about telemarketing calls, and
                                                                          investigating Internet fraud. The website also offers a sec-
                                                                          tion on fraud targeting the elderly.
N       Children, Careers and Education, and Technology. Because
        this site features an easy way to obtain almost all the more
                                                                        The PIRGs: Fighting for Consumers
O       useful government information for the average consumer,
        we’ve chosen to award it the Best of the Best award for this
                                                                          The Public Interest Research Group battles against con-
      Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights
                                                                          sumer abuses. Some of the group’s campaigns are against
                                                                          rising bank fees, credit company errors and abuses, danger-
R                                                                         ous products, and the tobacco industry’s marketing to
        Company dedicated to protecting the rights of the con-
S       sumer, taxpayer, and medical patient. Find out the latest in
                                                                        U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
        consumer news and events, or search for your area of inter-
T       est. You can even donate funds or volunteer to help out the
        cause. Don’t miss The Whistleblower, “The newsletter that

U       addresses the corporate and governmental crises of today
        and blows the whistle on the brewing fiascos of tomorrow.”            All
                                                                          Protects Americans against possible injury and death
V     Internet ScamBusters                                                caused by consumer products. If you have had an experi-
                                                                          ence with an unsafe product, report it on the Talk to Us
                                                                          page. Check out the latest recalled products. You’ll find a
                                                                          special 4 Kids page that addresses issues such as the risks of
X       Free online newsletter dedicated to exposing Internet fraud       scooters, the importance of wearing bike helmets, and tips
        and protecting consumers from misinformation and hype.            for playing baseball safely. Some fun stuff for kids, too.
Y       Subscribe to the newsletter, share your own Internet scam
        experience, or enter the Internet ScamBusting Contest.           Related Sites

                                             COOKING AND RECIPES                                                                    C
About: Low Fat Cooking                                            CheeseNet
                                                                                                                                    E                                                             F
  Recipes and techniques to help you prepare low-fat meals.               All                                                       G
Art of Eating
                                                                    The graphics-rich cheese bible of the Web—ways to make
                                                                    it, its history, the different variations, a picture gallery,
                                                                    cheese literature, and cheese language. Features a cheese-
  U                                                                 making demonstration and free consultation with Dr.             I
                                                                    Emory K. Cheese. Though not designed for kids, this site
                                                                    will appeal to visitors of all ages.                            J
  You’ll consider subscribing to this quarterly print publica-
  tion after reading the description on the website. The Art of   Chef Talk                                                         K
  Eating is about the best food and wine—what they are, how
  they are produced, where to find them (the farms, markets,
  shops, restaurants).                                              U                                                               L
Betty Crocker
                                                                    Turn to this site to learn all about cooking from the profes-                                        sionals. Culinary 101 offers lessons from the experts them-
                                                                    selves, who also offer some of the best new recipes around.
  Betty Crocker is almost synonymous with cooking, and
                                                                    You can also sign up to receive free Chef Talk updates via
  here you’ll find a collection of her favorite recipes orga-
  nized by appetizers, breakfast/brunch, lunch, dinner, and       Chile Pepper Magazine
  desserts. Betty Crocker also provides some meal ideas
  grouped by Dinner Made Easy, Kids Meals, Cooking for                                         Q
  Two, and Entertaining. This online kitchen offers some            U
  other sections, as well, including Baking Ideas, Products,                                                                        R
  and Coupons.                                                      Chile pepper culture, recipes, restaurants, botany, and chat.
Bread                                                             Christiane’s Collection of Cooking Recipes of
                                                                  Chemists and Physicists                                           T
  Provides an index of bread recipes, including recipes for
  bagels, biscuits, scones, and pretzels.
                                                                    Contains easy-to-make and inexpensive recipes collected by      V
                                                                    German chemists and physicists. Recipes are available in
                                                                    both English and German. Includes a metric conversion           W
                                                                    chart and lots of popups.

