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					    Internship or Work Part-Time in the Summer?

Nearly all of first-year freshmen through juniors would like nothing
better than to hang around with buddies, slip in some rays on the coast or
the river, and engage in some wild social events from June to August as
soon as they wrap up their remaining final exam.                                        1

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Sure you ought to definitely take a while to chill out and re-energize
your mind over the summer, you are entitled to it from all that hard
hours studying and putting together your class thesis.

However, you should also explore potential internships or working part-
time. Universities and employers wish to see you keep energetic during
the off summer months of late June, July and August, so internships and
part-time positions are an excellent opportunity to do that. The problem
is, which of the two are you to go after?

Jobs Less than 30-Hours A Week

In case you are short of money, then part-time work is a nice selection to
make some money and keep your student loan debt to manageable
levels. The paycheck is an obvious positive, but a part-time job’s value
goes further than that too.                                                              2

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You may learn qualities which can be essential (but additionally taken
for granted) in the general public even in the present day, such as
discipline and being punctual. Lots of jobs that are part-time are in the
service industry such as retail or food, so you are also required to
acquire one of the most sought after skills of all; the ability to deal
effectively with the public.

Though part-time staff in all probability get slightly extra input on their
schedule than interns, their shifts are quite unpredictable from week-to-
week, which makes it tough to organize their summer. Also, part-time
jobs are nice additions to your resume (particularly when you’ve been
given a higher position, they're normally much less of a resume
improvement than internships.


An internship is supposed to provide you an inside look into a specific
profession or industry. The factor that divides it from a part-time job is
that it stresses the training background more than everything else. Your
bosses are aware of that you're there to gain knowledge of something, so
with any luck they'll expose you to different components of the
organization and provide you with priceless information and guidance.

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Hours could differ, however internships sometimes correspond nicely
                              U             U

with the 9-5 work week. The consistency of the schedule offers you the
chance to plan enjoyable summer time actions for the evenings and
weekends. The downside of internships is that lots of them are either
voluntary or can exclusively be completed for class credit.

That’s to not say that internships with pay don’t exist, but they're often
tougher-to-locate and much more dog-eat-dog. Unfortunately, various
interns may only go through a disappointing aspect of the job world,
along the lines of just making copies for staff, handing out mail, or
getting coffee and donuts.

Though internships don't always provide the instant satisfaction of a
paycheck, they'll ultimately be more gratifying than a 20 hours a week
job. If you happen to do a good enough job interning, the company will
likely need to keep you around, and you'll have an inside footprint on
potential profession opportunities there.

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Even when you don’t end up at that particular business, employers are
always impressed with college students who have invested in their
future, and are likely to favor someone who has an internship or two on
their resumes.


There are internships that have job-like elements, and there are jobs with
minimal hours just to get your feet wet that have internship-like
elements. It’s vital that you investigate the positions that you are
fascinated with so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Whatever you end up picking, simply be aware that both internships and
part-time jobs are wonderful methods to maintain a sharp mind during
your summer free time!


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