Biography for Dr Llinos Haf Spencer, Research Officer, Bangor by gPkUS1r7


									Biography for Dr Llinos Haf Spencer, Bangor University, Wales, UK

Dr Llinos Haf Spencer is a Research Officer in the Centre for Health-Related
Research, Bangor University, Wales, UK. She is currently working on two research
projects: the EPIC Project, and the My Choices Project. The EPIC Project is a joint
project between Bangor University and Cardiff University. The main aim of this SDO
funded project is to evaluate a child-centred intervention for diabetes medicine
management. The My Choices Project is Bangor University based and is funded by
WORD. The main aim of the My Choices Project is to map out the palliative care
services for children in North Wales.

Previous to the EPIC and My Choices Projects, Llinos has worked on various other
projects at the School of Healthcare Sciences/Centre for Health-Related Research
since 2003. These projects included a Welsh Assembly Government project
investigating Welsh language awareness in healthcare provision in Wales; a Welsh
Language Board funded project investigating the impact of the Twf scheme (a Welsh
Language Board initiative on language transmission in the family) and the role of
professionals in promoting bilingualism amongst young children; and a HEFCW
funded scoping study investigating bilingual provision in nurse education in Wales.

Before becoming a full time researcher in 2003, Llinos taught Psychology to
undergraduates at the School of Psychology, Bangor University. She completed her
PhD (Spencer, 2000) at The University of Liverpool, and her thesis and later work
investigated the orthographic depth hypothesis and the early reading skills of children
living in Wales.

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