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									Introduction to Using QR Codes in Classrooms
If you have seen QR Codes (Quick Response), then you know they are popping up everywhere. Their
rise mirrors the widespread use of smart phones equipped with cameras. QR codes present a great
opportunity for educators to use technology in a meaningful way. Here are two ways teachers can use
QR codes with students along with four lesson ideas.

    QR IDEA                    What’s it look like?                   How can I use it in class?

                                                       •Create a QR code linking to a web image of famous people,
                                                       places, or other pieces of content. Put the QR code on sticker
                                                       paper, make copies so that each student is given a code they
                                                       wear on their back. Tell them to circulate the room, scanning
  Icebreakers &                                        their classmates code and giving them hints as to what’s on
                                                       their back. See the instructions for the icebreaker in this
  Reviews                                              slideshow:

                                                       •Challenge the students to create their own QR code linking to
                                                       a web page that would represent a key piece that helps to
                                                       answer your unit or essential questions.

                                                       •Create a QR code linking to specific web pages within your
                                                       online text. Place that QR code on your student handouts
                                                       where it can help a student quickly find the reading section that
                                                       will assist them in completing their work. See this example free
                                                       •Have students create a placard that highlights an important
  Bookmarking                                          topic you have studied in class. Challenge the students to
                                                       make a compelling image or graphic along with including a QR
                                                       code that links to a rich media source – video or audio that
                                                       helps to explain the topic’s importance.

It’s easy to make QR codes, all you need to do is to copy a URL link and paste it into a site like this:

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