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					Higher and Intermediate 2
Product Design

                                  Folios and Projects

Name: ______________________ Tutor Group: ______

                                                        Product Design @ Hawick High School
Higher Product Design
In this booklet are notes on each of the projects to be completed this year, including assessment
notes and requirements.

Refer to this booklet and the student guide often, feel free to make notes on the sheets, it is your

Name : ________________________________

Tutor Group : _______

Teacher : _________________

Brief outline of course timeline:
Bench project – evaluate and generate specification.
Unit 1, Outcome 1. Evaluate a commercial Product
Key Fob Project
Unit 1, Outcome 2. Produce a design brief from a specification.
Egg Cup Project.

                                                                     Product Design @ Hawick High School
Park Bench Project

   “Scottish Borders Council want to rejuvenate the street/park furniture in the area. One thing they really want to improve is seating. The council
 know that there are strengths and weaknesses to the benches that are currently in place, but want some formal documentation explaining what is
                                         good and bad, and what a new generation of benches should do.”

This project has two distinct parts to it and each will be completed before the summer holidays begin. It will be your taster exercise before we start
the first unit properly. The first unit is Design Analysis, and the two parts are: to evaluate products thoroughly, and to develop a product design
specification from a brief.

We are going to carry out some initial research to identify a range of benches in the local area – going to the park! While on our research
expedition we will convene to discuss some of the most important factors in bench design. This will form the start of both the evaluation and the

You will:
               Identify factors that are important to the design of an exterior bench, as described in the brief.
               Justify why you have chosen these factors.
               Find ways to evaluate these benches against the factors.
               Evaluate the benches thoroughly and come up with some sort of benchmark!
               Write up your findings in a short report booklet.

               Use the findings of the whole class to put together a product design specification.
               This PDS should be of the standard that would allow designers to successfully design a new set of benches.

We will not (at this stage at least) be designing any benches.

You have about 1 week to evaluate the benches and complete the report. You will have 1 more week to compile the specification.

                                                                                                         Product Design @ Hawick High School
Unit 1 - Design Analysis. Outcome 1 – Evaluate a Commercial Product
The first unit of assessed work for Product Design is a piece of design analysis. You will be following the same basic structure as the Bench Analysis
project, but you will have to go into much more depth. You will have to compile a report that does 4 things:

At Higher your report must:
Identify and Justify areas for evaluation – 18 marks total, with a maximum of 4 marks for the justification of each area. No marks for Identification.
Define a method of evaluating the areas chosen – 8 marks, must include detail of how you will display the information found.
Complete a rigorous evaluation of each of the areas – 18 marks
Draw valid conclusions from the evaluation information – 8 marks.

At Int2 Level your report must
Identify and justify aspects to evaluate – 10 marks
Carry out the evaluation – 14 marks
Draw conclusions – 8 marks

Your teacher will give you details of when you must complete this exercise, but you should be planning ahead and working out if you need any

It is up to you what you evaluate, however you must decide in consultation with your teacher to ensure that there is enough scope for you to earn
full marks. Example products are : CD players; camping chairs; staplers; mobile phones; headphones…

                                                                                                        Product Design @ Hawick High School
Key Fob Project
You have one week to create a key fob.

You will : generate a variety of ideas, refine them, possibly model them using paper and card, create a CAD model, then manufacture them using
the RapMan Rapid Prototyper.

The item you produce should be unique, and based on a theme that you choose.
Your ideas must be diverse and great in number – more than 20 ideas
You should select a number of designs to develop and render these effectively using pencils, marker pens, and pastels.
You should make a small number of card models to refine your design in terms of function and aesthetics.
Your will then be required to model the idea in Autodesk Inventor and convert the file for the RapMan.

The focus for this one week project is generating a range of different ideas and presenting them effectively.

You have one week – 5 periods - to complete this project.

                                                                                                       Product Design @ Hawick High School
Unit 1 - Design Analysis. Outcome 2 – Establish a Design Specification from a Design Brief
For the second part of Unit 1 you will have to come up with a detailed Product Design Specification from a Design Brief. Like Outcome 1 you will put
together a report comprising analysis of the brief, detailed research, and a final product design specification.

