and with the Almighty s wisdom put an end to the chaos

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As the ships fled , utilising the new 'warping' technology , their fuel reserves of the
Element 115 slowly , but surely , began to be used up . On each ship , more of the
Element 115 was being manufactured constantly , but it was of much poorer quality
and more was being used then was being created . The ships managed to keep going
for months , until finally they began to run completely out of the fuel . When these
colony ships discovered a planet which clearly had supplies of water and vegetation ,
they wasted little time in reconnoitering for any advanced form of alien life .
Fortunately for them , a quirk of nature meant that this clearly habitable planet had
solely 'undeveloped' animals , birds , and aquatic creatures . The Paturi'ikans quickly
started to erect buildings such as houses , schools , scientific labs , and the other
amenities , and resources a thriving economy would need to get started . To begin
with , there was only a simple bartering scheme to allow for trade , and 'wages' , but
as time progressed , monetary units were re-introduced .
As the Paturi'ikans started to spread out into this new world , many factions arose ,
chiefly based on the ships' former crews and passengers , each believing they had
the right to govern this new world , and what went on in it . After escaping one war ,
they seemed destined to end up fighting out a civil war , killing themselves .
So would have happened if it wasn't for one man , whom this history records only as
"Yleska" . Yleska had been a former military leader in the ranks of Paturi'ikans but
had grown tired of the fighting and joined with the peaceful refugees with the hope
of escape . Seeing his newly formed world on the brink of war once more , he was
disgusted . He began to call out to the people to stop and think of what they were
doing . A small band of like minded people banded with him , but they were far
outnumbered .
Soon , the talk was over , and strikes were made . Just eight months after landing ,
this previously peaceful race were on the brink of a second war . Factions started to
declare war on each other in the name of their 'King' , 'Prime Minister' , or
'Emperess' . People were kidnapped , tortured , or worse . Innocents were
slaughtered . And all through this time , Yleska was speaking out against the
mindlessness of the violence . Slowly the band surrounding him began to grow ,
some openly , some in secret , until they far outnumbered the other factions . One
fateful day , a year after the first landing , and four months after the outbreak of civil
war , Yleska , and the whole of his supporters marched through the houses that
cluttered the original landing site and what was then the biggest settlement . Open
warfare was occuring throughout , but the party continued marching , making the
streets black with people .
This was how the fighting began , slowly but surely , to end . Spouses saw their
family blocking the way through to their 'enemies' , sons saw mothers , and
daughters uncles , all preventing the continuation of this war , and the first inroads
to the beginning of an illustrious civilisation began once more . It is from Yleska that
the Clatian proverb : "There is no greater enemy than ourselves ." originates . His
speech that day started with those same words .
Through Yleska , peaceful civilisation occured once again . The ships that had carried
them to this planet were dismantled and used in the building , and maintenance for
the new society . Except for the one which we have discovered this information from
; this still survives perfectly intact . The last entry in these logs is by Yleska himself
and sums up his feelings about the world , and why they came to bury it here and
not dismantle it :
"If anyone discovers this , these logs will hopefully provide some explanation how we
came to be here . After reading our history contained within you will realise that we
come from a planet far from here . Inspite of this , even now we are starting to call
this planet our home . We have called it Clatia , and I expect we will become known
as Clatians and our entire heritage will be lost . We are not Clatians , and I hope we
never forget what caused us to lead a nomadic life for months , and what occured
once we reached Clatia . Many lives have been needlessly wasted , and I hope that
what we have done can at least prevent its occuring again for a long time .
"This craft is being buried here to attempt to avoid any possible pursuit , and yet to
tell others of what happened if our history becomes forgotten . We know that we
have a huge task ahead of us to rebuild the Paturi'ikan civilisation and it will be by
no means easy . We all worry that even here we will not escape the Afitafu . We do
not know when this will be rediscovered , but we will leave this as a chronicle of all
our recent events . When you have finished reading this , I confer upon you the
responsibility of informing all of the bravery and the courage of the people who
worked so hard to allow us all to become who we have become , whether you are
one of our people or not . I have never asked to become leader , but it appears it is
upon me that this duty becomes . I am but one man . Remember the thousands ."
It is logged in as an entry by Yleska , who was aged one hundred and forty five at
the time of writing and is accompanied by a list of everyone alive at this time , with
especial commendations for some of the Clatians . This is the last recorded history
we have of the Paturi'ikans , or Clatians , at this time .
