How can mobile phones save you money when going shopping? by fifakiller


									How can mobile phones save you money when going shopping?
Software engineers are constantly trying to think of some new ways to utilise the possibilities your mobile phone has. A camera and instant Internet access can be used to create a tool that will help you speed up some things you do, or do them more efficiently. A bar code reader application was developed for the mobile phones allowing them to be used as product identifiers. Combined with a social networking style online database, and GPS position readouts, systems for sharing prices from various stores by the buyers were developed.

The application has been around for some time, but is only now expected to pick up on its popularity, as it is no longer embarrassing to compare the price of every object you buy; it became a modern and smart thing to always do. And it is a great idea, being able to find out the price of goods in other stores, the lowest price available and the distance of those shops in a second by simply pointing your phone to the goods barcode and pressing a button, sounded like science fiction just a few years ago, and it still does to those still unaware of the possibilities of such a program. As people start having less and less money, they will start using their phones bought in happier times to save enough money and survive, and also buy their wife an anniversary present, which they wouldn't be able to do if they haven't used this program. It has the potential of saving families and making children happy and there are some even free ones for your mobile phones, although the shareware versions usually provide the advanced options.

Pass the word out. Let your mobile phone save your money, as the banks and the stock market have failed to do so. Just type in your model and make of phone, or the software system which they support, along with the words bar code reader into an Internet search engine, and download some application of such nature to your phone now. The next time you find yourself making a decision whether to buy something or not, consulting your pocket friend will help you make the most rational decision. Now you can say you have an application for the phones camera other than just having fun and taking pictures of your friends.

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It is only a matter of time when the mobile phones industry service operators will go into war with supermarkets and offer and recommend such solutions. They will have to, if they intend on justifying the high prices they want to keep, the mobile phone retailers such as are watching closely.


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