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									Southwest Archaeologists,

We are seeking organizers and a host institution for the 12th biennial Southwest

The Southwest Symposium was launched in 1988 by Charles Redman and Paul Minnis
to provide an opportunity for archaeologists to discuss current ideas, to explore topics
in depth and without competing sessions, and to create new networks for research in
the North American Southwest and Northwest Mexico.

The 12th biennial Southwest Symposium will be held in early January 2012. The
conference typically attracts between 250 and 400 attendees. Recent conferences include
Ritual Landscapes, Historical Archaeology hosted by New Mexico State University in Las
Cruces in 2006 and Movement, Connectivity, and Landscape Change by Arizona State
University in Tempe in 2008. INAH and the State University of New York at
Binghamton will host Building Transnational Archaeologies at the Hermosillo conference
January 8th and 9th, 2010.

Responsibilities include retaining a conference facility and hotel, setting the program
theme, identifying major paper and poster sessions and their coordinators, creating a
program, and organizing a reception for participants. The conference organizers will
also edit the conference proceedings volume. The Southwest Symposium currently has
a publication arrangement with the University of Colorado to publish contingent on
peer review.

The Southwest Symposium Board serves in an advisory capacity and provides financial
oversight to the conference organizers. Funds are available to set up the conference,
and the money made during the conference is returned to an account to support the
following conference. Subvention funds for publication are also available.

If you are interested, please contact Patricia Gilman, Chair of the Southwestern
Symposium Board, at by January 7, 2010. A decision on venue will be
made at the Hermosillo conference.

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