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Vinson & Elkins
By Teresa Cajot

Vinson & Elkins LLP is a Houston, Texas-headquartered law firm that is globally recognized as a leader in energy law. The firm was
established in 1917, when James A. Elkins and William A. Vinson came together to establish a law firm that would stand the test of

Vinson and Elkins succeeded and today the firm boasts 750             through pro bono work include civil rights, Holocaust victim
attorneys throughout its offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston,          rights, immigration, political asylum, mental health issues,
New York, Washington, Palo Alto, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Dubai,           social security and pension benefits, tax assistance, and
Hong Kong, London, Rivadh, Moscow, Shanghai, and Tokyo.               veteran’s assistance. Pro bono matters are given the same
                                                                      attention as all other client matters and lawyers receive full
In addition to its core energy practice, Vinson & Elkins              billable time and credit for the hours worked.
also practices in “all areas of civil law and some areas of
white collar criminal law.” The firm’s specialty areas include        Many Vinson & Elkins attorneys are also heavily involved
corporate, finance, restructuring and reorganization,                 in art organizations through donations of both time and
tax benefits and compensation, labor and employment,                  money. The firm has provided legal services to a number of
international, litigation, intellectual property, environmental,      art organizations including the Houston Grand Opera, the
and regulatory/public policy.                                         Holocaust Museum Houston, Houston Symphony, the Houston
                                                                      Ballet, and many more. Vinson & Elkins is the only law firm
Industries commonly served by the firm include the following:         to twice receive the Business in the Arts Award from Forbes
aviation and airlines, biotechnology and pharmaceutical,              magazine and New York’s Business Committee for the Arts,
construction and engineering, energy and natural resources,           which was established in 1967.
finance, infrastructure, mining and minerals, outsourcing, real
estate, technology, and telecommunications.                           Attorneys with firm also proudly offer their time to a variety
                                                                      of organizations and community programs such as the Central
Vinson & Elkins is committed to pro bono work and does not            Texas Legal Aid Society, the Dispute Resolution Center, Teen
shy away from donating time and financial resources towards           Celibacy Inc., the American Association of Retired Persons,
the legal representation for those who could not otherwise            and the World Foundation for AIDS Research.
afford it. A sampling of areas that the firm has addressed


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