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									                                                                    Question 1:
                                                               Perfect Mission College

                        Programs & Services                                       Buildings                                               College Staff
Section 1:   College Fun Facts                           Airy                                                    Best in Their Field
             College Learning                            Artwork                                                 Create Learning Opportunities for Students
             External Speakers                           Beautiful                                               Do Comers & Doers
             Speakers                                    Colorful                                                Friendlly
             Student Programs                            Energy Efficient                                        Growing Lifelong Learners
             Student Services                            Garden Spots                                            Helpful
             Student Support                             Green                                                   Listeners
                                                         Natural Light                                           Patient
                                                         Solar                                                   Respectful

                       Programs & Services                                   Buildings                                                   College Staff
Section 2:   Transfer                                    Landscaping/ Outdoor                                    Grow professionally
             CTE Programs                                Fuctional/Clean                                         Good at what they do/ passionate
                                                         State of the Art/
             Effective Student Support Services
                                                         Meets Curriculum demands

                          Programs & Services                                  Buildings                                                    College Staff
Section 3:   Programs                                    Technology Class                                        Visioning
                                                         Green, Spacious, Flexible,
             Tech                                                                                                Future
                                                         Flexible learning
             Internships                                 Community needs                                         Dedicated to students
             Business                                    Dedicated building                                      Grow
             Community presence in programs                                                                      Learn from each other
             Liberal Studies transfer                                                                            Modern

                        Programs & Services                                       Buildings                                                College Staff
Section 4:   Streamlined Student Services                Collaborative + Active                                  Technology
                                                                                                                 Decent, Clean, Bright (Facilities that are
             Staff Development + Participation           Student Focused
                                                                                                                 conducive to learning)

                         Programs & Services                                 Buildings                                                      College Staff
Section 5:   Student Support Services                    Techonology                                             Expertise
             Centralized student services                Open Space/ Multi-use                                   Competent
             Student Life                                                                                        Passionate
             Technology                                                                                          Sharing Talents
                                                                                                                 Cutting Edge
                                                                                                                 Problem solvers
                                                                                                                 Willing to Keep learning

                          Programs & Services                                  Buildings                                                    College Staff
                                                         Native plants where possible, fruit,
             "green" programs processes                                                                          Diverse
Section 6:                                               vegetable garden
                                                         Drought-tolerant California native plants
             An AA/ AS degree for every major/transfer                                                           openminded
                                                          (zero lawn)
             Programs that fill immediate job openings
                                                         Lots of spaces for students & Staff to
             Programs that train displaced workers for                                                           Critical Thinkers, Empowered, skilled in both content + plagoy
                                                         congregate & foster social side of acadenia
             job openings
             Programs that lead our students on          Windows that open; natural lighting;                    All Staff would always take that extra step
             their path to success                       natural materials; plants healthy environment           to satisfy student's needs
                                                         Facilities for P.E. classes (i.e. bigger ballet         Staff would be well tranined in area/ dept. and in providing
             Student advocacy for work after graduate
                                                         room, pool)                                             warm, efficient service with a smile.
                                                         Bldgs would still be close to each other in proiximty   Staff would never allow an obstacle to what a student needs
             Hi Tech/ Clean tech
                                                         but with lots of light, open, airy interiors            to proceed.
             Student Advising/ Counseling                Specialized buildings for all departments               Like they are now, educated, dedicated, & helpful.
                                                         A theater for performing arts, big meetings,
             Answers Questions correctly                                                                         Creative to cope with chanllenges
                                                         community activities
                                                         Light open airy, comfort learning
             Transfer                                                                                            Cooperative
             Support                                     systeciable green                                       Competent in their field (with technology too)
                                                         flexible learning, accessible,
             Technology                                                                                          Professtional & collegial willing to make Mission a great college
                                                          comfortable, connected
                                                         wayfinding center welcoming                             Student centered
                                                                                     Question 2:
                                                                                 College Vision Affect

                               Students                                   Community                                     Board Members                          College Staff/ Faculty/ Administration
                                                                                                          Our vision may require our board to stretch
             Our vision will inform, impact them of      We are a part of our communities identity.                                                      It should help connect us. It should enable us to
                                                                                                          beyond their comfort zone & take leaps of
             the qualities of opportunities available    We are a conduit between the learner +                                                          reach our goals + provide us with the place we
Section 1:                                                                                                faith-they may need to change their own
             and their access to those. I believe        their possibilities for growth +their gifting                                                   want to be identified with. We are happy to go to
                                                                                                          ideas of how they should interact with
             success is linked to those.                 back to the community.                                                                          work. :) Feeds our passion.
                                                                                                          faculty/staff/ community/ students.

