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Please post to VAS, Liberty, 21 Tabard Street, London SE1 4LA or fax to 0207 407 5354

Before completing this form, please read the following information carefully.

What does the service offer?
Liberty will provide advice and information on queries relating to human rights law, we are
unable to assist with general legal queries. This service is only available to voluntary sector
and not for profit organisations (other services are available for members of the public to
access directly) that are advising others. Advice given under this service is not to be
considered formal legal advice. We can only advise on matters arising in England & Wales.

Liberty produces an online guide to civil liberties and human rights at
Please check this site before submitting this form as it may assist you with your query.

Will Liberty take the case on?
Liberty is a campaigning organisation that only takes on cases that we believe will set
important precedent or that will lead to a change in the law. These test cases are designed to
force changes in the law, usually by mounting a challenge under European human rights law
or the Human Rights Act 1998. We do not do general case work. We receive a great deal of
queries but only take up a very small proportion of these as cases.

A solicitor is already involved, can Liberty still advise?
Liberty is not able to advise individuals who already have a solicitor acting for them, as it
would be a breach of the Solicitors Practice Rules. You should advise the individual to raise
any questions or concerns about their case with their solicitor.



Contact: ____________________________________________________________________

Address (postal or email)
for responding:

Area of work:

 Refugees & Asylum Seekers
 People living with mental health problems
 Disabled people
 Older people
 Black & Ethnic Minority Groups
 Women
 Younger people
 Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people
 General advice provider
 Other                         If other, please state:________________
Size of Organisation:

 Local
 Regional
 National
 International

Region served by organisation or branch of organisation raising query:

If more than one location, please enter location of branch where query submitted from.

 England – North East                             England – South East
 England – North West                             England – South West
 England – Yorkshire & the Humber                 Wales
 England – East Midlands
 England - West Midlands                          All England
 England – Eastern                                All England & Wales
 England – London*
                                                   Other: please specify__________

*If London, name of Borough:_________________

Number of Paid Staff:
 Less than 10
 10 to 30
 30 to 50
 50 plus

Annual Turnover:
 Less than £100,000
 £100,000 to £500,000
 More than £500,000

 Yes
 No

Where did you hear about this service? ________________________

Please remember when completing this section, that Liberty receives a large number
of enquiries and we have very limited resources with which to deal with them. We
will endeavour to meet the response times set out below, however if we are inundated
with requests for urgent advice this will not be possible and therefore, please select
the longest response time that the circumstances allow.

  Urgent/ Time sensitive query – response within one week

  Fairly urgent query – response within two weeks

  Non-urgent query – response within one month

Of course, if we can answer your query sooner than indicated, then we will!
Do you consent to be contacted in relation to evaluation of the advice service and the
YourRights website? Yes  No  (please tick or delete as appropriate)

Would you like to receive information on how you and/or your organisation can become
a member or an affiliate of Liberty?
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If yes, please provide your email address here: _________________

Thank you for taking the time to complete this part of the form.


What is your question? Please provide all relevant details, but try to be as succinct as

Confirmation of advice required in writing? YES/NO
Please ensure you have read and understood Liberty's privacy statement on before
submitting your query.

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