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									Questions to ask when Selling Timeshare
When selling your timeshare company stability and viability are very important. As such, you will want to know how long the company has been in the business of selling time shares. If they are new to the process you will do yourself a favor by moving on to a more experienced reseller. If the company has been in business for a long while, that still doesn't necessarily mean they will be a good company to use. You will want to know what their monthly average is in selling time shares and what kind of time shares the specialize in if they do specialize in one. Find out if they will give you references that you can call.

Find out as much as you can about their advertising campaign. What are they doing in order to attract potential buyers and what kind of exposure will your timeshare property have. Compare what the company will be charging you with what you are to receive for that charge.

What do they believe sets them apart from the multitude of other entities vying to sell your property. What in particular do they do that will potentially sell your timeshare faster than other providers? No not be lulled into a sense of security by a sales person telling you that your particular timeshare type is in such great demand that it will sell itself. Get an idea of what their sales strategy is and a ballpark idea of how long your timeshare may take to sell. Do not sign an exclusive right to sell unless you have complete faith in this company's ability to sell your property, otherwise, make this an open agreement that allows for other agencies to sell the property. In the same vein, if a company gives you a verbal guarantee that they can sell your property in a specific amount of time for a set cost, they are in all likelihood up to something. No company can guarantee that they will sell your property in a specific time for a specific price unless they intend to purchase the property should it not sell.

In the current economic climate, timeshares are not high on the purchase priority list for many people, because of this, the timeshare market has suffered just as much if not more than the traditional real estate market. If you are trying to sell your timeshare in this marketplace, be prepared to either sell at a greatly reduced value or be prepared for a long time on the market.

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