      Cookbooks Online Recipe Database                                      Culinary Schools

        Cookbooks Online recipe database is the largest recipe                Lists culinary schools in the United States and describes
C       database on the Web. If you’re looking for recipes, this is
        the place to start!
                                                                              programs offered.

                                                                            Culinary World Tour
        U                                                                     Provides a nice representation of international recipes
F                                                                             ranging from African Bobotie, a curried bread custard with
        The weekly menu planner and menu of the day are two of                lamb, to Kloi Buad Chi, a dessert from Thailand.
G       the most helpful items on this site, which also offers every
        conceivable cooking utensil and piece of equipment for sale         Dinner Co-Op
H       to help you cook up those meals.                          

I     The Cooking Couple Clubhouse
                                                                              This site offers more than your run-of-the mill food-related
J                                                                             site. More than 750 recipes plus 3,000 links to sites concen-
                                                                              trating on recipes, culinary education, restaurant reviews,
K             Not for kids                                                    and online food stores. Well organized and useful—defi-
                                                                              nitely worth a bookmark!
        Jump out of the frying pan and into the fire with the best-
L       selling cooking couple on a website dedicated to food,
        romance, love, and lust.                                            Dole’s Healthy Foods & Recipes
M     Cooking Light

N                                                 All
                                                                              Encourages kids to prepare their own healthy snacks with
O           Not for kids                                                      fruits and vegetables. Includes recipes for fruity breakfast
        Learn how to cook and eat lighter meals. Includes a                   parfait, ABC vegetable soup, crispy winter vegetable salad,
P       Cooking 101 tutorial, recipes for some tasty dishes, menu             and more than a dozen other healthy snacks and meals.
        and meal planning guides, bulletin boards, surveys, and
Q       more. Excellent site includes fantastic pictures showing                       Epicurious
        how a dish should look when it’s ready to be served.      
R                                                                             U
      Cooks Online
S                                         Boasting a 16,000 plus collection of recipes for meals and
T       Calling itself the “Consumer Reports of Cooking,” this site
                                                                              cocktails from Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines, this
                                                                              site acts as your electronic cookbook. Search for a specific
U       does a good job of evaluating cookware and testing recipes
        for its members, who can also find cookbook reviews and
                                                                              recipe or search by food, such as asparagus or chicken. Site
                                                                              also features a restaurant guide, travel guide, and online
                                                                              shopping. Advertises food, wine, cooking, and travel prod-
V       helpful cooking tips.
                                                                              ucts. And if that’s not enough, the site’s design and tantaliz-
      Creole and Cajun Recipe Page                                            ing photos will almost make your mouth water!
        Mark Twain once said, “New Orleans food is as delicious as
Y       the less criminal forms of sin.” He’d love this site. It features
        a comprehensive guide with recipes that distinguish the fine
Z       art of New Orleans Cajun and Creole cuisine. Also contains
        links to several online cookbooks and food-related sites.
                                                                                                  COOKING AND RECIPES               209