                                                                                                                                                         We're going to have to become less rigid, more
             1. it will affect their ability to find jobs &                                                                                              flexible, and collaborate across segments to be the
                                                            We should be "players" in our community -
             succeed at life overall! (if we get it right,                                                It should drive/guide their focus +            kind of institution we need to be. We're also going
                                                            we should be a "go-to" place for resources,
             they'll be set much better for life)                                                         decision making                                to have to pay attention to the legal/social/political
                                                            fun, and problem solving.
             2. No limits.                                                                                                                               climate & deal more with realities, less with blue-
                                                                                                                                                         sky ideals.

             * inspiration                                                                                They (the visions) will inspire new, creative
             * options                                                                                    &
                                                         It should show as a forward thinking &                                                         As with the students, we should feel inspires &
             * experience                                                                                 visioning people to join up & help lead,
                                                         innovative- As they perceive themselves.                                                       encourage (supported too!)
             * safe environment for all kinds of                                                          While encouraging the old Faddy-daddies
             learning                                                                                     to step down.

                                                                                                                                                         * better attitude
                                                                                                                                                         * team effort approach ("we" not "me")
                                                         * become an integral part of the
             * positively                                                                                                                                * "can do" approach
                                                         community (i.e. the community would not
             * competitively                                                                              They'll be inspired!                           * feel proud of our school, mission, environment
                                                         be as effective w/out us)
             * holistically                                                                                                                              * Increased level of trust
                                                         * inextricably intertwined.
                                                                                                                                                         * cooperation instead of competition
                                                                                                                                                         *my turf is your turf

                                                                                                     * hopefully positively-
             we will produce students who are
                                                         Our vision will allow us to become partners      *create more energy
             competent in technology and their field                                                                                                     Our vision will allow us to have more pride in what
                                                         with our community in building a stronger,       *synergistic effect
             of choice, model citizens we can all be                                                                                                     we do and encourage us all to accept that we are in
                                                         economically viable society where                *they want to be part of the vision
             proud of varied in both current and                                                                                                         this together. It will unify us all into working for the
                                                         traditional values are respected and        * those not on board will hopefully leave or
             historical matter pertaining to our                                                                                                         good of the college.
                                                         modern technology is embraced.              get out of the way.

                                                                                                          Our vision will make one board member          * come to work happy
                                                         * Connect them to the college
             Our vision should inspire & encourage                                                        proud of our college and motivate them to      * speak about their work _gloat_ brag
                                                         *Increase opportunities for students and
             or students.                                                                                 be more supportive and more participating      * dream up more ideas, keep looking forward, not
                                                         non students
                                                                                                          in on programs and endeavor.                   backward

             * excite them
                                                                                                          Surprise them, Inspire them, make them
             *attract them                             We want an educated community for a
                                                                                                          want to support our vision in every way
             * prepare them for the world as it is not better citizenry.
             as we would like it to be.

             we need to be able to let everyone go to
             our college. People should not be able
             to come here whether they are old or                                                         We would need more and dedicated
             poor or look certain educational back                                                        faculty members.
             grounds. Everyone should be able to
             receive an education here if they want

                                                                                                          Board probably would not like my vision of
                                                                                                          education- a lot of people that I feel would
                                                                                                          be here, would be lower income and many
                                                                                                          of these people need assistance. We seem
                                                                                                          to leave many old and poor on the fence
                                                                                                          post of life in the cold.
                             Students                                   Community                                  Board Members                       College Staff/ Faculty/ Administration
             How do you translate "vision" into a
             "concept, form, etc." that students can                                                 May give direction and reinforce ideas
             identify or recognize. It will assist "new" * internships                               which individual Board Members support. Encourage those staff who support the vision
Section 2:   (first time) students in college            *grants                                     May prompt dialog among board members conclusions. Perhaps motivate staff. Encourage
             selections to course selection.             *cultural events                            starting point in planning or financial participation. Provide direction for activities.
             (assumes)many first time students are                                                   decisions.
             undecided about courses/ curriculum.