Most of the subsequent history is unknown but we believe it progressed somewhat
like this . The Clatians began to occupy the whole world , with different nations
emerging as the expansion grew . These nations seem to be peaceful , and were
developed via trade and economic beliefs rather than military presence . No history
is ever bloodless however , and occasional small skirmishes did arise . Each region
developed it's own branch of the old Paturi'ikan language , just like the European
countries used Greek and Latin as a base on Earth .
The scientific yearning of the Clatians to discover more technologies , and then build
them , strangely seemed to be military based , despite the seeming lack of necessity
in the peaceful society and there is no knowledge of these weapons and armour
being used either . It is likely that this stockpiling of technology stemmed from the
fear of being discovered by the Afitafu , if they indeed were the victors , as had
seemed likely . This knowledge of science was freely shared between countries as far
as we can discover .
It did not take long for what Yleska feared to come true . The knowledge the
evacuation could have imparted slowly turned into ancient history , to a myth , to a
fable , and it was even incorporated into some forms of religion . As the languages
changed , so did the interpretations of the previous language and it's writings .
These histories soon became nothing more then children's tales , or were
misinterpretated , and misconstrued until they became embedded in beliefs . Even
today the Kasa religion says in its first doctrine , "Shala" (The nearest translation
into English is "The First" , or "The Start" .) :
"...... And the Almighty created "Lofta" (Clatians) . He placed them on the world ,
and said :
'Multiply , and look after this world I give you . Work together , and you shall be
content .'
But the Lofta squabbled , one wanting to become leader , but with seven others
equally believing to have the right to govern . The Lofta fought , and the Almighty
watched sadly . He spoke to one man , Eletke , who had remembered the Almighty's
words , and bade him stop this destruction of His paradise .
Eletke said , "But how can I prevent this war ? I am but one person among many ."
"Fear not !" Said the Almighty ,"Have faith in Me , and I will guide you , my faithful
servent ."
And so Eletke went forth , and with the Almighty's wisdom put an end to the chaos
single handedly . Eletke became the peaceful ruler of the Lofta , and pledged his life
to the Almighty ........"
Eletke (Eh-let-kay) is obviously derived from Yleska , and is just one of the
derivations from the history . There is no widely accepted reason for these
alterations to this history . Perhaps as they were 'developed' by historians , the real
truth started to be lost , and the histories changed into symbolic tales , perhaps
certain issues , including history got pushed to the back of the agenda in favour of
scientific research , perhaps some freak accident erased most of the history ,
perhaps thay just had little interest . Perhaps . What is known however , is that the
Clatians instead gradually rekindled their interest in space and space travel once the
world was populated . From here , they slowly started to explore the galaxy , and
build defensive outposts .
While the Clatians were interested in what lay outside , they were unwilling to
communicate with other races . This seems to be where the Clatians' xenophobia
first became apparent . This , almost certainly , can be linked with the races
expulsion from Dejipudakni . The Clatians never had time to think about populating
other planets , and so , with no space faring allies the inevitable had to occur .
According to survivors reports - which were duely noted by a Clatian historian named
Tlempa'akoti Hoelt , at a time appoximately four millenia before present day - it
started when the Clatians lost contact with one of their scouting vessels . If the
Clatians had still remembered their history , they didn't show it , for his records state
that the lost scout was patrolling an area in the direction of the same planet the
Paturi'ikans had fled from a long time ago . The homeworld of the Techiputak Empire
, Dejipudakni . The Clatians sent a larger convoy of scouts along with a larger , more
powerful ship , some survivors put the total count at ten , others as low as four , but
the correct guess is probably in the middle of those numbers . Weeks later , just one
of the scoutships limped back home severely wounded , the others had been
destroyed , and an enemy fleet was following .
Not only was the Clatian fleet outnumbered , but it was also spread throughout their
known galaxy . The peacefulness of the Clatian lifestyle had not prepared them for
the shocking reality of how willing some beings are to use the kind of weapons that
they had researched 'just in case' . The enemy fleet was made up of many different
types of beings and many different forms of ships . The Clatian weapony was
superior , but the sheer lack of numbers and organisation meant that their space
vehicles were demolished in a very small space of time . Once the space outposts
that helped protect the world were either destroyed or captured , Clatia was ripe for
the taking .
Having no real armies to speak of , militias sprung up on Clatia , and were supplied
with weaponry . Again these weapons were on a par with , if not superior to ,
anything the intruders had . Many minor victories were scored by the Clatians , but
slowly , inexorably , the fighting instinct was subdued . Whole squads of militia just
laid down their arms , or even started attacking each other for no apparent reason .
