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           Box 331,
       Campbellville, ON.,
           L0P 1B0
Office 905 854 6146      cell 519 942 6641

  We hope you all had a very merry Christmas                                                                     Waiting in line for Santa
and are looking forward to a very happy and                    Kids enjoying the crafts
prosperous New Year. There are already                                                               CHRISTMAS DINNER.
results coming out about the two year olds in       There were 16 kids joining in the fun along      On Christmas Day, everyone helped in putting
training.                                         with their parents. There were crafts for the      on a full course turkey dinner for those who
  Many of the late-closing stake races are in     kids, lots of pizza and goodies and finally a      were at the track with no place to spend
motion for the late blooming three year olds.     visit from Santa who arrived a little after 3pm.   Christmas Day. Although the number was
-wishing everyone the best in these and other     There were kids of drivers, trainers, grooms,      down compared to previous years, we still fed
events.                                           veterinary and blacksmiths.                        approximately 20 horsemen plus all the
SPECIAL THANK YOU: On behalf of the
chaplaincy, I would like to take this
opportunity to thank COSA, WEG and OHHA
for their continued support. Also for the many
who believe in our ministry who made
generous donations throughout the year.
Without your support we would be unable to
meet the growing needs of the horse
community. All donations are receiptable and
tax receipts are issued at the end of the year.                                                                      Serving the meal
  Again, thanks for your support.
                                                           Kids hearing a Christmas story             These events were truly a team effort with
  Chaplain Ken
                                                                                                     everyone contributing to the tremendous
                                                   Finally Santa arrives with a gift for each        success. I want to thank each person for their
                                                  child. Each one received a gift bag as they left   generosity. The gift bags for the horsemen
KID’S CHRISTMAS PARTY.                            that was provided for by counsel members
  The chaplaincy has been busy with events                                                           were provided by a number of the counsel
                                                  who willingly donated their time to go             members who again went out shopping.
leading up to Christmas including a “Kid’s        shopping. Others provided snacks and food for
Christmas Party” on Sunday Dec.12.                the party.                                         FITNESS CENTRE The fitness centre is
                                                                                                     now coming together. Everything has been
moved into the common room at the new                                                             one who helps another whether in a storm or
dorm. There are exercise bikes, a rowing                                                          in safety. Remember, most folks don't care
machine, a treadmill, and hopefully a weight                                                      how much you know until they know how
set when we can arrange to have it picked up.                                                     much you care.*
Everything has been donated by horsemen at                                                         Scripture: Do nothing out of selfish ambition
the track.                                                                                        or vain conceit, but in humility consider
 This all came about through the diligence of                                                     others better than yourselves. Philippians 2:3
a new committee made up of members of
security, investigators, chaplain and counsel                                                     SMILE TIME Jill: I just don't understand
that has been formed to provide activities for                     Nina Horten
                                                                                                  the attraction golf holds for men. Mary: TELL
the grooms.                                                                                       me about it! I went golfing with my husband
                                                 DEVOTION:                                        one time, and he told me I asked too many
COMPUTERS Many are taking advantage              Although the North American Indians had no       questions!
of the computers to pass the time in the         written alphabet before they met the white             Jill: Well, I'm sure you were just trying
afternoons by checking entries and results as    man, their language was anything but             to understand the game What questions did
well as keeping in touch with friends and        primitive. The vocabulary of many Indian         you ask?
family.                                          languages was as large as that of their French         Mary: I thought I asked legitimate
                                                 and English conquerors. Often, their             questions. . . like, "Why did you hit the ball
NEW WEBSITE                                      expressions were are more eloquent. In an        into that lake?"
Check out our new website at:                    Indian tongue, for example, the concept for                   the word friend is beautifully stated as "one
                                                 who carried my sorrows on his back."
                                                       A friend or family member who comes to
                                                 you for solace -- or even claiming to be
                                                 seeking advice -- very often wants nothing
                                                 more than your presence, your listening ear,
                                                 and your quiet caring of sorrows.
                                                   A young man discovered this shortly after
                                                 his marriage. His wife frequently came home
                                                 from her job telling of the woes of her day.
                                                   His response was to offer suggestions and          Riverside Assembly in Waldemar
                                                 give solutions. His wife finally said to him,           Chaplain Ken is Pastor
                                                 "I've already solved the problems of the day."
                                                 The husband asked, perplexed, "Then why are
                                                 you telling me about them?" She replied, "I
 This was developed and is being constantly      don't need Mr. Fixit. I need a loving ear."
updated by Nina Horten. Thanks Nina.

                                                  The friend who provides both physical and
                                                 emotional shelter is a true haven. A friend is

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