Fabulous Foods                                                      Friends and Partners Kitchen                              
  U                                                                                                                                  B
  Looking for some low-carb recipes to help you lose some                 All                                                        C
  weight? This site has several sets of recipes for people            Offers American, Russian, and international cuisine
  watching what they eat. It also offers primers on types of
  food, describing how to prepare it and providing recipes to
                                                                      recipes. Also supports an international chef chat room for
                                                                      culinary tips and treasures. Contains links to other online
  follow. Meet celebrity chefs and pick up some special-
  occasion menus.
                                                                      cookbooks and an area just for kids.                           E
                                                                    FYNet’s Collection of Malaysian Recipes                          F
FatFree Vegetarian Mailing List Archive                                                                                                                                 G
                                                                      Looking to try something a little different? Try this site,
  Contains 4,667 fat-free and low-fat vegetarian recipes that         which contains links to four Internet recipe sources of        H
  can be accessed from a searchable archive. Also contains            Malaysian cuisine.
  links to other low-fat/vegetarian-oriented Internet                                                                                I
  resources.                                                        Kosher Express
Food Network
                                                                      A generous collection of Kosher recipes for Passover. Also
  U                                                                   contains links to Usenet Kosher recipe archives.
  Home of Iron Chef America, Boy Meets Grill, and dozens            Mama’s Cookbook                                                  M
  of other gourmet cooking, food, and drink shows, the Food
  Network provides culinary information and resources for
  those who truly enjoy and appreciate fine cuisine.
Food Resource                                                         A graphics-rich collection of Italian-style recipes using      O
                                                                      Ragu products. Contains a pasta and cooking glossary for
                                                                      those just starting to cook.                                   P
  A comprehensive index of food-related sites. Choose from          Medieval/Renaissance Food Home Page                              Q
  a plethora of links to recipe sites, restaurant databases, col-
  orful images of food, sites on culinary education, and any-                                                                        R
  thing else even remotely connected with food.
                                                                      Offers references and recipes for anyone who wants to
                                                                      make a medieval feast or sample medieval cooking just for
Food TV Network
                                                                      one’s self. Includes references for European and Islamic
                                                                    Mushroom Recipes                                                 U
  Incredible collection of cooking information and resources,
  including the Cooking 101 tutorial, recipe and menu
  search, links to celebrity chefs (including Emeril), live
  chats, video clips, and much more.                                  Excellent collection of mushroom facts and recipes. Find       W
                                                                      out how mushrooms grow and how to handle mushrooms
                                                                      properly. Explains mushroom varieties and basic prepara-
                                                                      tion of mushrooms. Includes a mushroom recipe of the
                                                                      month, recipes for mushroom appetizers, and nutritional

      National Pork Producer’s Council                                  Stuart’s Chinese Recipes

        Find out all there is to know about “the other white meat,”       An impressive collection of Chinese food recipes gathered
C       including industry facts, health statistics, and pig facts.       from submissions by visitors of the site. Visitors are
                                                                          encouraged to add their Chinese culinary wisdom to the
D     New England Lobster                                                 present collection.
E                                                                       TexMex
F       Offers fresh lobster, guaranteed overnight delivery. Provides
        online ordering through a secure server. Be sure to check         Provides a collection of traditional TexMex recipes. A good
G       out the extensive indexed collection of seafood recipes.          foundation of dishes sure to please the palate suited for
                                                                          spicy food.
H     Pasta Home Page
                                                                        Top Secret Recipes

J       Answers to frequently asked questions about pasta, infor-         U
        mation about the National Pasta Association and its
K       brands, pasta nutritional information, information about
        various pasta shapes and which sauces to use them with,
                                                                          Top Secret Recipes on the Web is the world’s only website
                                                                          that brings you original custom recipes that have been cre-
L       and several pasta recipes.                                        ated from scratch in the test kitchen of the guy who has
                                                                          devoted the past decade to kitchen cloning. Links to online
M     Pedro’s Kitchen                                                     shopping.
                                                                        Tuscany Italian Cooking
        A collection of authentic Brazilian recipes from a self-
O       proclaimed Renaissance man.                                       U
P                                                      From Umberto’s Kitchen. Italian cuisine is so popular                                           because it is accompanied by lots of hospitality, fun, wine,
Q                                                                         and people. The site includes a cookbook and recipe of the
R       From Prevention’s Healthy Ideas; includes nutrition news
        and a “healthy” collection of recipes. When you get to          WeightWatchers Recipes
S’s home page, click the Food & Nutri-
        tion tab.                                             

T     Recipe Archive Index                                                If you’re following the WeightWatcher’s diet and you need a
U                               little help planning your meals, turn to the WeightWatchers
                                                                          recipe page. This site offers a few freebies, but if you want
                                                                          more, you’ll need to subscribe.
V       A master recipe archive ranging from crock pot recipes to
        ethnic dishes collected by Amy Gale. Hundreds of recipes        Williams-Sonoma
W       in dozens of categories.

