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									Smart Calling                         ™

Using the Phone to Get New Business
Smart Calling                         ™

Using the Phone to Get New Business

 Art Sobczak               Stephanie McClellan
 President, Business       Director of Customer
 By Phone Inc.             Experience, EDA
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Smart Calling                         ™

Using the Phone to Get New Business
Benefits of Smart Calling

• Enter an active buying process
• Create opportunities you would not
  have had otherwise
• Uncover or plant seeds for future
Benefits of Smart Calling

• Sharpens your sales skills
  Activity keeps you motivated.
  Avoidance sucks the energy out of you
“We unfold the technology of tomorrow,
“We've been in business for over ___
“We're the largest...”
“We're the most experienced in the
“We’re the most respected…”
“We have a commitment to service.”
“We were the first to...”
“We provide cost-effective solutions ...”
“Knowledge is power.”

           Sir Francis Bacon
 “There are lots of
educated derelicts.”
            Calvin Coolidge
    Bad Experiences

The buyer has an unpleasant
experience with a product/service,
people, or a provider.

For instance, there may have been a
product/service change with their
existing software company that
creates dissatisfaction.

 The buyer has a change or
transition in people, places,
        or priorities.

The buyer becomes aware of
the need to change for legal,
risk-avoidance, or economic
     Opening Mistakes

• It’s about you, not THEM
• You give a pitch, or talk about product
• You ask for a decision, or even hint at
• No value statement for them
      Opening Mistakes

•   JUST anything
•   “Can you help me?”
•   “You’re sure a hard guy to reach.”
•   “Are you the person there in charge
     Opening Mistakes

• “I know you’re busy so I won’t take up
  much of your time…”
• “Thanks for taking my call…”
• “I’m calling people in your area...”
• “I’m updating my database…”
       Opening Mistakes

•   “I’m calling to check in with you…”
•   “You and I have not spoken before…”
•   “As you can guess, this is a sales call...”
•   “I’m not trying to sell you anything…”
     Opening Mistakes

The Baseball Opening
“…thought I’d give you a call to see how
it’s going…”

“Calling to see if you received the
price list I sent?”
     Opening Mistakes

Show and Tell
“Are you familiar with us?”

“Do you have a few minutes to talk?”
     Opening Mistakes

Using Declarative Statements
“We CAN save you money…”

“We WILL help you drive more profitable
premium growth.”

Developing a List
           Use the Sale and Lease Cycle
            report in Analytics to predict
            maintenance and equipment
             replacement opportunities

                   Select the year and
                  quarter of the financed
                  equipment you predict
                     may be nearing
                    replacement age
Developing a List
          Utilize the User Defined
         (UDF) tables in your EDA
           folder to assign sales
          territories for point and
               click selection.
Developing a List

 Easily create a prospect
 list for any sales territory
 by right clicking over the
body of the pivot table and
selecting Show Field List.
Developing a List
   Select from any of the 52
       fields of data EDA
      provides to create a
    prospect list with all the
   information you need to
    make an effective call.
Developing a List

       Your prospect list is ready
        for execution! It can be
       printed, emailed or saved
       to your desktop for quick
       access when you need it.
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Smart Calling                          ™

Using the Phone to Get New Business

Thanks for attending!
Art Sobczak               Stephanie McClellan
President, Business       Director of Customer
By Phone Inc.             Experience, EDA

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