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									Promoting Healthy Behavior Change

    A holistic approach
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Health is

   A quality of life, involving social,
   emotional, mental, spiritual & biological
   fitness on the part of the individual, which
   results form adaptations to the
History of Health
   1800’s – Medical Model
   1900’s – Public Health
       Health as the state of
        complete physical,
        mental & social well-
        being, not just the
        absence of disease or
   2000’s – Global Model
       Technology
       Transportation
       Cultural competency
       Quality of life
Health versus Wellness
     The ever-changing process of achieving
      individual potential in the physical,
      emotional, social, mental, spiritual and
      environmental dimensions.

     The achievement of the highest level of
      health possible in each of the dimensions of
Dimensions of Health & Wellness Continuum
Health Indicators
   Morbidity
   Mortality
   Life expectancy
   Life health expectancy
   Health disparities
Disparity Factors
                   Race/ethnicity
                   Uninsured
                   Underinsured
                   Lifestyle
                   Transportation
Healthy People 2010
Health Promotion

   The social & political process of enabling people
   to increase control over, & to improve, their
   health & quality of life through a comprehensive
   combination of supports
What do you need to change

   to improve your health and
   quality of life?
Healthy Behaviors: A Short Inventory
Your Health: Key Determinants
Behavior Change: Influencing Factors
   Motivation
   Readiness
   Self-efficacy
   Locus of control
   Beliefs
       Health Belief Model
   Intentions
       Theory of Reasoned Action
Decision Factors
Making the Decision to Change
   Perform self-assessment – identify situations that cue
    a behavior (antecedents) and determine the results
   Analyze your behavior – frequency, duration,
    seriousness, basis
   Make a decision – intent to change
   Set realistic goals – attainable goals, measurable
    objectives, reinforced outcomes

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