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                            Is controlled by
1-My knowledge skills                           20%

2-My perceptions                                80%
              (my glasses how I see the world)

   My believes
   How I put labels on people (kind, rude, looser…)
To change my perceptions

                  I should win

Private victory         Public victory

     Me                   World
  Evolution of personality

1st :Dependence
  Kids depend on parents

                   2nd : Independence
                   Teenager are extremely

                                 3rd : Interindependence
                                  Adults have common needs from one
                                            another, cooperation
 7 habits for highly
           effective people

     Habits                  Effective

we make habits then    Do the right thing right
  habits makes us
             by Stephen R. from the first time
1st habit :
    Be proactive

      Reactive                    Proactive
                           Always have the choice to do,
  Wait for something to     or not to do something
   happen, then he will
           react           He starts by him self and the
                            things he has influence on

    Stimulus  Response
                          Stimulus  Choice  Response

                Response - ability

         The ability to choose a response

I am what I am today because of the choices I made
Personal vision :
 It   is the motive of your success

 The Sooner I fall behind the more time I
  have to catch up.

 Walking in your funeral, what will they
  say about you
2nd habit:
Begin with the end in mind

 To attend the goal u should pass through
  a mission ,with your values.

  Mission          Values         Goals

    Being        No hypocrisy    Bigger job
 successful in   Being honest
     a job        Hard work
3rd habit:
First things first

First things first

           What’s more important?
        (phones, work, skills, outings … )

     Imp& urgent  imp& not urgent 
   Not imp& urgent  not imp& not urgent
 Personal management

  How   do you use your time?

  Analyze how you spend your day because
   years & years are passing

  Time   should add:
       Values          Experience

If you love something  Do it right till the end
    4th habit:
    Think win win
Think win win
                In a very challenging situation

   You will think that you will lose
              it is Not True

       Doing something wrong is better than
      regretting for your hall life for not trying
Interpersonal Leadership


   Give people knowledge      You will never
                              get a good second
   Don’t worry about         chance to make a
    future                   1st good impression

   Make and keep promised

   Learn to apologize
5th habit:
communication skills - seek to understand then to be understood

 Communication Skills

  Learn   How To Listen !!!!!

  don’t offense
         (no person in the world have the same
              perceptions as any one else)
     we have to be different and to accept
Seek to understand

To be a good listener
1-focus : Show attention
          Be silent, don’t interrupt
           Encourage him by words
                 ( I understand , yes )
2-reflect : Share with him my understood in his
3-summerize : so you want 1 2 3 ,because 1 2 3
4-experss yourself without offense
6th habit:
 Working in a team
 1   +1=3

  Brainstorming   & think together gives more
The problem
    We don’t accept diversity (religion, gender,
 I have to work with people in diff. personalities

   Don’t waste your work time in sentimental

   Those who don’t accept you in your worst ,don’t
    deserve you in your best .
7th habit:
        Sharpen the saw

  Always   remember this habits

  Sharpen   the saw before it rust
Thank You
7 habits for highly
          effective people

                   by Stephen R. Covey

  7 Habits – Ahmed Hegazy & Lo’lo’a

                          Presented by:
                       Ahmed Hegazy
                        Lo’lo’a Riad

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