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									Human Resource Development

             Mgt 263
        Bryan Andrews
    Hospitality Administration
Today’s Class 8 am – 12pm
 Course Introductions
 Course Outline
 ½ hour break (9:30 to 10)
 Chapter 1
Course Introductions
 Instructor & students
 Pick a neighbor – their story
  State name, program, career interest
What are you expecting out of
 Break after 1 ½ hour?
 What do you want to learn?
 Class conduct?
 Field Trips?
 Guest Speakers?
My Expectations
 Class Conduct – talking, attendance, late for
  class & assignments
 Learning – in and out of class
Mgt 263 Course Outline
not HOSP 263

 Course Description
 Textbook
 Learning Objectives
 Topic Schedule
 Evaluation
 Projects
Today’s Topics
 Nature
 Past development
 Current challenges
 Changing role
Strategic Human Resource
Management Model

 Environmental Analysis
 Organizational Mission and Goals Analysis
 Analysis of Strengths and Culture
 Analysis of Organizational Structure
   To establish and maintain regional networks
    of high quality hotels, leading their
    communities by:
   Superior service for treatment of our guests by
    offering the most benefits at the highest value.
   Providing a stimulating and rewarding working
    environment for all employees.
   Achieving a level of profitability that allows us to
    continually improve and grow.
Strengths & Culture
Organizational Structures

       hierarchy      flat

        Top heavy
In class exercise
   A new employee is about to be hired. He
    human resources manager favours applicant
    Smith and the supervisor favours Jones.
    Who should have the final hiring decision?
In class exercise
   A long service employee was insubordinate,
    and the supervisor wants to fire them. The
    human Resources department wants to
    transfer the worker to another department.
    Who should make the final decision?

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