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               GPS for Fire Management                                                                            Setup Page
                                                                       Waypoint Naming Convention                                                                                          Datum
                Field Reference for the                                                                           Use Setup page to customize the way
                                                                 AS Accident Site         MP Milepost             page information is displayed. Go to                 When there is a change in datum, coordinate
                Garmin GPSMAP 76S                                BR Bridge                MV Medivac Site         Location tab to set correct datum and                values change for all points on the ground.
                                                                 CA Camp                  OP Observation Point    coordinate system (shown is NWCG
                    Button Layout                                                                                                                                      • If using GPS receiver with a map, set receiver
                                                                 DB Division Break        PR Protected Resource   GPS standard).                                       datum to match map datum.
                                                                 DP Drop Point            RH Rehab Site***
                                                                 DL Dozer Line            RJ Road Junction                                                             • If using position or waypoint coordinates from
                                                                                                                  Map Page                                             other sources (including GIS), match receiver
                                                                 FL Fire Line*            RS Radio Site
                                                                 FO Fire Origin           SA Staging Area         Download MapSource maps for greater                  datum to same datum coordinates were derived in
                                                                 GT Gate                  SC Stream Crossing      detail. Press Menu button once to open               prior to inputting into GPS receiver.
                                                                 HA Hazard**              SF Spot Fire            Map Setup. Set map display
                                                                 HB Helibase              ST Structure            preferences as desired. Use Map to
                                                                 HS Helispot              SZ Safety Zone                                                                            Download Almanac
                                                                                                                  visually monitor track log collection.
                                                                 IC ICP                   WS Water Source                                                              Download a new almanac if GPS receiver is new,
                                                                 IR Infrared Hotspot
                                                                                                                  Electronic Compass Page                              has been moved more than 300 miles while turned
                                                                 *B – Blasted, D – Dozer, H – Hand, W – Wet
                                                                                                                                                                       off, or has not been used within the last 30 days.
                                                                 **M – Mine Shaft, S – Snag, W – Well             Press Menu button once to open
                                                                 ***F – Fence, R – Road, W – Water                                                                     Turn receiver on and place in location with clear
                                                                                                                  Compass Setup menu. Select
                                                                 Example: “DBXY” = X – Y Division Break                                                                view of sky. Allow up to 15 minutes for a new
                                                                                                                  Calibrate Compass to calibrate the
                                                                                                                                                                       almanac to download after receiver acquires first
                                                                                                                  electronic compass (do regularly to
                                                                                 Receiver Setup                                                                        satellite signal. The almanac is automatically
Lamp: turn receiver on; adjust backlight/contrast.                                                                maintain accuracy).
                                                                                                                                                                       updated whenever the receiver is in use.
NAV: go to navigation page; man overboard.                       Main Menu
ZOOM: map page zoom.                                                                                              Use Main Menu, Setup, Location to select True,
PAGE: advance to next page. Turn compass on/off.
                                                                 From any page, press Menu                                                                                         Receiver Operation
                                                                 button twice.                                                 Magnetic, Grid or User for north
MENU: once for active page menu; twice to access                                                                               compass heading. When compass is        GPS Information Page
                                                                 To set up receiver, toggle to
Main Menu.                                                                                                                     turned on, a “N” symbol appears in      Always collect waypoints and
                                                                 Setup, press Enter button once.
ENTER: selects option; creates waypoint                                                                                        the lower left of the page. Press and   tracks in either 3D GPS Location
                                                                 Proceed through setup pages
QUIT: exit menu; go to previous page.                                                                                          hold Page button to turn compass on     or 3D Differential (if WAAS is
                                                                 and change settings as needed.
This pocket reference is a supplement to the 2005 GPS for Fire
                                                                 Monitor power and memory                                      or off. Caution: compass turned on      active – as shown) mode. Note this
Management Course. Garmin™ is a registered trademark of Garmin
International™.                                                  from Main Menu.                                               consumes more battery power.            information on the metadata form.
