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									‘Darzi’ Fellows in Clinical Leadership: project template
Fellows in Clinical Leadership (‘Darzi Fellows’) are required to undertake a number of projects while in post.
One of these will be a change management project. Fellows will work with the medical director (or
equivalent) or nominated deputy to lead the development of service changes that are part of the
organisation’s forward programme and aligned with the principles of the NHS quality, innovation, productivity
and prevention ‘challenge’. Through this work, Fellows will learn about change implementation and
management across organisational boundaries within a local health economy.

Fellowship placements are funded by NHS London and London Deanery and awarded on a competitive
basis. To enable us to assess the suitability of proposed placements and projects we ask that organisations
to complete this template. The list below presents the priorities identified for 2011/12. In this document you
are asked to show how the service change management project(s) identified for the Darzi Fellowship in your
organisation aligns with national and /or London-wide QIPP workstreams. Please note that the final
deadline for application to host a Fellow is Thursday 24 March 2011. Please submit this to:

NHS London QIPP priorities

Implementing GP Led networks of care          Clinical and non-clinical overheads
Outcomes framework for general practice       Safe care
Single point of access for urgent care        Management cost reduction
Reducing drug spend and prescription          Decommissioning ineffective procedures
Workforce productivity (acute)                Staying healthy care pathway

Further details can be found at:

National QIPP priorities

Safe Care                                     Procurement
Right Care                                    Clinical support
Long Term Conditions                          Productive care
Urgent Care                                   Medicines use and procurement
End of Life Care                              Primary care contracting and commissioning
Provider efficiency                           Technology and digital vision

Further details can be found at:

    NHS London (2010) QIPP workstreams
    Department of Health (2010) QIPP National Workstreams
Please provide a full response to each of the following sections. Please note the criteria weighting for each
section. When you have completed the form, please email to:

Service change project title(s):

Name of medical director (or equivalent):

Section 1
Strategic Fit                                                       weighted criteria: 10%

Please identify the QIPP programme areas that your projects will deliver against (see guidance above).

Programme area 1: __________________________________________

Programme area 2: __________________________________________

Programme area 3: __________________________________________

Section 2
Service Change Project Description                                  weighted criteria: 15%

Please give a general description of, and rationale, for the project.
Section 3
Project Objectives                                                 weighted criteria: 10%

Please state the project objectives in SMART format. Specific/Measurable/Attainable/Realistic/Time bound
Note: show how programme areas are supported.

Objective 1

Objective 2

Objective 3

Section 4
Project deliverables/benefits                                      weighted criteria: 10%
Please state the project deliverables/benefits for Year 1 (i.e., the duration of the Fellow in post). Please use
SMART format closely referencing the programme area(s) supported.

Deliverable 1

  The Fellow will…

Deliverable 2

  The Fellow will…

Deliverable 3

  The Fellow will…
Section 5
Project constraints                                                    weighted criteria: 15%

A constraint is a barrier or limitation that is either already present or will definitely be so during the life of the
project. Below please list all of the factors that you think could have a limiting or negative impact on the

Section 6
Project risks                                                          weighted criteria: 15%

A risk is a potential problem or event that could endanger the project goals. Below please list all of the risks
that you think will impact the project.

Section 7
Sustainability                                                         weighted criteria: 15%

Please describe how you plan to ensure project sustainability after the Fellowship has been completed.
Section 8
Medical Director (or equivalent) commitment                                       weighted criteria: 10%

Please tick: √

    1. Will you commit to mentoring your Fellow?

        Yes             No

    2. Will you attend joint Fellows-MD meetings to support Fellows’ learning (no more than 3 in year).

        Yes             No

    3. Will your organisation provide the Fellow with resources and facilities such as desk, computer,
       telephone etc needed to fulfil project requirements?

        Yes             No

    4. The Fellow can undertake no more than three clinical sessions per week. Can you guarantee this
       level of release to undertake clinical commitment in their training practice?

        Yes             No

Please describe any specific measures that will be put in place to support your Fellow:



Please note that final deadline for receipt of bids is Thursday 24 March 2011. Please submit to

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