Gender Roles

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					Gender Roles

Only Two Genders?
 We assume that there are only two
  genders: male and female.

 More and more, the ideal image of
  these genders tends toward extremes.
Gender Extremes
                           Tough Guise
 How are men socialized to be a certain way? What is the “tough guise”?

 Why do we say we live in a violent society when males commit the vast majority
  of violence?

 How has the ideal male and female body changed over time?

 What links are there between the ideal body image and the changing roles of
  men and women?

 How has the assertion of the masculine identity linked to the changes resulting
  from Civil Rights and the Women’s Liberation Movement?

 How is the “hyper-masculine” identity tied to the desire to gain credibility and
                           Tough Guise
 How were the school shootings at Columbine High School part of the problem
  of violent masculinity?

 How does the coverage of suburban shootings compare with urban shootings?

 In what ways does the movie argue we should critically evaluate the violent
  masculinity to address the problem?

 How is violence against women a “learned” behavior?

 How does violence against women become “normalized?”

 What is it about the concept of masculinity that limits men’s range of emotions?

 How can the definition of masculinity be changed?

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