Chapter 1 Study Guide by H8pUtAp


									                            Chapter 1 Study Guide

Lesson 1:
       Terms- Health
       Concepts- Identify the 3 sides of the Health Triangle
                - List positive aspects for each side of the Health Triangle
                - How do health habits affect wellness
                - Explain the difference between Health and Wellness
                - What role do your decisions play in Wellness
                - Evaluate your behaviors over the past week, how do these behaviors
                   affect your wellness
Lesson 2:
       Terms - Adolescence
                - Puberty
                - Hormones
                - Peers
                - Community Service
       Concepts- Describe physical changes that occur during puberty
                - Identify mental and emotional changes that hormones cause
                - How do relationships change during puberty
                - What is the role of community service in your development

Lesson 3:
       Terms: - Lifestyle factor
                - Risk behaviors
                - Sedentary lifestyle
                - Cumulative risks
                - Precautions
                - Prevention
                - Abstinence
                - Attitude
       Concepts: - What is the role of lifestyle factors in your health
                - List several positive lifestyle factors
                - Identify ways to reduce risk in your life
                - Give an example of cumulative risks
                - How does abstinence benefit the three sides of your health triangle
                - Describe ways you can take responsibility for your health
                - How does attitude affect your wellness

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