X     Rhubarb Compendium                                                  U
Y                                                                         Well-stocked online store for serious chefs and gourmets
                                                                          features cookware, dinnerware, cutlery, electronic appli-
        The history and description of rhubarb; how to grow, har-
Z       vest, store, and use rhubarb; tons of rhubarb recipes; and a
                                                                          ances, and much more. The site also features gift ideas,
                                                                          recipes, and wedding gift registries.
        rhubarb photo gallery.

                                                   CRAFTS AND HOBBIES                                                                    C
Arts and Crafts Society                                             Craft
                                                                                                                                         E                                                                          F
  In the spirit of the societies created during the early twenti-     Get craft project ideas here, as well as access to craft sup-      G
  eth century in response to the Arts & Crafts Movement,              plies. You’ll also find auctions of popular crafting, stitching,
  this site has been created to provide an online “home” for          and painting supplies, books, and magazines here, through          H
  the present-day Arts & Crafts Movement community. If      
  you aren’t sure what the Arts & Crafts Movement is/was,                                                                                I
  check out the Archives for more information. Links to   
  artisans and publications.                                                                          J
Aunt Annie’s Crafts
                                                                      If you’re creative but paint-by-numbers doesn’t do any-
                                                                      thing for you, check out Here you can pick
                                                                      up ideas from other craft outlaws who like to think up pro-
  Takes the craft how-to book one step further by putting it
                                                                      jects on their own. Most of the projects are accompanied by
                                                                      photographs, so you can get a good look at the finished
  on the Web and taking advantage of the flexibility that the
  Internet offers. New craft projects every week.
                                                                    Do-It-Yourself Network
Candle Projects                                           
                                                                      Huge collection of projects complete with step-by-step
  This page has many project ideas, including water balloon           instructions for the do-it-yourselfer. Projects include every-     Q
  candles, fruit candles, and many more.                              thing from creating your own party favors to weatherproof-
                                                                      ing your home. If you’re handy around the house or you
                                                                      just enjoy doing creative projects on your own, you’ll find
Children’s Crafts Recipes
                                                                      plenty to keep you busy.                                           S
                                                                    Get Crafty                                                           T
  Recipes for different kinds of dough, paint, silly putty, and
  even ice cream! A little messy, but fun.
                                                                      This “home of the craftistas” doesn’t look like much from
Craft Fairs Online                                                    the opening page, but it offers some pretty cool crafts, such      V
                                                                      as “How to Knit a Bikini” and “How to Make Your Own                                      Mini-Shrine.” It also features step-by-step instructions for       W
                                                                      throwing a kick-ass party. As you can see, this isn’t your
  Craft-y people will be delighted to see so many links—to            average craft-show stuff.                                          X
  artists, fairs, supplies, publications, newsgroups, software,
  and more.                                                                                                                              Y

A                Hands-on Crafts                                                       HOBBY SHOPS                                                  AND CRAFT STORES
             All                                                         A2Z Hobbies
C       This is a very cool interactive site directed toward the
        younger audience but certainly suitable and interesting for
D       older artists and crafts people, too. The opening page pro-        U
        vides access to two studios: Studio 1 is all about clay, and
E       Studio 2 deals with string, cloth, and cane. Click the link        Find all the kits and supplies you need to fuel your enthusi-
        for the desired studio and start exploring. Here you can           asm for remote-controlled airplanes, model rocketry, pine
F       find excellent illustrated primers on various popular craft        cars, plastic models, and model trains. You won’t find
        media along with some interesting sidebars. The interactiv-        candles, lace, or floral arrangements at this shop.
G       ity and multimedia features of this site are what really bring
        it to life. Well worth a visit!                                  A.C. Moore Home Page
      Joseph Wu’s Origami Page
J       This site features the origami art of Joseph Wu, along with
                                                                           Site of A.C. Moore, an arts, crafts, and floral shop. The site
                                                                           features a store locator, handy information about individ-
        links to sites where you can find other origami creations
K       and instructions. Crisp, clear photos of some of these
                                                                           ual stores, projects to dig into, a Kids Club for fun, and a
                                                                           Teachers Club offering discounts to teachers. Features some
        amazing creations will inspire awe in some visitors and the
L       desire to create in others.
                                                                           great craft ideas just for kids, too.

