UNIT 10 by wanghonghx


									UNIT 10 Want freedom from fear?
I. Lead-in

   If you are alone in a house with a power failure
    at night, would you be afraid? And what can you
    do to lessen your fear?
   If a student is afraid of examinations, what
    advice can you give him or her?
   If a man is afraid of standing on a balcony on the
    20th floor of a high-rise building, what would
    you say to help him overcome his fear of heights?
   If a student is afraid of speaking English in front
    of other people, what suggestions can you give?
II. Work with your partner and talk about the things
you are frightened of, such as animals, heights, flying,
etc., referring to the useful expressions in the boxes if
   Are you frightened of
    anything in particular?
   Are you especially
    afraid of anything?
   Do you fear anything?
   Does anything frighten
    you particularly?
   What scares you?
Useful expressions.

   ...I’ m afraid of walking
    alone in an open field
    at night.
   I'm scared of walking
    by myself in the open at
    the night.
   Walking alone in a field
    at night scares me.
   I'm frightened to be
    done in a field in the
Useful expressions.
   ...a shadow ahead scares me
   A shadow scares/frightens me
    out of my wits/senses.
   A shadow sends shivers down
    my spine.
   A shadow makes my hair
    stand on end.
   A shadow gives me
   My blood runs cold at the sight
    of a shadow.
   ...I wouldn't dare make a single
   I don't dare to utter a sound.
   I wouldn't dare let out a sound
Useful expressions.

   ...hide under a blanket.
   ...cover myself up with a
   ...wrap myself up in a
   ...bury head m a blanket like
    an ostrich.
   ...you’ll miss lots of
    interesting experiences.
   You may miss many
    interesting experiences.
   You’ll miss out on some
    strange happenings.
Useful expressions.

   I guess so.
   I think so.
   I agree.
   That's true.
   ...help you shake off
    your fear of the dark.
   ...help you get rid
    of/overcome that fear of
    the dark.
Sample dialog. Pay attention to the colored
A: People are frightened of lots and lots of different
  things. Are you frightened of anything in particular?
B: Well, I'm scared of dogs.
A: Really? What are you afraid of?
B:I don't how exactly. They just make me nervous, and
  I'm scared to death when a dog barks at me.
A: If you're scared of dogs, you’ll miss a lot fun. They
  are our good friends.
B: Maybe you are right.
A: To overcome this fear, you could find a doctor to
  he1p you get rid of that fear of dogs.
B: That's a good idea. Thank you.
III. Create a dialog with your partner according to
the given situation, referring to the useful
expressions in the form if necessary.

   A and B are talking
    about the important
    exam. A will have
    tomorrow. A worries
    that he will fail. B
    comforts him and
    offers some advice.
Useful expressions.

   You look so down.
   You look so
   You've got the blues.
   I'm afraid I’11 fail.
   I'm worried I’ll fail.
   I'm afraid I can't pass it
   Have you been studying?
   Have you done your work?
   Are you prepared for it?
Useful expressions.
   Once I pick up the exam
    paper, all my knowledge
    is gone.
   Once I look at d1e exam
    paper, I can't remember
    what I've learned.
   Once I look at exam paper,
    my mind goes blank.
   As soon as I see the exam,
    everything I learned
    1eaves me.
   That's hard to believe.
   I can hardly believe it.
   I can hardly imagine it.
Useful expressions.
   My head is filled with a buzzing
   All I can hear is a buzzing
   I can only hear a loud buzzing.
   ...the words blur on the page---
   The words on the page
    became unclear.
   The page is nothing but a blur.
   ...I can't think.
   My mind no longer works.
   My brain freezes.
   I go numb.
   My head swims.
Useful expressions.

   ...I break into a cold sweat.
   I sweat. /I feel paralyzed.
   I become desperate.
   I lose all hope.
   I feel for you.
   I sympathize with you.
   You have my sympathy.
   I know how you're hurting.
Sample dialog. Pay attention to the colored
A: Oh, what's the matter with you? You look so glum.
B: We will have an English oral test tomorrow, and I'm
   worried I’ll fail.
A: Did you practice?
B: You know me. I have been practicing all the time. And I
   can speak fluently until I see the interviewer.
A: I can hardly believe it.
B: It's like I'm two people. I open my mouth but my mind
   goes blank. I simply can't think. And…
A: And what?
B: And I stammer.
A: Oh, you have my sympathy.
IV. Create a dialog with your partner according to the
given situation, referring to the useful expressions in
the form if necessary.

   A is ill. B suggests
    A go to see the
    doctor and take
    injections. But A
    doesn’t want to
    because he is afraid
    of injections.
Useful expressions.
   This tooth is really bugging
   This tooth really bothers me.
   This tooth is driving me
   Going to the dentist really
    unnerves me.
   Nothing gets me down 1ike
    going to the dentist.
   I try to avoid it 1ike the
   I’ll try to avoid it as much as
    possible/as much as I can.
   It's the last thing I want to do.
Useful expressions.
   It can't be that bad!
   It's al1in your mind.
   I’ll do anything to stay out of
    the dentist's chair.
   I'11do everything/try my best
    to avoid sitting in the| dentist's
   Even when your face is
    swollen with the bad tooth?
   Even when your face is puffed
    up with the toothache the pain?
   You bet!
   Sure./Certainly. /For
Sample dialog. Pay attention to the colored
A: I have a bad cold, and I've had a low fever for
  several days.
B: Have you seen the doctor? Maybe you should
  take an injection.
A: No. I lose courage at the idea of taking an
  injection. I’ll try to avoid it as much as possible.
B: Come on. Don't be like a child. It's all in your
A: I'm not like a child! But I’ll do everything to
  avoid injections.
B: Even when your cold last for several more days?
A: Sure.
V. Questions for Discussion.
1. How can one overcome fear of giving a speech in public?
2. Are you afraid of going to the dentist? Eyes, how can you
    get rid of your fear?
3. Do you fear certain insects or animals? Why?
4. Are you afraid of horror movies? If yes, describe your fear.
5. What was the most frightening experience you've had?
6. Do you ever have nightmares? What are they about?
7. Are you afraid of walking alone at night? If yes, what are you
    afraid of?
8. Is there any person you are afraid of? Why?
9. Are you afraid of flying?
10. Are there certain weather conditions that scare people?
    What are they, and why?

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