                                                                              Back Side

           Create New Waypoint                                       Track Log Setup                                        Collect Track Log                                         Mission Checklist
                  Press and hold Enter button to                    From Main Menu, select Track            To start collecting a track log, set Recording to Stop          The NWCG GPS standard is datum NAD83
                  create a new waypoint. Do not                     Logs. Press Menu button to open         When Full. Press Enter button to select. Do not                 (same as WGS84) and lat/long coordinate
                  edit date/time field (this                        Track Log Menu. Download and            select Wrap When Full.                                          system in degrees, minutes and seconds.
                  information is needed for GIS).                   archive active log (if needed).                             To pause logging, set Recording
                                                                                                                               to Off. When mapping mission is         Briefing
                  Select Ok and press Enter
                                                                                                                               complete, either turn GPS receiver      • Plan mission to achieve the objectives.
                  button to save waypoint. Or press                                                                                                                    • Are mission logistics defined to execute and complete
                  Menu button once to access                                                                                   off or save track log (saving log
                                                      Clear Active Log and saved                                                                                       the mission?
                  waypoint options menu.                                                                                       provides area calculation). Tracks      • Delivered GPS data or product format is understood.
                                                      Tracks to free up memory. Select
                                                                                                                               page displays percentage of             Equipment
                                                      Setup Track Log. Press Enter
                                                                                                                               memory used.                            • Select appropriate GPS receiver for the mission.
                                                      button once.
                                                                                                                               Monitor memory usage to ensure          • Use an external antenna whenever possible.
   Create Averaged Position Waypoint                                   Record Mode set to OFF for setup.                       adequate free memory to complete        • Adequate batteries or power source.
                                                                       Set Interval to Time.                                   the mission.                            • Paper map and compass.
             Mark waypoint. Name waypoint if
                                                                                                                                                                       • Notebook and pencils.
             needed. Do not edit date/time field.                      Set Interval Value based on
                                                                                                                                                                       • GPS metadata form.
             Press Menu button once to open                            method of travel during data                          Area Calculation                          Prepare GPS receiver
             Waypoint Options menu.                                    collection, and size of area to be                                                              • Set datum and coordinate system to NWCG (see
                                                                       mapped. A total of 10,000 track      After collecting a perimeter track log, save active log.
                                                                                                                                                                       above) or incident standard.
                                                                       points are available.                Up to 10 tracks may be saved. Open a saved Track           • Update receiver almanac for the local area.
Select Average Location and                                                                                 Log from the Tracks page. Area format can be               • Download and delete old waypoints, active log and
                                                      Approximate log times (start with empty Track Log):
press Enter button once.                                                                                    changed. Select “ac” for acres (as                         saved tracks if not needed to clear memory.
                                                      One second interval: 2.7 hours total log time.
Averaging begins automatically.                                                                             shown).                                                    • Set up Track Log collection interval based on method
                                                      Three second interval: 8.3 hours total log time.
                                                                                                            Caution: when mapping any                                  of travel and speed, and size of area to be mapped.
                                                      Five second interval: 13.8 hours total log time.
                                                                                                            perimeter, do not close polygon at                         • Check wires, connections and power source.
             Note position count for each waypoint    Suggested logging rates (based on speed of travel):                                                              • Verify all GPS settings are correct prior to mission.
                                                      Helicopter: 1 - 3 second log interval.                the same point the track log was
             on metadata form. Select and press                                                             started. Doing so may create                               Aerial mapping mission
             Save when done. Positions will be        Walking: 5 - 10 second log interval.                                                                             • Brief pilot on mission prior to takeoff.
                                                      Vehicle: 3 - 7 second log interval.                   overlapping track points, which may                        • Ensure reliable external antenna connection.
             averaged into a single waypoint.                                                               cause an area miscalculation, as
                                                      Logging interval may be changed during mission.                                                                  • Carry spare GPS receiver and extra batteries as
                                                                                                            well as data problems in GIS.                              backup.

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