The design brief is as follows:

 “Northlink Ferries are planning to carry out a complete refit of their MV Hamnavoe vessel, including the life-rafts. You are required to investigate
            all aspects of the design of these life-rafts and compile a detailed Product Design Specification for these emergency vessels.”

Your teacher will let you know how much time you have to spend on this project but it will require work outside of class as well as the time in

This project forms the second piece of assessed work for Unit 1.

At Higher it is worth a total of 50 marks as follows:
Analysing the brief and identifying design issues. You must justify the design issues. 18 marks
Researching the design issues. 24 marks
Creating a detailed specification from the research. 8 marks

At Int2 it is worth a total of 32 marks as follows:
Analyse the brief and identify design issues – 10 marks
Research the main design issues – 14 marks
Create a specification – 8 marks

                                                                                                       Product Design @ Hawick High School
Egg Cup Project
You have one week to create an egg cup.

You have a single piece of Acrylic sheet, of dimensions 60x300x4 mm
You do not need to use all of the material.
Your design should either be for supporting a boiled egg while eating, or to store a number of eggs.
You will generate a range of ideas and select the most relevant.
You will render ideas effectively using a range of media
You will model you ideas and conduct market research to decide which to construct.
You have two periods in class to generate ideas, create the models and conduct the research.
You will have two periods to construct the prototype egg cup.
The egg cups will be evaluated on Friday.

The focus of this project is to work on modelling skills and carry out market research.

This project is to build up a bank of evidence for the second unit, but also to allow you to gain a better understanding of market research.

                                                                                                        Product Design @ Hawick High School
Unit 2 – Developing Design Proposals (information page 1 of 3)
Unit 2 requires a mix of evidence. We may select parts from the egg cup exercise or the key fob exercise, but it is expected that this project will
      cover all outcomes.

This unit is very similar to a Design Assignment, there is a brief and set of specifications below, on following pages there is more information about
      the client and the design situation.

Design Task: Desks are required for the new design studio for employees at a high-end contemporary design company. The specification for the
     desks is as follows:

1.   Function
       1. The desks should allow for one person to work comfortably.
       2. The desks should allow for a designer and two clients to sit around, conference style.
       3. The desks should allows space for a computer, plus space for A3 sheets and equipment.
       4. The desks should be flexible for a variety of types of user to work at.
       5. The desks should be flexible in terms of ergonomics to allow comfortable use for all employees
       6. The desks should be easily moved next to each other to create larger desks, without damaging floors.

2.   Aesthetics
      1. The desks must fit in with the image of the design studio.
      2. The desk must be contemporary in style

3.   Cost
      1.     There will be 150 units produced.
      2.     The desks must not exceed a cost of £500 per unit

4.   Safety
       1. The desks must be stable and safe for designers and clients
       2. The desk must be easy to maintain and keep clean.

                                                                                                        Product Design @ Hawick High School
Unit 2 – Developing Design Proposals (information page 2 of 3)
High-end Design Studio. 150 employees including designers, receptionists, secretarial staff, and business managers.

Below is a board of images illustrating the ethos of the company and the style the company want to create for their new studio.

                                                                                                     Product Design @ Hawick High School
Unit 2 – Developing Design Proposals (information page 3 of 3)

This project will likely form the whole of the assessed work for Unit 2. It is worth a total of 130 (Higher) and 110 (I2) marks as follows:
Produce a Design Proposal
      Wide range of ideas and creative idea generation techniques (marks: 20@H; 10@I2)
      Design proposal is reached through application of design knowledge (marks: 20@H; 20@I2)
      Decisions made in reaching the decision are recorded and justified (Marks: 10@H; 10:I2)
Use graphic techniques
      use a range of types of drawings and sketches (Marks: 10@H; 10@I2)
      graphics are used effectively to communicate design development (Marks: 20@H; 20@I2)
      high quality rendering skills are used. (Marks: 10@H; 10@I2)
Use modelling techniques
      produce a range of models (Marks: 20@H; 15@I2)
      use practical skills effectively (Marks 20@H; 15@I2)

                                                                                                          Product Design @ Hawick High School

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