             With a clear vision for MC, students will
             know: * what we stand for
                    *what we can offer
                   *if MC is the place to be for their   A vision could generate an image hopefully
             goals                                       positive of college. Encourage support.    supportive, confidence, willingness to take co-operative, collaberative, pride, bonding,
                        *goal-oriented students          Financial, etc. Encourage enrollment-      a risk on Members, Pride                    excitement
                        *determined students             utilization
                   *more scholarly achievements
             Because students will be involved in
                                                         Pride, referrals, confidence, deliverable   It would provide direction to board
             developing a "vision" they will take a                                                                                          I would hope that a common "vision" will increase
                                                         outcomes, we are who we say we are and      members in deliberations and subsequent
             greater interest in the total college. Will that we can deliver. Excitement.                                                    a spirit of teamwork among the groups.
             develop a feeling of "our college"
                                                         I would hope that the vision statement be
                                                         transmitted throughout the community,
                                                         which would enhance a community-college

                             Students                                   Community                                  Board Members                       College Staff/ Faculty/ Administration
Section 3:
                                               Question 3:
                                           Vision That Inspire

                                              Vision that Inspire
Section 1:   Involve/ motivate
             Who we attract/ attracts support
             Value of Education
             Encourage to be a part of our college
             Help to bridge to the community
             cultivates productive learning
             student success
             collaborative investment
             benefits full community
             wide vision

                                              Vision that Inspire
Section 2:   Way finding
             spirit of teamwork
             Goal oriented - array of opportunity
             a sense of community
             aesthetically pleasing

                                              Vision that Inspire
Section 3:   Commitment
             Roadmap/ direction
             Better end results
             post boomer priorities
             benchmark on college perception/expectation
             responsive-- able to respond to future students
             become champions for the college success
             Embrace Missions image/ encouraged results
             Shared sense of meaning
             Generates involvement, excitement
             uniting- common path
             Let go
                                             Vision that Inspire
Section 4:   Connects
             Sense of the future
             Value of Community College
             marriage of the Community + the campus
             Take pride/ ownership/contribute
             collaboration as a unit
             united voice
             Support, Sharing, Trust
             Live it

                                             Vision that Inspire
Section 5:   Potential
             Confidence of making the right choice
             Wanted in the workforce
             students continued resource
             confidence that board know what we are doing
             Trust built
             Focus on enhancing the college
             Connections of today to tomorrow in what we do
             Pride in what we're doing

                                             Vision that Inspire
Section 6:   Quality (expectation)
             Horizon (implies what you can see but impliesture)
             Opportunity( limitless)
             "go to" (resources/destination)
             Part of the community identity
             Competent (at our jobs)
             Pride (take pride in us)
                                   Question 4:
                               Vision That Achieve

                                       Vision Words/ Imagines that Achieve
Section 1:   Attain Potential
             Relationships between college + student
             Compare us to the competition
             Good experience
             Their public resource
             Board looks good
             Board can Support
             Priorities for finacial support
             Experience with Mission in order to set clear agenda
             Initiating, developing/ energy + movement

                                    Vision Words/ Imagines that Achieve
Section 2:   Optimize students success
             Create (lifetime knowledge)
             Recognition = power
             Taxes worthwhile/ support community
             Help understand what we do
             Understand college goal/ support achieve
             Create an understaning for the board
             Creates strategic framework
             Involvement + benefits ( vision creation)
             better understanding for community advocacy
             Inspiration, motivation, power of we, results

                                   Vision Words/ Imagines that Achieve
Section 3:   Achieve
             Driving future enrollment
             Collaboration/ Partnerships
             Give a focused direction
             Template for defining criteria for framework for success
             Focus: student, community, data
                                     Vision Words/ Imagines that Achieve
Section 4:   Goal oriented
             numbers/ data to support vision viability
             did it work; is it functional: is it doing what we thought it would
             Consensus building

                                    Vision Words/ Imagines that Achieve
Section 5:   Responsive
             Achievement (meeting goals)
             Inclusive and Involved

                                     Vision Words/ Imagines that Achieve
Section 6:   Go away
             Attract Resources/ Bond Resources
             College Identity
             Perception Changes/ positive
             Informs for support
             holds accountable
             say it with votes
             focuses decisions
             know the college
             one common goal
             stop misinformation
             personal/profressional development
             Accountability to vision

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