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									Career as Software Testing Engineer-An Overview

With the software industry in India and the world booming at rapid pace so is the demand for software
testing engineers having sufficient knowledge of computer programming and software to actually test
software for their compatibility, errors and other parameters so that they work as per their

To most people, software testing is merely finding errors in the programming code but, in reality a
software testing engineer performs many tasks to test the software on all quality parameters before
they reach the end users and validation is certainly the most essential part of it.

Software testing is indeed a major part of software development process because it is really important
to test the software on all counts because if the software doesn't perform the requisite task intended to
perform, then the whole process of making the software and efforts goes waste. Development in the
software engineering and software development in India has naturally augmented the demand for
software testing engineers.

Fresh IT graduates, students and professionals can really boost their careers to next level by opting for
software testing engineering. The qualification to be employed in IT sector as a software testing
professional is to be a graduate in IT or computer science with strong fundamentals and programming
skills. Post graduates and people with exposure to live projects and industrial training are also given

Candidates who would like to build their career as Software testing engineers, there is no dearth of
employment for them; as they can easily secure a job in any multinational or national company as
mobile apps testing engineer, software tester, web applications testing engineer, desktop applications
testing engineers and so on. Going by contemporary trends there are far too less software testing
engineers in the country than required and also the ones who are available are not employable enough
by the industry standards.

For software testing engineers there are multiple options to opt for a career in software testing; Also
financially, the career is regarded as one of the best in the industry. Due to the scarcity of requisite
talent in software testing domain, many reputed companies have stepped up in the market to bridge the
Employability Gap in Indian IT Industry.

There are various Employability Training Companies in India that, conduct Online Employability Skill
Tests and provide Software Testing Training Programs to candidates who would like build their career
in software testing field.

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