Clatians knelt before these intruders and gave obeisance to them , they killed their
own family and friends in front of them for the aliens' enjoyment . Psionics caused
these horrors , all of them . The peaceful thinking of the Clatians made them easy to
control .
Scattered groups continued fighting for a long time , but in reality , the battle was
over in less than two of our months . The Clatians' technology was absorbed into the
Empire's , any other knowledge , like historical events , were lost everywhere except
on the few computers of the Clatians that weren't destroyed . The Clatian scientists
were put to work for the empire , the Clatian populus lived in slavery , and Clatians
were no longer their own rulers , the last of the Patari'ikans had been taken captive ,
and put to work for the Afitafu , millenia after the war had begun , in a completely
different area of space .
As the centuries passed , the strict regime began to wane slightly , as the Clatians
seemed to be completely subdued . This assumption was wrong however . The
Clatians hardship had only served to destroy the peaceful attitude that they had
strived so hard to protect . After five hundred years of captivity , the Clatians started
to rebel . The sheer ferocity of their attack drove the empire back , completely off
their soil . Clatia was theirs once more .
This freedom was short lived however , although this war infact lasted for longer
than the initial one had . Many Clatians tried to retake the space stations above them
, which the Empire had fallen back to , using the abandoned ships , but they all failed
. Legends speak of a group that looked to escape instead , and broke through the
lines surrounding the world . No one can know if this is true or not . It has been
suggested that they did by our scientists , and found their way here , which would
certainly explain dwarves and gnomes of lore , but it is somewhat of a debateable
theory .
The Clatians were the first and only species to succesfully rebel against Techiputak ,
even if it only lasted for a short time . The psionic attacks caused very little effect to
the Clatians this time around , the years of being slaves had been longer for each
individual Clatian than other races , because of their unusually long life span , and
this had caused an immense hatred which even psionics found difficult to nullify .
Being the place where most of the research was carried out , the Clatians had a large
supply of advanced weaponry in easy supply . The lack of skill with a weapon which
the Clatians posessed was countered by mechanical aids , and the Clatians had the
upper hand in the surface combat . As the Empire began to realise it was not getting
anywhere in the efforts to retake the planet , it instead started to bombard the
planet with Element 115 based craft weapons .
The casualty rate was huge , and soon the Clatians that remained attempted to
surrender . After continued bombing of the planet , the Empire ceased , and seized
the remaining Clatians , who had to watch as their beautiful planet was finally turned
into a desert , leaving it uninhabitable . The remaining Clatians , who numbered just
in tens of thousands were transported in another huge exodus to another planet that
the Empire had discovered uninhabited by intelligent life . This , however , wasn't as
hospitable .
Here , the survivors were dumped with no access to technology , although
Tlempa'akoti Hoelt's history , among many other computer files , most notably
religious , seems to have been smuggled with them somehow . Here , the Clatians
had to rebuild everything from nothing . They had to rediscover how to make the
simplest of materials , and put them to use . Any knowledge anyone had was noted
down so that future generaions could use it , this included anything that was
remembered of the past , and documentations of what happened so it would never
be forgotton .
Reproduction , however , was of the highest importance , so the scientific advances ,
basic as they were , moved slowly at first . The technology which they managed to
reproduce however , once they turned their attention to this area , was based on the
same discoveries they had made previously , although , up until recently they have
had no Element 115 to manufacture more . Because of this their world is , in general
, underdeveloped , and only their weaponry shows signs of the latest technology .
The Techiputak empire was watching the redevelopment of the civilisation closely ,
and once the Clatians had rediscovered space flight , gave them a peaceful invitation
to join the empire . The Clatians agreed , in order to save themselves from any
further misfortune . The xenophobia among the Clatians had only been increased by
these millenia however and they have never fully accepted Techiputak's rule .
The Techiputak empire has never fully re-integrated the Clatian society into itself ,
although the Clatians' ability for research is exploited , with no other being being
quite as creative . Clatians tend to get demoralised easily when away from their own
kind , and as a result are usually seen in groups . The Grey masters tend to be
nearby these groups as a precaution against any trouble . Very rarely are Clatians
employed on the battlefield , or among aliens other than the Greys . They are
however sometimes included in large battles , where their skill at reparing is needed
As for the Clatians , they were never a group that were skilled in the use of weapons
, and the race to redevelop their technology has led the Clatians to be poor foot
soldiers . However , the Clatian scientists and engineers are incredibly skilled ,
especially in the design of weapons and armour . Despite being inaccurate with
weapons , the Clatians can be a useful ally on the field , as their strength and vitality
are much to be admired and their equipment is nearly always very reliable and
powerful .

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