This statement is usually due by the end of
October of each year. The year-end             For a more detailed description of your
reports must consist of a balance sheet and    duties and responsibilities as a Branch
a profit and loss (income) statement.          Treasurer please refer to one or more of
                                               the following:
Remember!       It is mandatory that
receipts be issued for members paying          700 101 The General By-Laws
their membership dues as well so that a        *No. 102 Sask. Command By-Laws
proper paper trail is there and the            700 103 Ritual & Insignia Manual
membership committee can do its job            700 105 Rules of Procedure/Meetings
properly.                                      700 212 Membership Processing Guide
                                               700 214 Honours and Awards
Prior to the Zone Commanders’ visit a          700 249 Sports Guide
letter may be received outlining all of the    700 286 Membership Eligibility Guide            THE ROYAL
items they want to review or items that are    700 312 Membership Chairman’s Guide          CANADIAN LEGION
outstanding by the Branch.                     700 315 Public Relations Manual
                                               700 319 Service Officers Handbook
Your Goal as Branch Treasurer.                 700 321 Chaplains Manual
                                               *200 134 Poppy Manual                        SASKATCHEWAN
Before you can set financial goals for the     *200 823 Speakers Guide and Facts              COMMAND
Branch you need to have a real good idea       700 100 Legion Act to Incorporate
where the Branch currently sits financially.   News/Snapshots Guidelines/Legion Mag
Keep in mind that once changes are             *No. 138 Provincial Sports Rules
implemented the effect or impact of the
changes may not be seen for several            The above are available from Dominion
months. When you set up your goals             Command with the exception of those
categorize them into short term (3-6           noted (*) which are available only from
months), medium term (6-15 months) and
                                                                                              LEADERSHIP AND
                                               Sask. Command.
long term (15-24 months).                                                                      DEVELOPMENT
                                               These Series of Brochures are the property       COMMITTEE
Be careful not to set goals that are           of Saskatchewan Command Legion and
unattainable within your term in office.       are intended for use only by its members.
Goals should be discussed with the Branch
President, the Finance Committee or with              The Royal Canadian Legion              Branch Officers Series
Zone or District officers. These are the               Saskatchewan Command
colleagues that can help you to attain your                3079-5th Avenue
goals. Remember, the more accurate a                    Regina, Sask. S4T OL6
financial picture you can offer, the more               Phone (306) 525-8739                       The
effective your Branch will be in planning              Web.
for the future.            GOOD LUCK.                                                        Branch Treasurer
Congratulations! On being elected as            the executive how to read and interpret the
Treasurer of your Branch. You have              Branch financial reports will make your       The Treasurer should review the cost and
accepted this position, which carries the       job easier. Financial awareness and           the selling prices of all commodities (bar,
distinction of being one of the most critical   understanding supports the decision           legion supplies, poppy wreaths, etc) on a
positions with the Legion.                      making process.                               continuing basis to ensure the Branch
                                                                                              maintains a reasonable mark-up. When
This brochure has been designed to offer        GENERAL AND POPPY FUNDS MUST                  prices need to be adjusted you will make
tips and ideas that will help to make your      BE KEPT IN SEPARATE BANK                      recommendations to the executive
term in office a success. Please take time      ACCOUNTS ACCORDING TO THE                     committee accordingly. A gross profit of
to read and discuss this information with       GENERAL BY-LAWS.              All monies      25-35% should be your target.
your Branch President, Zone Commander           received by a Branch shall be deposited
or Command Office. Their experience and         immediately into a bank, trust company or     The Treasurer’s job is to review the
guidance will be of great value to you          credit union. Proceeds from break-open        operating expenses of the Branch at all
during your term.                               tickets, bingo and lotteries will be          times. Expenses that should be monitored
                                                deposited into separate designated trust      regularly are telephone, bank charges,
The information contained in this brochure      accounts as well.                             advertising, miscellaneous, stationary and
is intended as an overview of your duties                                                     the largest expense for most Branches,
and responsibilities. On the back are listed    The general ledger is a consolidation of      wages and benefits. Per Capita Tax for
the names and order numbers of various          the journal entries being recorded to their   membership should be looked at as well to
manuals, which are available to you and         proper accounts and it is from the general    ensure that you are charging enough for
your colleagues.                                ledger that the financial statements are      membership dues to offset your expenses.
                                                prepared. Separate bank accounts require
At Your Installation, You gave a pledge         separate journals, cheques, monthly           Your duties to Zone and District.
to perform the duties of your office            reports, and properly prepared annual         As Branch Treasurer you have few direct
faithfully and to the best of your ability.     financial statements.                         responsibilities to the Zone or District.
                                                                                              However, once a year the Zone
The duties you have undertaken as a             The Treasurer must prepare a monthly          Commander schedules an official visit to
Branch Treasurer are vast and can not be        statement of income and expense for each      every Branch and at that time you must
taken lightly. It will be your duty to ensure   bank account and present these reports to     bring your financial situation to his/her
that an accurate account of all monies          the membership at the general membership      attention. Your Zone Commander is there
received or paid out are recorded, and a        meeting.                                      to help you and your Branch if you are
record of all other financial transactions is                                                 encountering difficulties.   He will also
maintained.                                     Your duties to your Branch.                   ensure that you have completed the
You must remember that you are a                You are accountable for all monies coming     General Account Financial Statement that
member of a team and that you alone             into and going out of the Branch.             is submitted to Provincial Command on a
cannot resolve all of the Branch financial      Therefore, it is your responsibility to       yearly basis. Command provides the form
problems. You can and should take advice        ensure that all monies are recorded and an    needed for completion usually by the end
from your fellow officers and discuss with      accurate paper trail exists. Handle this      of February of each year. If you have not
them matters of financial importance.           money as if it was yours and remember the     submitted it by then, your Zone
The future of your Branch is in your            membership has entrusted you to               Commander is tasked with ensuring that it
hands.     You have an opportunity to           administer the funds of the Branch on their   is done. The same is true for the yearly
educate and train the executive. Teaching       behalf.                                       Poppy Trust Fund Statement.

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