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Employee Name:                                             Date of Notification:

Position:                                                  Last Day of Employment:

Employee Notification

   Obtain letter of resignation: Ask employee to write a resignation letter that
states they are leaving and their termination date. (Note: Although not legal
required, in most situations it is reasonable and desirable to request a minimum of
two weeks notice).

   Announce resignation to funeral home staff. Timing and process for
announcement and farewell event will vary depending on the individual and
circumstances surrounding the resignation.

Prior to Last Date of Employment
   Coordinate transfer of files: Confirm location of computer and paper files. If
necessary, move files from personal directory to shared drives. Obtain computer
passwords and computer access codes. Coordinate review and hand-off of files to
other employees to ensure smooth transition.

   Discuss how email, voice mail and other communication will be handled.
Confirm how notification with external contacts, clients/families etc. are to be
handled. Confirm if auto-reply or a forwarding message is to be set up to address
incoming mail/calls after the employee’s departure, and if so, the appropriate

  Review status of benefits. Confirm status of benefits upon termination with
employee and provide any associated forms or other documentation.

   Advise employee of repayment of advances. Advise employee of any unpaid
advances (such as payroll advances, tuition payments, relocation benefits etc.) that
require repayment or will be deducted from their final pay.

  Confirm payment of money owed. Request required documentation for
outstanding payments owing to the employee (such as outstanding expenses, unpaid
commission or bonuses) so that these can be included with final pay.

   Review of confidentiality or non-compete agreement: Any confidentiality
agreement or non-compete agreement that the exiting employee signed when
commencing employment should be reviewed to make certain the employee
understands what is expected. Even if the employee never signed such a document,
most employee handbooks have a clause or code of conduct paragraph about not

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            Refer to FSABC HR Toolkit for additional information and resources
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sharing confidential information. It is beneficial to remind the employee of these

   Confidential exit interview: Exit interviews are an important process that can
be used to gather information regarding the working environment in funeral home.
When notified that an employee is terminating employment, it is good practice to
schedule a confidential exit interview with the employee. (The FSABC HR Handbook
contains additional information and sample exit interview questions).

   Confirm reference checking process: Confirm with the employee how requests
for reference checks will be handled and the appropriate contact person within the
funeral home. It is good practice to receive written permission from the employee
authorizing the funeral home to provide reference information when potential
employers call. Provide a written reference on request of the employee.

   Advise employee to notify you of change of address. In order to provide
year-end tax documents request that the employee notify you of any change to their
address or contact information.

Last Day of Employment

  Return of Funeral Home property. This may include keys, access cards, ID
badges, cell phone, pager, laptop etc.

   Collect Password information. Request the password/login information from
the employee for computer, software, cell phone, voice mail, security systems etc.

Following Last Day of Employment

   Remove/Disable alarms and system access. This may include building entry
alarm code, computer and voice mail access. You may wish to leave email and/or
voice mail enabled for a period of time allowing contacts to receive customize auto-
response message advising of employee’s departure and alternate contact.

   Make payment of final wages. Final wages, including any outstanding wages
such as annual vacation pay, statutory holiday pay and overtime either worked or in
a time bank, must be paid to the employee within six days after the employee’s last
day of work.
   Issue Record of Employment (ROE). A Record of Employment (ROE) must be
issued to the employee within five calendar days. (See FSABC HR Toolkit for
additional information on issuing a record of employment.)

          Provided courtesy of The Funeral Service Association of British Columbia for exclusive use of FSABC
          Refer to FSABC HR Toolkit for additional information and resources
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