                                                                         Art Glass World
M     Mother’s Home                                            
                                                                           A searchable site specializing in stained art and art glass.
O            All                                                           See visitors’ glass artwork or display your own at the
        A virtual home with several rooms for creative activities          Visitors Gallery. Grab some free patterns, order stained-
P       and crafts. Each room is packed with links that direct your
        browser to other sites on the Web. Some fun activity ideas
                                                                           glass books, find a list of suppliers, join a live chat, locate
                                                                           retail stores, discover what’s new in glass art, peruse glass
Q       just for kids.                                                     art magazines, and dig into the Q&A section.

R     ReadyMade                                                                             
S       U                                                                  U
T       This site is “for people who like to make stuff.” Here you         Using an online shopping-cart system, you can purchase
        can find articles from the magazine, along with a store            basket patterns, as well as basket-weaving tools, accessories,
U       where you can buy plans and kits for many of the projects.         and books. You can also order finished baskets. The site
        ReadyMade can show you how to make everything from                 also supplies some basketry-related links.
V       posters to your own modular dwelling! Subscribe online,
        sample the current issue, dig through the archives, read and     Crafts Etc!
W       post messages in the forums, and much more. When you’re
        ready make something with your own two hands, visit
X       ReadyMade.                                                         U
Y                                                                          Find the kits and supplies you need for your arts and crafts
                                                                           projects and order them online.
                                                                                                  CRAFTS AND HOBBIES                  213

eHobbies                                                           HobbyTown USA                                  
  U                                                                                                                                    B
  Looking to develop a hobby? You’ll find plenty of ideas,           Except for its Art and Craft Town, HobbyTown is a shop            C
  expert advice, and product information to get you in the           that caters more to an engineer’s taste in hobbies, providing
  right direction. There are also contests and products
  to order.
                                                                     separate areas for RC airplanes, cars, boats, and helicopters;
                                                                     model rockets; railroads; and plastic models.
Fabri-Centers                                                      Michael’s: The Arts and Crafts Store
                                                                                                                                       E                                                                                 F
                                                                          All                                                          G
  Site for Jo-Ann, ClothWorld, and New York Fabrics and
  Crafts stores. Find your local store, enter a drawing, sub-
                                                                     At this site, you can get craft tips and new project ideas,
                                                                     find out about upcoming store activities, have fun on the         H
  scribe to the store newsletter, visit the investor relations       Kids Club pages, join in the online activities and interactive
  page, find out about in-store specials, or post a message in       crafts, find the Michael’s store nearest you, or even find        I
  Message Central to ask questions or share tips. Best of all,       investor information. Kids Club features activities, crafts,
  visit the creative center for loads of crafts and sewing ideas     events, and games that appeal to younger kids.                    J
  and information.
                                                                   R/C Web Directory                                                   K
Hobby Lobby Home Page                                                                               U                                                                 L
                                                                     For radio-controlled vehicles and aircraft enthusiasts. This
  Hobby Lobby’s searchable Internet catalog is a good way to
  get details on the products you’re interested in or just
                                                                     site offers kit sales, tips, and advice.                          N
  browse for ideas. You’ll find lots of other things to check
  out, including weekly specials, television goings-on, craft
  projects, store locations and information, affiliated compa-
  nies, and visitors’ correspondence. You can even print an
  Internet coupon and take it to the store on your next visit
  or shop online at Hobby Lobby’s affiliate store, Crafts Etc!                                                                         Q
HOBBYLINC                                                                                                                              R
  A full resource of hobby supplies—more than 10,000 items                                                                             U
  available. View an extensive graphical catalog and take
  advantage of links, hints for hobbyists, biweekly specials,                                                                          V
  and educational information about various hobbies. Place
  or check the status of your order. Online gift certificates                                                                          W
  available for gift-giving.

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